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  1. Found this unit on the way home from work. I was in an old non-working console at the local thriftstore. It is out of an 60ish Sears console. Service tag revision '64. The amp itself works quite well. I never can seem to get the old FM tuners to do squat. I noticed one of the 4 output tubes glowing a little brighter than the others? I've seen several SETs with the 6BQ5 compliment. Just wondering if the push/pull was as common.
  2. Dean, thanks for the review. You mentioned this: "the Virtue 2 gets incisive as you push the volume". Could you elaborate on this further? Im very interested in this amp and how it might perform with horns.
  3. Good luck with the recovery. No Sugar Daddys in your future.[]
  4. I have a membership at Sams club. Is it me or do they get manufacturers to make versions of products just for them? Kinda makes it hard to compare prices. Sams sells the Model: BDP-BX1 model Blu Ray Player. Who else has that one? Sonys TVs there have different model #s and features than those found at other retailers like BestBuy, etc.
  5. Hmmmm. I really think you should avoid Colters place. He will get you over there and introduce you to some speakers for sure. Heresys galore, etc, etc. But before you leave he will probably have you listen to some Jubs or MCM setups or who knows what. To be honest, thats just not anyway to treat a guest considering Heresys.[<)]
  6. For instant improvement for any color coax in digital setups simply wrap a stripe of orange tape at both ends. All problems solved.
  7. Greg, compared to the 2" drivers in your upgrades, these are indeed 1" drivers which is a stretch at that. Note: My JBL 2" driver has 4" voice coil K55 1" driver has 2" voice coil Look at the spec. on your BMS driver, it may have a 4" coil too.
  8. Seems like I remember reading about those fine units. Doublecorns?
  9. It appears to come down to the same ole thing, wire size. I suspect the more expensive ones use bigger wire? The pins on that first one look really big though.
  10. In the circuit on the Ebay are there resistors in series? Im wondering how can the signal be better if there are?
  11. Way to go Danny, slipped out the back door while nobody was looking.[Y]
  12. I used to get those all the time too. Can you say CON ARTISTS. I figured out something with those guys. When they call, tell them how happy you are that they called. Ask them alot of questions about where they are, the weather, family, hobbies, etc. Keep them on the phone for as long as possible. The calling will drop off sharply I suspect.[6]
  13. My 5yr old and his 4 cousins ages 5,5,4,3 that visit here do not get to watch PG13 movies, period. We looked at Dark Knight (PG13) one night at my parents for a short while and it was way too much. Now get this, next day my son's talking like the Joker. That wasn't cool one bit. His little K5 teacher wasn't too impressed either.[:$] Also, some PG movies are pretty bad. Really have to watch the movies that your kids watch!
  14. With that first link I really think that you will get 2 used units since used units are pictured. There is even a piece of wire hanging on one post. I'm assuming you will have to source 24 step volume control switches to wire to these puppys?
  15. Thats what Im doing right now. Actives controlling SS on the bottom, SET tubes on uppers. I just love the sound of it!
  16. Sounds like probably good advice Daddy Dee. Say the Virtue sounds good so far?
  17. I would like to try one of these amps but which one to try? Maybe the Sonic T would be a good one for starters?
  18. Just started using Firefox today. IE on Ebay is so slow with all the "just for you" side action I just couldn't stand it anymore. Now with Firefox its more than twice as fast. Thanks for the recommendation.
  19. Really sorry to hear that. I almost bought those amps myself. I'm wondering if one of the transformer windings shorted?
  20. Alas, out there far, far, away sits a condo on a small planet. I boldly await thee.
  21. The other day I looked at the DBX BXIII at the thrift store about an hour away from home. They were asking the mighty sum of $24 Got home and saw what that thing was selling for on Ebay and had a kaniption. But too far to go back for it on the chance it might not even be there or its broken. My gut said "buy it, buy it" as I sized it up and I should have.
  22. OK, cool. I suspect you also had to play with the attenuation quite a bit going from not only different drivers but also dropping from 16 to 8 ohms on the squawker.
  23. Good deal. Glad it worked out for you. Did you end up modifying the 511b horns? How did that work out?
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