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  1. That doesn't sound right. Maybe one of our resident experts will chime in. A good picture is worth a thousand words.
  2. I would take it back apart and inspect everything. Did you have any trouble installing it?
  3. Sheeze JB, its got to go cozdemic to get to you anyway. Right?
  4. One way to describe Klipsch speakers would be "bright" I have heard that Yamaha receivers in general can be considered "bright" Are you running horns and a Yamaha together now? Just wondering if its a double bright which might be a bad.
  5. What does a 60x40 31" horn do that a 60x40 16" horn doesn't do? Thats assuming all else equal. My setup is JBL 2441 w Community 60x40s but the horn is much smaller overall. Just wondering what I'm missing with the smaller horn I guess. Those you just scored are biggies!
  6. Edgar, those guys in that Bug with the horn on top were really "smokin" down the road. If you know what I mean.[]
  7. Ebay certainly isnt perfect BUT, It is the biggest trading place in the world bar none. Right now 734 auctions with Klipsch in the title. To be fair, the garage sale section here only trades a small fraction of the Klipsch products that get traded on Ebay each and every day. I would image there are alot more "educated" folks looking for Klipschorns on Ebay than here as well, but thats just my humble opinion. Forum members always appreciate the chance to buy first I'm quite sure.[]
  8. Quote: "Put them on ebay, start at .99, no reserve, you will quickly find out what they are worth." I would go 10 days on em too, give plenty of folks a look see. An excellent description with excellent photos could yield top results.
  9. How bout this: You figure out which of those tubes are both cool looking and worthless. Then display them in a cool case or coffee table. Then you would have the "Table of Tubes".
  10. If you don't have any noise in your present setup then I don't think you need balanced stuff. Like Coytee said, if your running long cables and seem to be getting noise then the balanced can certainly cut down on that. I've tried all kinds of unbalanced stuff here lately and still no noise, but I use short cables. Let your ears be the judge!
  11. No, thats an ALIEN tube if I ever saw one.
  12. Mr Lister, hound dog laying at his side, shine jug in his lap, with dualing banjos playing in the background slowly said: "hold on now, you actually WANT dem dar old worthless tubes?" Hey Mike, I need me some more of those little Maggie SETs don't ya know.[]
  13. Just looking around on Ebay and found these: LEPAI based on a TA2020 chip? Anybody know about it? http://cgi.ebay.com/LEPAI-Digital-TA2020-020-Hi-Fi-Audio-Stereo-Amplifier_W0QQitemZ140314248394QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item140314248394&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1205%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318%7C301%3A1%7C293%3A1%7C294%3A50
  14. You can find impedence plots for most drivers out there. That chart usually will indicate a very active and changing impedence. At times the K55 for instance can get way up there much higher than 16 ohms.
  15. It has been mentioned that the crossovers in those two might be different.
  16. I know that some horn speakers sound kinda harsh with some amps. IIRC those specific speakers have a low impedance. I wonder if you could swamp the HF driver with a good resistor. That might calm it without messing with the crossover freq. too much, but I can't say for sure. There are those here that could point you in the right direction. One guy here that I'm sure could help is DeanG. Search the forum about swamping and such.
  17. I just saw this movie yesterday. Although the theatre had a full compliment of Klipsch speakers down both side walls (looked like Heresys). Anyway, we liked the movie but all sound came from behind the screen sound system. Those wall speakers never made a chirp that I heard. Baybe they are for THX or something?
  18. Could you take a multimeter with freq. capability and measure a hum like this at the speaker wires? If I had a hum, I would try it and I suspect the hum would be at 60hz.
  19. Well, one of these might do the job. http://www.parts-express.com//pe/showdetl.cfm?&DID=7&Partnumber=180-075 Or you could try properly grounding the incoming coax.
  20. Are those 24" woofers? Its like you would have to really trust whoever is at the controls. That setup looks like it could blow somebody's head off.
  21. Gary you mention Jimmy Smith, the great Hammond organ grinder. Always loved his version of Midnight Special. Check out this video. Starting at 3:30 is Midnight Special. Sadly Jimmy has also passed. I have an old Hammond, now if I could only play like Jimmy! Now I've got to find "Bluesmith" with Teddy and Jimmy for my collection!
  22. Great story! Now, I have GOT to stop watching old Jazz videos and get back to work!!![]
  23. Man oh man, I had to take in all 5:57 of that second video. Sweet! And then there is "little man" featuring Teddy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JejzsbrKH_A&feature=related
  24. Greg, what about running this horn in a 2 way? I suspect that horn driver can get up there. Where does the combo really top out? A freq. plot of your recommended driver/horn would be helpful. Has that been done?
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