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  1. 11 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:

    I have a feeling Smith will do well in the NFL.


    Consider this: The 2017 Freshman class at Alabama has had 5 Heisman vote getters:


    1. Devanta Smith 2020 winner

    2. Tua Tagovailoa 2019 runner up

    3. Mack Jones      2020

    5  Nagee Harris    2020


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  2. Uh oh, just read this on my news feed. OSU having some addtional covid issues it seems.


    AL.com reporting: Ohio State has informed key parties involved it could be without a position group due to COVID-19 testing and related protocols.

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  3. 38 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

    We lost Harry Miller (6'4, 315# O-lineman) both starting DE's and Teague from the backfield against Clemson.

    I did not know that and hate to hear it. We are all so sick of Covid. Really want both teams to have everybody and to be at their best for the game. Devante is Bama's wide receiver that has 20 TDs this year. Nagee Harris is the running back that also has 20 TDs and was 5th I think in Heisman voting.

  4. I knew a girl once that hid a couple of hard boiled eggs in the HVAC ductwork at somebody's house. The stench got so bad the people living in the house had to move out for a while and hire professionals to clean the place.

  5. 3 hours ago, DizRotus said:

    I can’t disagree with ND as one of the 4 CFP selections

    They just got their butts handed to them yesterday, didn't they? Should be somebody else, but it is ND which for the last several years seems to be over ranked and underachieving. I suspect this semifinal game amounts to yet another walk in the park for Bama to the title game. Not that they need one.

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  6. 11 minutes ago, wstrickland1 said:

    and The Police

    That was their first album and in my humble opinion, their best. I was 16 years old and bought it on my 15 minute break with tip money from sacking groceries.


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  7. How old are you? I suffer from tinnitus at times. As we get older our hearing range decreases and that hearing loss for me has been filled at times with ringing in the ear. I once could hear out to 22K hz. Now I top out at 13K or so. If I get around anything loud, music or otherwise, I get some ringing in the ear that can last for days.


  8. Pellet smokers are great. I have owned a couple of different factory ones and built one also. They do a great job and the flavor is awesome. A lot depends on the pellets you use. I prefer 100% hickory pellets, but there are all kinds. Lots of variables at play when you try comparing one cooking technology with another. I've smoked with green hickory wood, charcoal, & pellet smokers. All can produce good smoked meats. I prefer the pellet smoking myself. There are forums dedicated to these type smokers. Check them out.


    I have a separate gas grill I use for grilling. I swapped out the regulator for a HP regulator like you might use with a turkey fryer. This way I can sear steaks for a couple of minutes on each side to get the affect we like. A regular gas grill just doesn't get hot enough. There are a couple of good threads on this forum about pellet smokers and smoking.



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  9. 18 hours ago, Schu said:

    if you're waiting to bid in the last minute anyway, it doesn't save you anything.

    Come on Schu,  that's not true. A computer is WAY better at doing something in a split second than any person trying to snipe. The sniping software can also resign you in before a human finger even gets to the keyboard.

  10. 2 hours ago, wuzzzer said:

    Why don't you just bid the max you're willing to spend ahead of time?

    That's like laying down your poker hand before the dealer is finished! :)

    I usually make offers on BIN items on Ebay these days. Haven't sniped anything in years.


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