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  1. Slumming and day dreaming about the one(s) that got away.


    I found a Les Paul gold top in a Gibson hard case at a yard sale. The date was approx '78 and I was hitting the sales with my mom. I was only 15 and didn't have any money, but I did know something about guitars. My mom informed me that we couldn't spend $200 on a used guitar............ I was at school telling a classmate about it a year or so later and he said that he had a 72 Strat that he would sell for that same $200 and throw in a Fender Princeton amp to boot. Just two 16 year olds making a deal. This time dear old dad agreed to hand over the cash. :) Finally needed money for a car and sold that one. Wish I had those two today.



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  2. 19 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

    @JL Sargent  What position does your son play?  I started off at shortstop; but settled in at second base. Baseball is one of my favorite sports to play. Go San Francisco Giants!

    He plays Catcher, 1st and 3rd some. Mostly DH this season with a strained UCL in his elbow though. He is a Junior, so I'm hoping his elbow can heal and he will play his senior year. Fun to watch him play. If you look at my post from Sunday, that's him behind the plate. Thanks.


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  3. 3 minutes ago, mustang_flht said:

    It was manned by a garrison made up of a squire and several guards. The terrace could support up to four pieces of artillery.

    Ah, I see. It was a fortified gateway charging a toll if you will.

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  4. 32 minutes ago, Jeff Matthews said:

    That's much smarter because it's much more efficient.

    Well, you are an attorney! You would think it's more efficient. The reality (for me anyway) is it's not. Certainly a case by case situation. These accounts my dad has need management. Beneficiaries are only part of the picture and let's not even dive into the quirks of Probate Law after the fact! There is no wondering about what to do here. I've consolidated what was once a nightmare across a doz banks and 20 accounts down to just 4 banks. All real property has already been conveyed and PODs have been verified for the larger accounts (CDs and IRAs). Around here the Probate process seems frozen while a "notice of probate" is published in the local newspaper for at least 30 days. Sometime after that, you might get that Letter of Testamentary if our Probate Judge is so inclined to oblige.  

  5. That's crazy. I went to the bank, set up beneficiaries on all my dads accounts per some good advice here. 5 years go by and I go back to verify those said beneficiaries for good measure. They only had 2 out of the 3 that were originally set up..............Totally dropped one person off the map. Isn't that comforting?


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