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  1. I'm a convert. Used to think hell naw. Then we went to a restaurant in the next town over the mountain that has a 21" ham/pineapple pizza. Talk about delicious, I'm all about it.


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  2. 7 hours ago, CECAA850 said:

    We're currently on the grid.

    Sweet. Can't complain about that. They've told my in-laws it could be as long as a month. It was 15 days after Rita before they got it back.


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  3. 2 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

    Heard from your in laws yet?

    All out buildings including a 2 car garage gone. All fruit trees gone (1/2 doz were there.) House standing but damaged. It's a big loss for them as they are in their 70s. Like for so many other people, this is tough.


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  4. 30 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

    any news about your in-laws home

    Friends have not been able to reach it by truck, but apparently a drone has been flown over the property and the house is still standing. Thank you for asking though.

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  5. Predicted path a little closer to Beaumont right now than Lake Charles. Both are gonna get a big hit from it for sure. My in-laws lost their home to Rita, so we are real concerned that could happen again.

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  6. Lake Charles family headed this way. They'll be staying with us until it's safe to return. Really does look like its going where Rita went. I remember that one all too well. Never will forget the mountain of refrigerators I saw after the storm.


    Carl, stay safe buddy.


  7. Those look like good MIG welders. A person could buy the required mig gun off EBay or Amazon. The Lincoln 256 is rated for 250amps / 40% duty cycle which is a good strong welder. I own several Lincoln mig welders at lower amp ratings and they have been dependable workers for years.


    I wonder if the seller might have a mig gun/shielding gas/wire so these could be tested before buying. I imagine the control board in one of those would be very expensive to replace if faulty.


  8. Nah, everything I buy needs a "break in" period from trucks to sewing machines to gasoline outboard motors, to speakers. Just like people, relationships between parts of a mechanism take time to get to know one another. My wife and I had to have a little break in period in our relationship. That was 20 years ago. Who said it wouldn't last? :)


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  9. The PC is king of gaming these days it seems. In a world where NVIDIA has created superior G sync technology. It's a system where the PC and the monitor work together to create the fastest video generation possible. I don' think a TV reliant system stands a chance across multi-platform games.  The technology supports real 144 frames a second. Can any TVs even really do that? I know some advertise 240hz, but that's really a lie as I understand it.


  10. 2 minutes ago, BigStewMan said:

    saw a news item that a 37 year old Vet was previously on Facebook saying that he won't buy a F-ing mask ... he just died from Covid. 

    The media seems to be churning those stories up every day now. Just wonder how true some of these are.


    As for Covid, we now know 1/2 a dozen people who have had it. All were/are nearly asymptomatic. No real health problems to report.

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  11. Hey Amy, we've missed you. That photograpy thread is still going strong. Do you still take pictures? Post some there if you do.


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