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  1. So far in this era of basketball we are wanting and not quite getting. JORDAN 6 leage MVPs...........KOBE 1 league MVP. Not to mention Jordan wins in "every" statistical catagory. There honestly is no comparison. Did Jordan ever go 5 for 10 down the stretch from the free line during a finals series? I don't think so. Back in the Jordan era I was working all up and down the Eastern seaboard. WGN out of Chicago carried all the Bulls reg. season home games and what a show it was.
  2. The top side is pretty. Like you say, the bottom side certainly needs some attention. Its a neat amp. Interesting how you can choose the equalization standard.
  3. WOW, guess I've been lucky. But I haven't tried a Madison Fielding 320 yet. I'm sure some expert advice will be along shortly preventing you from letting the smoke out. Lets see a picture of the blown up Mac. How did that happen?
  4. Don Richards is tri-amping Khorns too I think. I'm tube tri-amping some JBL/Klipsch horn speakers I put together. I really have a ball "adjusting" my setup with the actives. I've noticed you can take horns lower with the steeper slopes actives can offer too. Not only getting freq. but with things like phase and time alignment only a button or knob away I have tried every combination. Have fun.
  5. I'm no expert, but if it were mine... It'd be getting a slow wind up on a variac after a careful visual inspection and speaker hookup. Watching one come to life after a long silence is the best part of hunting up old tube gear IMHO.
  6. Phil Jackson: 10 championships. Guess he is the greatest in NBA history. Not the most likeable coach I have ever watched, buy hey, he can win em. I had kinda thought Lebron had moved past Kobe as the greatest player on the planet. Hard to say that after Kobe takes his team to a championship while Lebron watches from the couch. Orlando: They have all summer to think about it. Gonna be a long summer for those guys I guess.
  7. Just wondering....am I the only one here still watching this series?[^o)] Wake up Orlando!
  8. "I'll use my Silverado SS's full time AWD" Thats real funny. Just had a vision of you in that down at the huntin club. SS would stand for "simply sunk"[<)]
  9. I highly suggest Silverados with limited slip differentials over 4x4. Late model 4WD pickups are for making insurance co's money. Get an old beater for huntin and fishin.[] I own both types.
  10. I've been inspired.[<)] Bacon cheeseburgers w/ onion rings tonight! What could be better?
  11. As of Jan. this year just over 800 Marines had been killed in Iraq. Very hard to imagine that many have died in motorcycle wrecks. Here is the story. Its referring to the last 12 months, not totals over years of time.. 25 by motorcycle and 20 in Iraq. Disturbing stats regardless. http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/10/30/marine.motorcycles/index.html
  12. Worst officiated game I have seen in a while. Missed calls, wrong calls, etc. No way Kobe didn't foul Nelson near the end of overtime. Just way too many bad calls that helped determine the outcome. Some great effort by players on both sides. Who'd a thunk Fisher would hit those huge 3s?
  13. Its halftime and officiating aside Dwight Howard is having his best game yet. He is doing it all. Did I just watch him do a running hook? Orlando wants it really bad and LA doesn't seem to be nearly as concerned IMHO. Barring a Kobe breakout later Im thinkin this one will be 2-2 later tonight.
  14. Sounds like you did good NOT buying a tv tonight then.
  15. My grandfather's favortie dish: Start with sweet potatoes slow cooked in a covered iron pot. Then he would cut the sweet potatoes long ways and pour bacon grease over generously. Mom, being a nurse and knowing better fussed at him for eatin em and to Grandmother for cookin em. They never listened. Poor guy finally succombed to the side affects, he was 92. Only thing I can figure is he was sweating that grease out working.[]
  16. One additional thing I will comment on and thats the glare problem. When shopping back a few months ago I noticed this difference in the LCD 50" tvs: Sonys have a nonglare matt type finish on the screens. The Samsungs have a highly reflective finish. The difference was huge when trying to watch in the store.
  17. Just to clarify I was referring to the "Revolutionary War". The one where average Joes formed militias and used guns fighting for freedom. Hence my comment "basis for freedom". Comparing Canada to the US is impossible IMHO. Guns, heathcare, foreign affairs, my oh my, just two different worlds.
  18. Has it been surveyed before? If so, find the irons and clear/shoot the lines that way. I have done this myself.
  19. Yeah Coytee, this thread has em both, gun control and abortion.[8-)]
  20. I'm just guessing your not a member of the NRA?[6] Thebes, you've started another gun thread which you obviously despise.[*-)] Would this country even exist without the right to bear arms? One could argue its the basis for the freedom you have today. Would the average person in this country be safer without that right? I doubt it. But heck, its the general forum, read only the threads that interest you. Nobody is forcing gun fun on anybody.
  21. Im just curious if anybody here besides me has had the opportunity to sip a "ROYAL SALUTE" Scotch whiskey?
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