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  1. On 6/22/2021 at 5:21 PM, DizRotus said:

    Hopefully, after the “non-invasive” surgery,

    Good luck tomorrow Neal! My dad had that "euro-lift" procedure recently (is that what you are doing?)  and has improved his quality of life.

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  2. What I want to do:

    Scan a multi page document with a Fujitsu IX500 scanner into a Windows 10 computer which creates a PDF file. (this I got!)

    Merge digitally that PDF file with additional single page PDF files containing photos from another piece of software making just 1 PDF file in the end. (this not as easy)


    I do not want to print out that second PDF group before scanning because of the unavoidable loss in quality.

    Any help with this appreciated.




  3. I don't think minors should go out and get vaccinated solo. That said, if our school system says "get vaccinated and you do NOT have to wear a mask to school next year",  my kid that's soon to be Senior would be first in line get it. Really, nobody we know has had a problem with vaccinations and this is gonna turn into a convenience driven thing I suspect .

  4. If you attended public schools in Alabama, you've been vaccinated for all kinds of good stuff in the past. Had a guy at work yesterday tell me had wasn't getting a Covid shot and that he had never been vaccinated. What? I asked, did you attend public school? Yes, he said. Well, you've been vaccinated.


    The specifics:

    Children attending 5 year-old-kindergarten through 12th grade must have had 5 doses of diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis vaccine (4 if the 4th dose was received after the 4th birthday) and 4 doses of polio vaccine (3 if the 3rd dose was received after the 4th birthday). Booster doses of tetanus-diphtheria toxoid vaccine must be given every 5-10 years after the preschool booster. Children in these grades should also have received 2 doses of measles-containing vaccine and 1 dose each of mumps and rubella vaccine, usually administered as 2 doses of MMR vaccine. Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine for kindergarten entry became a requirement in 2001. This requirement will increase by one grade cohort until Fall 2013, when varicella documentation will be required for all children, kindergarten through 12th grade (see chart below). A positive test for varicella immunity or documentation of chickenpox disease is acceptable in lieu of varicella vaccine. Also, children attending 6th grade are required to have Tdap.

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  5. Here's what you do. Using a regular combination wrench and your torque wrench, teach yourself how much pressure to apply to the wrench for proper tightening. So torque a bolt to 110 lbs and finish it off to what you think is needed with the combination wrench to 115 lbs. Check it with the torque wrench. You'll be surprised at how close you can get with the feel. Install and torque all bolts possible this way. Then finish off those few bolts with just the combination wrench and your newly calibrated brain. Job done.


    Remember, the most amazing tool you will ever own is you.



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