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  1. Boy, where is everybody tonight? I guess they've all gone out. You forgot to ask what a SET is.

    Since the pros haven't answered I can tell you this much. A push pull has two output tubes per channel. A single ended amp only has one. These two different types of tube amps sound different. Also, some tube amps can switch between these two modes of operation. There are also hydbrid amps which have some tube and some solid state circuits.

    SET = single ended triode.

  2. I have gained so much info from this forum I thought I would share this active crossover, my setup, and my findings.

    I purchased the Behringer crossovers from "SWL" here a few weeks back and just now got it all hooked up. I had no XLR cables so I bought ends and made up several for this project. I wanted to try active crossovers and purchased 2 cabs which were destroyed in shipping (both horns out of mounts). I carefully calculated the volume w/ ports for my woofers from the web sites linked to by members here. I then rebuilt the cabs as woofer enclosures only.

    Running in 2 way stereo I have the top horns running off the little stereo 5 watt single ended triode amp. Bottom woofers on NAD transistor 30w per(late 70s maybe) Im also using the Nads preamp to feed the active crossover. The horns are 16ohm JBL 2441s 2" drivers/Community horns with a sensitivity of 111db and 8ohm Eminence 15" woofers at 101db sensitivity. So I knew the woofer was 10db behind out the gate.

    I started out with everything at 0db with no gain added or subtracted on any channel. I had both crossovers at 500hz. The crossover slopes are 24db per octave so I didnt know if to reverse the horns or not, so I did both. What fun it was to start playing with crossovers, gain, phase, and time (I just physically moved the speakers) until I got what I thought was the most out of it. What did I get: Truely awesome sound. Only with the volume wide open and my ear in the horns did I get any noticeable noise. I played with it all for quite a while and settled on woofers +4db, Horns -4db, horns in phase, crossovers at 475.

    The interesting this about all this to me how hard I had to work to make it sound bad. Taking the crossovers down to 100ish would do it. Or going way too high with it. Flipping the horns in and out of phase didn't make a whole lot of diffference just quieter out of phase (to my ears anyway)


  3. Since I started this thread I have been really trying to keep my ears protected. Literally no loud noises for me. If in doubt I wear earplugs. I worked on a pair of speaker cabs and used the table saw. I found the ear protection. Told me son, "no screaming and hollaring in the house"

    Amazingly the tinnitus has reduced a significant amount. Its not totally gone but its much better overall. On a scale of 1 to 10 I have reached about 7. Right now Im back down to around 2. Its really surprising how much LOUD stuff I do day to day.

    Next time I have a flareup I will try the noisy radio. That would probably work for me. When laying in bed if I hear the heaters fan turn on I know its time to fall off to sleep.

  4. Maybe Parts Express has 1.4" horns? I think you should make em work. Probably a far superior driver to the K55. I've been comparing a pair of JBL 2441s (2" driver w 4" voice coils) I have to K55s and and a pair of Atlas siren horns. Siren and K55 near equal in sound quality. The 2441s put the singers in the room with you. I suggest going with the bigger drivers when you can.

  5. Looking at that graph seems you could cross that driver/horn at 500hz with a Khorn or other suitable bass bin going two way and be in pretty good shape without a tweeter.

    Other than the two camels backs the impedance seems pretty steady to my untrained eye. I would say the average impedance on that combo closer to 8 than 16 ohms though. It spends alot of time below 10 ohms. Maybe Im seeing it wrong. It looks like it should be treated as a 8 ohm speaker on the crossover circuit. What am I missing?

  6. My wife has an Itouch 2nd gen. But I dont know squat about microphones. What would you suggest that look for that has compatibility with the Itouch?

    Or what microphone do you have that's working properly and what would I have to do to make it happen for me?

    This just amazes me to be honest. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lacquer thinner is the best cleaner/paint remover I have ever found. Literally blows acetone away for some scientific reason I have forgotton now.

    Autobody shop taught me about it 20yrs ago and I keep it around just for cleaning those stubborn problems.

  8. The Art system is advertised at .01 THD which seems good. Might do a good job. Its tempting for me to try it. I read all the reviews on it and they were mixed as expected. I'm gonna investigate the Goldwave software to see what it can do in this regard.

    Seems like every few years I revisit this idea. Its going to take some serious time to convert several hundred albums to wav. or MP3 files. I know you can't wait forever with technology but I keep wondering whats around the bend. I would like to put on a record and this device along with software automatically make hiqh quality MP3 files with artist/title tags in place. Seems like that has ALMOST arrived, but not quite. I know Iphone has that technology in some way.

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