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  1. IIRC UNC was up by 20 at the first TV timeout. I don't think there was time for a regroup of any kind unless Izzo was gonna handout handcuffs to be used on the UNC players.
  2. Neat little amps with some punch. I noticed this guy has a 6 channel version to run 5.1 sound. http://cgi.ebay.com/Tripath-3-X-TA2020-PCB-6-Channel-with-intergrated-SMPS_W0QQitemZ260388202904QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item260388202904&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1234%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318%7C301%3A0%7C293%3A1%7C294%3A50
  3. Guess that would be a CornJub. As for suggestions: Maybe your existing Altec drivers/chopped and dampened 511B horns on top of whatever good 15" woofers you can find for the bottom. Then run it all from a active crossover w/tube pre/tube for HF/SS for LF. Then play with it until you reach those ultimate settings where the speakers disappear and the singer is standing there instead.[<)]
  4. WOW Bruce, you do not look 60! Your lovely wife does not look 48 either. Way to go. Keep doing what your doing.[]
  5. I was rootin for Memphis. They're out and I don't see anybody beatin the T.hills so guess I'll go with Mi St. Looking forward to Sat and Mon.
  6. I cannot seem to find that thread but there was a comparison between maybe 4 different woofers with freq. response plots too. One of the woofers was expensive in comparison to the others. A brand I hadn't seen before. Maybe I'll think of a few key words in the thread. I found this where "D-Man" had the K33 and the 15C in a pair of speakers. They may be the same woofer for all I know. "My buddy who built these is a bass player, and he was suitably impressed enough that he went back home and immediately started building himself a pair. We tried one cab with the Eminence Kappa 15C (4 Ohm) which I had sitting around and only one cabinet totally kicked tail. 30 watts was flabbergasting. These not only blow out matches, they blow the extinguished matchstick out of your hand! Real pant-flappers. I was amazed at how much air these can move. He also couln't believe how loud they were at 1/3 watt."
  7. There is a thread here about the comparisons between the different woofers that included the Eminence woofer with graphs.
  8. I've noticed that the specifications for woofer internal volume can be very wide. Like at the Eminence website. Im using the Kappa Pro 15a 8 ohm woofers and my volume is approx 6 cu ft and it sounds real good. But according to Eminence anything from 1.9 to 6.5 is good. I thought that was interesting. http://www.eminence.com/proaudio_speaker_detail.asp?web_detail_link=KAPPAPRO-15A&speaker_size=15&SUB_CAT_ID=1
  9. My brother came over for a listen. He was wowed by the sound of it. You told me I had the best sounding DJ outfit he had heard LOL.
  10. This is the thread where I describe my setup with the xover. Having tubes for the horns and SS for the woofers really sounds good to me. I have never had the speakers just disappear before. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/117149.aspx
  11. I would speculate that she is a kind hearted and caring soul. She is conservative by nature but not necessarily by vote. I think you two are kindred spirits. Sometimes opposites attract, but you are like two peas in a pod. It probably takes a while for you guys to figure out where your going out for dinner. LOL. Have I got you pegged? She is 7yrs older than you?
  12. Found this to be interesting. http://sound.westhost.com/bi-amp.htm So far my 2way speakers sound so much better with active equalization vs passive I'm thinking it might have to be a permanent setup. An active xover is just so versatile, I can't give it up! Not to mention how much fun playing around with the different settings can be. I'm just spoiled rotten I guess.
  13. You mention ringing. I thought only the metal horns ringed. Can other horn materials ring too? Interesting project.
  14. Or maybe they feel the high end sound is fatigued? Or in other words that the speakers are stressed trying to reproduce the top end?
  15. We use a 19ply 28mm thick plywood at work. It just a wee bit stronger than these mentioned.[] Certainly overkill for speaker fab.
  16. I was thinking about a resistance test along the lines of mechanical connections without vs with. Not a conductivity test of the paste alone. Interesting: Not one scientific test found to verify anything about the stuff. Reminds me of a speaker horn without any technical data. Does anybody really know what it will do.
  17. Could be that your battery's gases cooked the stuff. How did you test resistance?
  18. If your speakers are horns then tubes are hard to beat IMHO. Maybe you could find a nice tube receiver or tube integrated amp?
  19. I kinda solved for this problem by accident. Using an active crossover in 2way config. with a little 5watt tube SET for the squawkers and a 60watt SS for the woofers. The relationship between the squawkers and woofers seems to stay consistent throughout the volume range. I did not appreciate that until I went with passives. Without an active crossover it can sound good but now there seems to be a sweet spot in the volume where the top is perfectly attenuated. Im my case as the volume increases so does the squawkers lack of attenuation.
  20. To followup on this: I found that around 750 crossover and 10 db of attenuation on the horns really sounded the best to me. I then found a couple of JBL 3110a crossovers that matched that spec. very closely with a 800hz crossover and available 10db attenuation on the horn. Swapped the active out and the passive in. Sounds great. Thanks to everybody that helped me get this going.
  21. I thought PWK offered a center channel speaker. Did it later become the Cornwall?
  22. Yes, thats the corrrect way to hook it up. If your Maggie has single ended 6BQ5 tubes for the output its probably about 5 watts per.
  23. Hi, you need to check out the "hammond zone" forum at Yahoo Groups. All kinds of great help there and those schematics may be available.
  24. With emergency air on the trailer you can adjust the brakes for "no braking" and move it around anytime no problem. The slack adjuster on those usually takes a 9/16" socket for adjustment. Now you could take a torch and cut the landing legs and wheel hardware out from under it. Then drag it on a nice level spot, paint it, and fabricate a neat pitched roof over it. Eureka, now you have a barn!
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