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  1. Things have gotten a little more complicated over time. You need to align the dish to probably 3 satellites. I highly doubt you can get all of them to 90+ percent. A slight rotation of the dish left or right might get you back to talking to the different satellites.
  2. The photographer of these amazing photos is Chen Chengguang. So awesome I had to share.
  3. JL Sargent

    Cell Phones

    I use ATT. It's fair. It gets the job done. I use a Samsung S7 phone that I bought here on the forum from @avguytx . It's been really good. It's a few years old now. I wonder if he has a newer phone for me to buy lol. Smart Flip phones are out, but very expensive. My dad is 81. He uses an ATT plan where you pay $100 for 1000 minutes. They sold him a flip phone to work on this plan too. When ever he needs more talk time, he stops by there and hands them a hundred bucks + tax.
  4. Great! I think he would have been all about it too.
  5. He's humming Rod Stewart's "Tonight's the night".
  6. We squeak out a close one. 6-2 on the year.
  7. Just got it back. I'll shoot it back out with the new address lol.
  8. https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/10/11/americas-first-nuclear-fusion-reactor-online-2025/
  9. It's gonna rain here all day as the remnants of Hurricane Delta move across. I just wonder if some of you have great plans for the day?
  10. Wish I had a Little Debbie right now. Oops, wrong thread.
  11. Could absolutely shred a guitar. The first incarnation of VH was awesome.
  12. Leaning towards her homemade chili Rellenos for this Sat, but that is a good idea.
  13. My wife made gumbo for football Saturday this week.
  14. First Album, first concert, all in 1979
  15. Sounds like you should rent one. If the hour meter is analog, then it likely is not an accurate measure of use as they are often flat out wrong. I bought a 15 year old backhoe once with 250 hrs on it. 4000 hrs would be more like it.
  16. As you wish. Poor Longhorns.
  17. Stop by small rural/country grocery stores when you see them. I bet there is a lot of that cat food out there still.
  18. Going out first thing in the morning.
  19. Just to show we mean business, we won again last night so that's 4-1.
  20. The Mustangs are 3-1 so far this season. We might enjoy our first winning season ever!
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