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  1. To be honest with you Ace that CC co. did you a favor. You were already getting hosed by the original monthy interest rate. They now have forced you to pay up. On the equity line: Buck up and get it paid. If you cannot pay for it then and there, do not buy it. If you need extra money, sell some things on Ebay that you are not using or have a yard sale for big items What I do: Buy everything on CCs. Yes its true. The key is I pay them off in full every month. Now here is the cool part. They pay ME to use the cards. Shell Citicard pays 5% on all Shell gas purchases and 1% on everything else. I got $34 on this months statement to give you an idea. You can multiply that times 12 to see a potential for earning. If I need tires, I find my best price and use the card. If I pay $500 for tires, then $5 goes back to me for using it. Some Chase cards pay 1% on everything too. Do not use CCs as a way to borrow long term. Its a total ripoff! Instead, do it the old fashioned way. Save up for what you need or want first then purchase! Think of all the money you will save.
  2. I would like to try the XD-45. Here is some general info on the XD pistol. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Springfield_XD
  3. My 65 yr old mother complained to me the other day about ringing in her ears that wouldn't go away. I told her "welcome to my world" I suggested she wear earplugs anytime she is around loud noises. If I carefully protect my ears with plugs the Tinnitus really lessons for me.
  4. In your new livingroom why not two bay window type additions for just the Jubs?
  5. I continue to study these systems and looked also at the AMD Phenom II vs the i7 chip. Guys is it me or does AMD have some serious catching up to do? It looks as though the i7 is breaking world records in benchmark and its direct to ram technology is unprecidented, yet I'm not seeing that much of a price difference. I really have no brand loyalty, just want a good bang for my buck.
  6. He was 97 years old and in a boat load of movies and tv. He had a good long life.
  7. On comparing those two offerings. The Tigerdirect machine does not include a video card or an operating system at that price of $699. But I do like that mobo layout better. The Dell machine includes both for $50 more at their regular store. I noticed the Dell Outlet will even do you better on scratch/dent deals with the i7 processor. Last night I looked at one there with 6GB ram, 750GB HD, 64bit Vista, for $729.00. Thats looking hard to beat. http://outlet.us.dell.com/ARBOnlineSales/topics/global.aspx/arb/online/en/InventoryDetails?systemId=FXE0TMV8&~lt=popup&c=us&l=en&s=dfh&cs=22
  8. Dave, isn't that incredible? I had a Commodore 64 that could chirp out basic sound when I graduated from H.S. back in 81. I don't think it could do 2 streams at once. Now this HD chipset can handle 15 in/out streams! That blows me away. Where will it end?
  9. Our place has always been home to Turkey, Redtail Hawks and Barred Owls. But this year has been special. Saw a Bald Eagle and a Great Horned Owl on the driveway here so far this year.
  10. The i7 Intel Processor has been on the market now for 6 months or so and its my understanding that the X58 chipset is what you get with that processor. Dell has the i7 in offerings as low as $750.00. I was thinking AMD processor with a soundcard upgrade but it seems going the i7 route makes more sense, even if its overkill processor wise. My 7yr old computer has been giving me fits the last few days and I would like to buy something that could double as a good music server. Yes, I want my cake and eat it too!
  11. Was reading this at Intels website: Intel HD Audio delivers significant improvements over previous generation integrated audio and sound cards. Intel HD Audio hardware is capable of delivering the support and sound quality for up to eight channels at 192 kHz/32-bit quality. Seems like high quality sound. Anybody here using this?
  12. "The Trinnov Optimizer is a sophisticated system that measures your real room and speakers to create the optimal compensation for your environment."
  13. Found this 20/30 on Ebay $219 Buy it now. http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Easton-Stealth-Clarity-Fastpitch-Bat-SSR1B-30-20_W0QQitemZ220442549387QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item3353665c8b&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=65%3A12|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1205|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50 I didn't even know that a person could pay $300 for a bat!
  14. Trey, I have walked in similar shoes. My ex told me I was a great husband but that she wanted to be single. I realize now that we both loved her a whole lot. It was civil and I'm happily remarried. If I can offer one piece of advice, its to lean on other family members during this hard time and know that the sun will shine again. Though we have not met, your welcome to PM or email me. I'll be glad to chat about it over the phone. Best wishes to you.
  15. Start a new thread asking for advise about this. We have some members that might know a way to fight it.
  16. Another truely bazarre life has ended. He recently passed a very in depth physical by 4 doctors in preparation for his comeback tour. The autopsy will be interesting. RIP.
  17. A great place to pickup screwdrivers on the cheap is a big fleamarket. Like you I use a lot of the #2 drivers. I picked up a new 25ct box of #2 Dewalt tips at the fleamarket for $3. With that good tip you can use just about any cheapo bit driver.
  18. A salute to LSU's championship! Texas should get a ring too for winning that crazy almost 8 hour game against BC earlier.[Y]
  19. What Jeff Mathews said.[Y] I've been a S.P. for about 5yrs. Here we can work using our SS# as a S.P. Do a schedule C for that work on your taxes. Not a problem. Only incorporate if you really need it and I suspect you don't.
  20. We use the same ole antenna that we used for analog. Picks up the OTA HD channels fine with NO amplifier. We are located at least 35miles+ from the towers. I did have to move the antenna from the attic to a pole outside to get ABC but its much farther away.
  21. All that was left was a "grease spot" in the road.
  22. Spend time with your father. You never know when he will be gone for good. Happy fathers day!
  23. I'm a charter Dish Network customer. I pay one bill every Jan. For me its running $320 a year for the Top 150. Im on top of a little mountain here at the house and I get 36 digital over-the-air channels. These are mostly HD channels and they are free. Compared to you guys I'm watching on the cheap!
  24. I would go see them in person with ticket in hand. I'm month to month with AT&T and buy my phones on Ebay. That way there is no confusion and no underhanded contract extensions your unaware of. Also call and make sure your month to month before disputing something. Now I have gone into a car dealership and helped sell cars. You could try that one. It will either get you satisfaction or they will call the police.
  25. Thats really interesting stuff and thought I might share a few guitars I have owned and played. A 1930s Gibson L5 comes to mind. That was a sweet one. I owned a '72 Strat for many years and presently own a D' Angelico L-5 sized jazz model. I used to hunt em myself and found a couple of prizes over the years. I found a Gibson SG once while in the military for $100, but nothing valued at the price points mentioned above. My favorite to play I got for my 15th B'day in 1978. Its a DY57 Alvarez Yairi signed by the man himself. I play it for my acoustic needs. I have a 91' Jackson Soloist (shark fin inlays) that I should just sell. Its near mint and I hate to play it because I'm afraid I might scratch it. I must say though, Its a great axe for playing along with ZZ top on the "guitar player" computer software. As a player I do not stay with the guitar over time. I can put it down for periods of many months. As one might imagine this has really hurt my playing ability. To be honest, watching guitar superstarts on Youtube hasn't inspired me one bit. Check out Monte Montgomery's "little wing" on there. He is playing a Yairi on that one. Alas, I realize I do not have that set of guitar tools.
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