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  1. I appreciate your responses. I have been messaging privately with Moray James and have followed all his suggestions so the Dynamat on woofs, squawker and horn are already completed as well as felt on the inside of speaker struts. I installed new Crites Ti diaphragm, squawker driver, and new crossover. I also added 4 oak 1x2 braces, resealed cab, filled old screw holes, and used Mortite rope caulk around woofs and horns. I also placed felt on edge (inserted into slitted foam and glued) behind both woofers. (Moray's suggestion). I auditioned the modded KLF-30 last night. After listening back and forth A/B to the un-modded mate, it's hard to believe they are the same model. Also modded one of my C7s and A/Bed to an my second and the different was striking, but not as much as the 30 as it did not get a new driver only the ti diaphragm, bracing, dynamat, sealing, caulk, and rockwool. I am a professional musician (bass player) and singer of some accomplishment. A couple of years ago I purchased Auralex sub isolation pads and after placing between my hardwood and sub was very pleased with the results. so much so the I purchased one for my bass guitar amplifier. It was even more impressive than the sub pad. As you may be aware when you are playing a stage with a bass amp against the stage the area below the stage become a baffle of sorts and muddies up your tone. I never knew how much until I used the auralex between the stage and bass speaker cabinet. I can not play these days with out another musician telling me my bass guitar tone is amazing. Now here is the point where I believe some of you may disagree. I have since removed the feet and placed Auralex sub-dude2s under 4 pair of Klipsch towers in 3 rooms that have hardwood floors above a crawlspace or a basement. Obviously I would not go to that expense if I did not prefer the sound. Curious about your opinions.
  2. My KLF-C7 is a sealed cabinet. Would rock wool be better than the stock acoustic foam? Can my new Crites crossover be covered with insulation / foam? Old one was not covered originally. Is the attached photo from another source a good idea? C7 Speakers have this type back (pic)? Should I place dynamat on the round metal covering the magnet on my 12" KLF-30 woofs?
  3. Emile I have Mackie mixers and powered speakers and subs. Soundcraft mixer and EV powered speakers and subs. Also have two Bose L1 model 2 systems and a pair of F1s and 840 subs with Presonus boards. I even still have my 70s Altec A7s. So I am PA rich (or poor depending on my mood:) I have seen and heard vintage Klipsch which were reminiscent of A7s. I have attached the photos you requested. Excuse my mess. Theater is in process of modifications. Right sub is Elemental Design and the left is SVS.
  4. So sorry SWL, but how do I search for Post #55 ?
  5. What the source of the 10 guage Mogami jumpers?
  6. SWL can you detail the front to back bracing you referred to?
  7. I have recently purchased a pair of KLF-30s and also CF-3 v3. I am working to improve the KLF-30 first as I prefer the sound of the CF-3s. I have ordered and received Crities diaphragms and their new crossover for my 30s. Still do not know what to do to mod the squawker. I have filled cracks at back board and mother board inside and out in stages with diluted wood glue so the cabinet is very stable. I am a semi-retired pro musician / vocalist and owner of extensive pa, amps, guitars etc. I have home theaters in two rooms and large stereo setups elsewhere but do NOT have a great deal of understanding regarding stereo speaker cabinet dynamics. All my home speakers are Klipsch ….. 4 KG 5.5, 2 KLF-30, 2 RF-7, 2 CF-3, 2 KLF-C7, Academy, 4 RS-7, 2 RS-42, 2 RP-500sa, 2 R-15M, 4 SVS subs (2 per room). My receiver is a Marantz SR7010 and I have Crown XLS power amps (repurposed from powering my stage monitors) The theater also contains my pc console and my recording room complete. 37 guitars (mostly displayed on three walls) and various amps and keyboards are present. The room is 24 X 17 with a 12’ gambrel ceiling. I have NO real knowledge of room treatment and worry about the acoustic impact of my guitar collection. However they live here. The front half of the room (from short wall) is dedicated to theater and has rugs on hardwood to catch first reflections. I view from 12 ft back with one row of seating. The rear 12 ft contains pc console with Focal CMS65 studio monitors and some musical gear used for recording. I have a separate 14 x 24 building that is used for live rehearsals with my band and jamming with other players. I have never done any speaker mods. After coming across a couple Moray James post on various forums, I searched out more. Thanks to all for sharing your knowledge with those of us who need it. My searching came from my desire to improve the sound of my KLF-30s. I noted Moray James was big on F-11 felt which (I have purchased) resulting in my message as to where to place felt damping inside my KLF-30 cab. I believe from other posts I have a handle on horn damping, crossovers, speaker struts and diaphragms (excepting the mid horn). My biggest questions are where to place cabinet damping and whether to use acoustic tile, F-ll, Blackhole 5, Dynamat or whatever. Also And then whether to reinstall the acoustic foam. One of my ports is loose. Should they also be modified. Present one are 4 inches long. PS .... This post was previously messaged directly to Moray James and his is responding. He must be incredibly busy given all the forums I see him on and the number of folks recommending his expertise. Since my KLF-30 is open and ready, I thought I would post this for those others who would also care to comment and so they could see any recommendations Moray offered.
  8. Are your KG1s still available?
  9. I do appreciate you guys taking the time to respond. InVeNtOr's room test sound valid. I will follow his results and speaker recommendation and buy a pair of RS-42s today. Should I consider trading my RS-7s to RS-42s also?
  10. Thanks for your input. I will take it under advisement. I had not considered anything but dipole to this point.
  11. What used rear surrounds would be best to use to upgrade to a 7.1 setup? My current 5.1 setup is a Denon AVR-1909 receiver, KG 5.5 fronts, Academy center, RS-7 side surrounds, and 525W ED A5-350 sub (on order). Obviously another pair of RS-7s would work well. At the moment I can bu either RS-35s, RS-3iis, or RS-42s on ebay. What do you guys think would be the best match as I may be not be willing to wait for more RS-7s to become available. Does anyone here have RS-7s to sale? Klipsch website has RS-35 has improved bass over the RS-3ii. How is that possible when it gives up 20hz. RS-42 shows more low end that the RS-52. How is that possible with dual 4"s as opposed to 5.25"s. Are specs mistyped. If the 42s go lower than the 52s I might buy them.
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