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  1. 2 hours ago, MicroMara said:

    Both hardly do any sports, are getting fatter and fatter

    You've seen the movie WALL-E. Big bodies and little arms and legs.


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  2. 2 hours ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

    They know the human brain well enough to know how to create addicts.


    That's exactly right. Addicts they are too. My kid would look at his phone all day long if we let him. We set limits and I tell him to put it away only once.

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  3. On 6/22/2021 at 5:21 PM, DizRotus said:

    Hopefully, after the “non-invasive” surgery,

    Good luck tomorrow Neal! My dad had that "euro-lift" procedure recently (is that what you are doing?)  and has improved his quality of life.

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  4. What I want to do:

    Scan a multi page document with a Fujitsu IX500 scanner into a Windows 10 computer which creates a PDF file. (this I got!)

    Merge digitally that PDF file with additional single page PDF files containing photos from another piece of software making just 1 PDF file in the end. (this not as easy)


    I do not want to print out that second PDF group before scanning because of the unavoidable loss in quality.

    Any help with this appreciated.




  5. I don't think minors should go out and get vaccinated solo. That said, if our school system says "get vaccinated and you do NOT have to wear a mask to school next year",  my kid that's soon to be Senior would be first in line get it. Really, nobody we know has had a problem with vaccinations and this is gonna turn into a convenience driven thing I suspect .

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