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  1. 14 hours ago, Pinball_pw said:

     I was a catcher in high school too. 

    Awesome! Hardest working player on the field. We have had 5 varsity games and he caught all but 1 which was the second of a doubleheader. Fun times, but hard work. By the way, how are your knees holding up? :)



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  2. On the darts. I was throwing with a friend and loser was buying supper that night. We were throwing at a regulation board and at regulation distance and I had a moment of precision. I threw 3 darts into the double bull to end a 301 game. I had thrown 2 double bulls before a couple of times, but never a triple. That was a lot of fun. Mike, I bet you have thrown a bunch of those?

  3. We did the soapy water/air pressure test on the windshield and no leaks found. I also took a bright light and looked all up under the dash and no signs of water intrusion found. We are supposed to get another big rain (4" or so) this week and if the can bus goes down,  I plan to start disconnecting modules to see if I can get communication back on the bus.


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  4. On 2/26/2020 at 11:43 AM, kevinmi said:

    What I found out is the fuse block on the drivers side dash was getting wet from an unknown leak in the roof area,

    You might be on to something here. Maybe instead of a flaky module, I should be looking for water intrusion. Did you take any actions to stop the leak? I did notice that I had moisture on the inside of my windshield when the sun came out and was hitting it yesterday. Maybe resealing the windshield would be a good idea for me? I'm certainly going to take a bright light and try to inspect that fuse panel and the backside connections. Thanks.


  5. 2 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

    You're looking for see water intrusion or corrosion.


    1 minute ago, CECAA850 said:

    The bus should go to each module and be the same color set of wires at each.

    OK, thank you. Now if it would just QUIT RAINING!!! I'm sick of all the rain. We have gotten 12" of rain here in February.

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  6. 1 minute ago, jason str said:

    Everything runs right through the junction box i mentioned in my first post.

    So this junction box is in the bulkhead? Inside the cab or under the hood? I thought it might be near the DLC. Are you saying visually check those connections for corrosion, etc. or breaking the junction apart and test for communications on each wire to its respective module? I wish I knew which wire went to which module.



  7. 2 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

    You can't access the exact codes in each module?

    I can, but most modules are not giving any codes. I get 10 codes. These codes are the reason I think the EBCM could be the culprit.


    The EBCM has 4 codes, U0101 lost comm to TCM, U0100 lost comm to ECM, U0140 lost comm to BCM, C0561 system disables info stored


    The BCM has 6 codes, U0200 Lost comm to door module,  U0199 lost comm to door module A, U0198 lost comm to telematic control module, U0155 lost comm to instrument panel, U0184 lost comm to radio , U0164 lost comm to HVAC module.

  8. 11 minutes ago, jason str said:

    its hard enough to diagnose many issues even with the vehicle right in front of you.

    No doubt about it. I'm hoping maybe somebody has seen this problem before?


    8 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

    See if all the modules lose communication with one particular module.

    Yeah, so what seems to be happening is that when the problem occurs, the bus goes down and I lose about everything including instrument panel, radio, On star or comm, hvac module, brake control, etc. I guess I need to locate a data junction box and add each module by splicing them in one at a time until I lose communication again. Then that would be the bad module. Sounds good anyway.


  9. I know we have some members in the automotive industry and I'm looking for some help with a weird problem. I have a 2007 GMC Sierra 5.3l  (not a classic) with a no crank no start after a heavy foggy type rain. This only happens after a heavy rain too. If it's sunny no problem what so ever. I have GMs tech 2 scan tool and when a heavy rain with lots of fog happens and truck acts up,  I lose communication on a lot of modules in the vehicle. I can check status of each module and look for codes on those and many go "no comm" after one of these rains.  I suspect the bus is going to ground or getting severly contaminated. I have checked powers and grounds at battery and ecm and those look good. My next try is to disconnect the EBCM which is under the truck and bolted to the frame since it is in the weather somewhat. Any help with it appreciated!


  10. Where do I begin? This is a true story about a crazy adventure where I found myself in a bad predicament on a very long isolated section of the Coosa River in South Alabama about 35 years ago. I was 21 at the time. Two of us had set out to do some fishing one morning before my buddy (Scott) had to report for work at 1pm that day.  We headed to the river before dawn that morning. Stopping at Winn Dixie, we got BBQ corn chips and diet cokes for the trip because those items were on sale as a buy one get one free. That was all we had to eat or drink. 


    Putting in at Pop's Landing, we set out to catch some bass. We went about 17 miles down river with the current in a boat friends lovingly called the "apparatus". It was an old 14' aluminum boat with a 40hp Evinrude outboard. Unfortunately it was a cobbled together thing the two of us created where the person in the front operated the throttle while the person in the back did the steering. So it took two people to even operate it. We were a long way from any houses in a very remote area of the river (think the movie Deliverance) when we discovered the outboard would not crank! We worked and worked on it until about noon when Scott declared that he had to get back for work. We looked at a map and he struck out through the woods for a road about 2 miles away through a dense forest. He agreed that he would come back for me at the original boat launch after he got off work at 10pm that night. That would be putting him back at the launch at 11pm or so.  It was my job to somehow get back there over the course of the next 11 hours. We had already been in the small boat 5 hours. I had a trolling motor and two hot batteries and that was it. 


    I worked against the current with that trolling motor all day. I stayed close to the bank as much as possible to conserve battery power. I ate corn chips and drank diet coke. It was really hot in a beat down sun with no clouds. Longest fishing trip of my life. All alone,  I stayed after it all day. It was slow going, so I fished as I went and even caught 18 bass as I made my way. :) It was tough though not knowing whether I had enough battery power to even get back. At 11:15 that night I finally made it back to the boat launch and my buddy Scott was waiting for me with a Burger King Whopper, fries, and a drink. I had a terrible sun burn and still to this day can't hardly stand to eat bbq corn chips. I guess I got my fill of those that day.   

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  11. My first summer out of high school I took a job at a steel fab shop making steel tank heads and parts for MX missles. After demonstrating good hand and eye coordination,  I was made the yard forklift driver. It was a 25K lb capacity machine with rough terrain tires as tall as a man. One day I was told to go unload two railroad gondolas (cars with open tops) down at the dock. Two of us were sent to do this. Upon arrival a the dock it was obvious the cars were not lined up properly for unloading. We decided we could push the cars the 20 or so feet to correct the problem. Mind you each car weighed 150K lbs and had 200K lbs of steel in each. I climbed up in one car and released the mechanical brake. My buddy started to push the cars with one fork against the side and this seemed to be working fine, but there was a slight grade. He let off the push for a second and the cars started rolling back against him. Uh oh,  there was no stopping them now. I starting spinning that brake from inside the car like a mad man only to realize I was going the wrong direction with the spinning and the chain that works the brake was dragging the ground. It was way too high to jump so I was along for the ride. Picking up speed quickly I could see the side track I was on would derail up ahead. I was holding on for dear life when the cars ran off the tracks. Those cars cut through 17 or so cross ties before stopping. It was a hell of a ride and a real big mess, but I was not hurt. Big investigation into it by a RR detective. Norfolk Southern sent out two massive cranes to set the cars back on the track. Once all the dust settled the plant manager called me in his office and said, "Son, that was an expensive ride you took and I'm quite sure you won't do that again, but from now on we'll call you the Boxcar Cowboy."   😄

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