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  1. colterphoto1 suggested I give this question a try here: My crazy idea is to use active crossovers to drive 3 stereo 5w amps (like the old Magnavox console amps) into long horn (400 mids) type Cornscalas. So I'm talking a separate channel for each driver. Setting aside the challanges of phase/delay among the drivers, seems like the 15w per channel would be plenty of power to make it work. What about noise? I'm under the impression that noise would not be bad because power is kept at low levels, is that wrong? Any thoughts on this idea appreciated.
  2. OK, so its pretty darn involved. So a breakout box type deal from Radio Shack is probably the best way to go. Another thought would be a CD player or Tuner that would allow for AUX input there. I haven't seen one though. Or what about a splitter at the input of the preamp. Like if an MP3 player and CD player simply SHARED the Aux input on the preamp. Just gonna listen to one or the other at a time anyway....... Would that work?
  3. Or, maybe there is an inline device that converts line level down to the low 5mv signal these inputs want. Surely I'm not the only one that would like to use these presently useless inputs on vintage gear. Is there an answer to this? Thanks.
  4. Oh, that seems significant. It might need to be adjusted and it might just be less WPC too I'M guessing. I've really been enjoying my Sansui AU-70 driving a pair of Heresys. I think a pair of Cornwalls would do really well with it too though.[]
  5. Yes, of course your right. 7189 it is. Just looked at em.[] Thanks. Let me ask this then. Doesn't EL84 = 7189?
  6. "Raising the 100 ohm cathode resistor to 120 or 150 ohm would probably help with today's higher line voltages from the wall, where the 100 ohm R might run the 6BQ5's a bit hard." This certainly makes sense. I have 125v at the outlets right now. I'm guessing the circuit may have been designed for what, 115v? I'm thinking I'll install a headphone jack on the little console amp next. Should work quite well for that I suspect.
  7. Groomlake: Mighty nice of you to go to that trouble for me. Thank you very much! Mark: I will check that. Thank you also. Common sense points to my tubes being happy. When at idle no heat, when getting a workout, heat not excessive and tubes "look" good. Still its nice to have the numbers to verify.
  8. Hey Mark, thanks for your help. I have two amps here. The Sansui AU-70 which is EL84s in a push pull and a little Magnavox with EL84s single ended. I realized the little Magnavox output impedance was only 4 ohms with help here. My answer to that was paralleling speakers for now, which works fine. Just wondering about checking the bias on these two amps. Here is a picture of it.
  9. Pauln, you have absolutely no knowledge of my elec. experience or previous exposure to high voltages. Just because I have not Biased a tube amp does not make me inadequate to do so. Since I have worked with high voltage (CRTs for one) for 25yrs with first the USAF/ANG as s sensor systems specialist and then as a high voltage electrical service provider, I am certainly no stranger to electricity or high voltage. "even when the amp is unplugged" on a tube amp? I don't thinks so, as vacuum tubes bleed themselves off immediately when power is removed, right pauln? Maybe I should be warning you sir about the dangers of high voltage.[^o)]
  10. My Sansui AU-70 plays great, but I wonder, how do I measure and adjust the bias on this amp? While my Sansui is push/pull, what about the single ended amps. Do they need bias adjustments too? Lastly, can a person tell by tube type and arrangement what the bias should be?
  11. Those are just cables that were hanging near my work bench. By the colors Id guess they were intended for video, but in reality they're probably identical to audio cables in function. They just have different colored covers.
  12. "I wanted to prove to myself that you can take a ugly console pull amplifier and make it into something pleasing with regard to looks." I'd say you did it![H] Mine has what looks like a little adjustable pot on top. Whats that? Also my amp is an 8601-20.
  13. That second picture has really jump started me this afternoon. I located the two primarys for my power trans. I pulled them and tested, ok. I then pulled the old socket and removed all the extra wiring associated with it. Well on my way here. Now I really appreciate how much work you have in that one. Geeze, you must of had those output transformers chromed! Mine will never look that good! What about impedance? Are these original transformers ok with my Heresy 8 ohm speakers?
  14. That is a nice looking amp! I think its the exact amp I have. Your handling of the old socket hole and the new speaker terminals have inspired me. How did you get the output transformers to look so good? They look like they've been polished with a cotton wheel. Thanks for sharing that.
  15. Thanks, thats what I suspected. A daisy chained 110v basically. Yes, its single ended 6BQ5s with the 5U4 tube. I'm guessing a 2 amp fuse? I'm hoping to use it with my Heresys.
  16. History: Stopped at the thrift store today. What was I thinking? Oh well, I found an old '59 stereo Magnavox console, all tubes. Tag said it worked. Price was $6.49. So I brought it home, plugged it up and sure enough it kinda worked. Looks like two 6BQ5s for output tubes. I connected my MP3 player to the amps RCA type connectors and sure enough it sounded good. So I'm thinking how easy can this be for an amp pull. The 120v plug goes straight in the amp so I'm thinking I can just unplug the wiring harness to the rest of the console and all will be good, WRONG. It won't do squat with that harness disconneced much to my disappointment. What to do next?
  17. Aren't those the ones that have a coax speaker and the back corners are cut down? A pair of those would be a real bargan if indeed they sound as good as Cornwalls. I'm kinda skeptical.
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