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  1. How in the world to these guys "survive" doing this? Are there folks that will actually go along with these scams? If we all replied and took him up on the offer and simply never sent anything then maybe they would stop casting the nets.
  2. Just a little tap with a pencil will tell you.
  3. K-horns are high efficiency speakers. They are very sensitive speakers. If you have a TV signal hooked up to your sound system that could cause a hum. It could also be other things. Search the forum for "hum" and I'm sure all kinds of great ideas for hunting it down will come your way.
  4. One problem you can have with these hooked up to a computer or Ipod like device is having the speaker volume all the way up but the computer volume turned down. I would suggest checking that first, then check all connections.
  5. Lots of talk about 2" drivers and Gregs horns here. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/116842.aspx Im using some JBL 2441 drivers with Community horns.
  6. Supposedly 2" drivers have 1/10 the distortion. They appear to have a much wider frequency range than 1" drivers. I have 2" drivers in two way speakers right now that I'm enjoying. Im sure there are other considerations that I'm not aware of.
  7. Those do look pretty darn good and I bet they do sound good too. The vertical midhorn is kinda goofy but I could get over that with good vibrations.
  8. It would be interesting to see those two horns laid side by side. I wonder how weldable that horn material is.
  9. Great job on the speakers CB. Now if you'll just get those plaques level.
  10. DCR is usally the DC resistance in ohms. As for matching or not, I cannot help.
  11. A pair of 1.4" horns ended yesterday on Ebay. I suggested going from 1.4 to 2" not down to 1". Although I'm suprised that going down to a 1" horn can "hurt" the driver? I wonder how?
  12. Crazy thing: I was married to a twin years ago. Kept asking her to invite her sister over....... She is long gone now. Guess I'm pretty much a 2 way guy.
  13. No, I said the two Atlas drivers were similar sounding. The 2441 is in another league and "puts the singer in the room with you".. Those 1.4" horns do show up on Ebay sometimes too. I noticed a 1.4" to 2" adapter on their the other day so that would be another way to skin the cat.
  14. Right here at Klipsch's Garage Sale section is a great place to find parts for your project. There's lots to learn, parts to collect, and construction methods to consider. Several folks here have built em. There are even a couple of different versions of plans.
  15. Hmmm, that sounds good. I'm gonna investigate that. Maybe I'm smart enough to figure out where that is........ Reading up on horns and it appears this one might be better for me. Reported with minimum crossover at 500hz. http://www.jblpro.com/pub/components/2380a.pdf
  16. Thanks for that link. Heck, they recommend crossing into it at 1000hz yet low usable freq 550.[*-)] On the active crossover I can go down to sub 400 before it starts to sound different to my ears. I've got to get me a mini-analyzer or similar. Ill have to think the horn over. I really like the way it sounds but what do I know? I'm gonna listen tonight crossing into it at 1000. Michael, thanks for noticing my avatar. Thats my son (audio lab assistant) Auston. We have a big time of it.
  17. Hey Mike, as dad would say "looks like something you put together from the midnight autoparts" Absolutely, the 45 Set should sound great with the high eff. Corns. Im running my little Maggie 5wattish SET into the top half of an active 2 way. Sounds fantastic.
  18. Yeah, really like Tommy. But Monte is just downright freaky good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31QQ1gNpAaY
  19. Anybody not familiar with Bob should check out this article on Wiki. Specifically about the AMP challange where he kicked some serious booty. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Carver
  20. Let me put it this way: The Partridge Family sounded like a stoned Bob Dylan.[N]
  21. Playing time may have contributed to the decline in those cassettes certainly. Talk about revisiting the past: I tried to play a bunch of old 8 tracks a couple of years back. Wow, talk about degradation! Could't make out the music they were so bad. Threw that out too. I thought reviving my tape deck for audio books, but nah. Im sure you've thought of this but I would give that deck a good head cleaning too. It sounds like your well on your way to getting that $59 back in listening and having fun. LPS fit in the slot no problem. Simply fold them like a trifold wallet. []
  22. I did a similar thing recently. I have a Nakamichi R3? tape deck and until the other day I had approx. 100 tapes I had made on various grades of cassettes made by TDK, some metal, some not. All made from purchased LPs which I still have. Lots of hours tied up in making those in the late 70s and early 80s. Every single one of them has lost a little something. Freq. range not where it was, noise added, etc. I ended up tossing the works. Glad your experience has been better.
  23. These crossovers feature Linkwitz-Riley 24db per octave filters. So should the upper sides be in phase or 180 out based on that?
  24. Seti on the NAD: Its one of those under appreciated amplifiers and therefore still reasonably priced used. I have gone through/traded several amps over the years. Can't seen to let go of this one. Really like the sound as you pointed out. Michael, The Behringer's 24db per octave is not adjustable. Altering the slope would be a cool feature though. I'm guessing the sharpe slope helps with crossover determination however. Not much overlap there. In the avatar, thats my son deciding what sounds good and what doesn't. Everybody needs a second opinion and he freely gives his.[8-)] Thanks for the kind comments gentlemen.
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