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  1. Definitely a great movie, I havent seen the latest installment but I'm sure it's good.
  2. Thanks Wuzzer, I really like it. Hopefully I'll get a chance to test it out in the summertime.
  3. It replaced my old work watch, I'm very impressed so far with it.
  4. Hello Brac, I think the biggest upgrade with the 200 is the 3D pass through, I'm sure there are some other little tweaks but that one seems to stick out the most.
  5. Hello and welcome. I had a very hard time finding a good solid pair of speaker stands, I've ended up making my own and I'm very happy I did. You can check skylan speaker stands they look very sturdy but there pricing may be a bit much.http://www.skylanstands.com/stands.htm
  6. I've noticed on recent Chrysler vehicles the day time running light shuts off when the vehicle turns, turn right and the right headlight shuts off. I guess I lucked out on my car, 5 years old and original headlights and fog lights 138km on it to.
  7. Hello Quiksr20, You will notice a huge difference by going with the RC-62 and RF-62. I've been using the RC - 62 for two years and it's a great center, you will hear a lot more detail since the speaker uses larger drivers and tweeter. You will also notice music being a lot better with the RF-62's compared with your current mains. I have bought from www.sounddistributors.com and they have always given me a good deal. There are other authorized Klipsch dealers that offer great deals. Good look with your journey.o
  8. Looks great Coleman! Nice clean set up, congratulations
  9. +1 I bought a great gramma a couple of years ago to try to tame vibrations and it made things a lot more enjoyable while watching movies. It may not have the same effects in every room but it was definitely worth it in my situation.
  10. To be honest they made a huge difference with the echo in my room, its very open and with the laminate flooring it was just too much. Im sure if I had carpet in the basement the difference would not have been as noticeable. I made the panels my self so the cost was minimal, i think about $150 for 8 panels including the hanging hardware. You could always buy a couple OC 703 2x4 2 inch sheets and put them up and see if you notice anything, i paid $10 per piece.
  11. Great pictures forsure, I've always loved Hondas especially the Integra type R and of course the NSX. I like your 92? Integra, nice and clean.
  12. I just found a picture when I first got my RB-81's, almost four years ago. .
  13. Hello wilbur, Minwax also has some nice stains as well. Please use caution when sanding veneer, its very easy to burn right threw it if you aren't paying attention (I've done it before)
  14. Thank you duder, The laminate floors have been an acoustic nightmare, I have seven 2x4 panels that have helped a great deal with the echo its not perfect but a lot better. The Auralex great gramma sub risers have also helped out a lot due to the wainscoting vibrating at certian frequencies, I did have to bumb up the gain on the subs a bit but well worth the price.
  15. Well I figure its about time I posted some pictures of my HT in progress, there is still a lot of work to be done to the room but here is the front sound stage, the surrounds are up but I didnt want to show the mess that is behind the seating position. My Blu-ray collection. My pup had to get in on this too. I made a pair of stands for a friend and I liked them so much I made myself a pair. Side surround
  16. I really like JJ Abrams version of Star Trek and I'm looking forward to the second installment of his series.
  17. Greetings I started off with the same quintets and i bought my current RB-81's and used them with the quintet center and it worked but as someone else mentioned the center channel does get overwhelmed. I would save up for the RC-52, i owned that speaker as well and it was a huge jump in sound, everything sounded bigger (sound stage).The center channel and the subwoofer tend to be the most important speakers in a home theater. When listening to music you will notice a huge difference between the quintets and the RB-52's. Don't get me wrong your current speakers are good but the 52's will be a huge step up in sound. Plus like you said you can go from 5.1 to 7.1.
  18. A great movie! The video and audio aren't up to today's standards but Harrison Ford was great in the 90's.
  19. It was a let down, not nearly as good as the first three.
  20. Very nice indeed, i love the neon lights. What size is the screen?
  21. Did you watch it in 3D? I wish I could rent 3D's from redbox or even blockbuster. I watched Dredd last night and it was just dreadful (dreddful) the disc i rented had both the 2d and 3d versions on it.
  22. Well I'm glad I didn't buy it, I'll rent it tonight instead. I was disappointed with the new Total recall since they didnt go to Mars.
  23. I was hoping for something better, it was still a decent movie and it had a good soundtrack.
  24. It was definitely a Different movie, I really enjoyed it. Great audio and visuals with a unique prospective on history.
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