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  1. Hello Bruce thanks, i actually dont miss the lowest bass till now to be honest the LS II has much more lower bass than the first edition ( i also have owned fot several years) Imho. Now i'm not sure i will add a sub because the speed of the hornbass is very hard to follow i think when playing music with a drumkit the speed is tremendous and very "dry". I don't like muddy drums Koos
  2. Hello everyone is it a good idea to lift LaScala's from the floor, perhaps to create more low bass. i have also read that there are modifications that made it possible to create more low bass with the existing LaScala, does anyone perhaps have those modifications on paper? Till now i am enyojing the music that comes out of the LS, i am still "burning them in" (still 50 hours to go from the 100 hours Klipsch advices). What is the best way to burnin anyway? Thanks in forhand for te reactions (i learn a lot of them) best regard Koos
  3. Hello wvu80 is that sub fast enough to hold on with the LaScala?
  4. Hi pbphoto thanks, that really will help, i am going to start with the position you mentioned and see what it brings. is your Rythmic f12g fast enough for the LaScala ? They are very pricy i saw (i would like to use 2 subs, one on every side) and not for sale in the Netherlands (or Europe) are there other subs (not horn ones because i cannot place them) that are fast enough you think/lnow?
  5. Hello everyone. ik have a question about placement of my new LaScala II. For getting te maximum result in lower tones, is it then best to put the back against a wall? Imnow have toe them in for around 20 % towards my listeningposition . They cannot be placed in corners. thanks again for the suggestions koos
  6. And which klipsch sub are you talking about. The r112sw ?
  7. I am curious Is it so that a 10 inch is much faster than a greater one? The faster the sub is the better it fits with the LaScala i think or am i mistaken?
  8. When i don't want to shake the house but i still like een good bass is it better then to use 2 times a 10 inch woofer (each side one) than one 15 inch? Or is 12 inch the minimum for a good solid but not house shaing bass? i don't necessarely need 20 hz. 30 is also good for me (i think) in use with my Lascala II the rythmic F12G. seems a very nice products but i not get it shipped tot the Netherlands (it seems) what do you think of the Klipsch reference woofers. 12 or 10 inch ? Okay to use i should i fix them with more weight (lead or so) ?
  9. Are there other Klipsch subwoofers which are compatible with the LS II? The Heritage is 15 inch and i think thats to much for me.( in my room, for sound and space) i better look for two 12 or 10 inch ( each side one sub) to add. which one would then be best, you all think? best regards Koos
  10. Thanks AVGUYTX i thought so, i was trying to get is loose but didn't work so i stopped before i broke something i will look from out the back op the top koos
  11. Hello Bruce i surely will give it a honest try, icertainly don't want to reduce the mid. I want (a bit) more bass for a more coherent soundimage i go and look the new heritage subwoofer (if it comes for sale in the Netherlands for a reasonable price otherwise i look for a good replacement for that sub but first, i go listen for several weeks to my new LSII thanks for the support the love for Klipsch is (still) great in this forum, glad to be a member
  12. Hello does anybody knows how to remove the grille from tte top. There is a very nice border arond the clothes but i don't want to break it while trying to remove. Or is there something inside that holds them anybody suggestions?
  13. Hello everyone i see your points and i am very impressed. The more i think about it the more i see you are right and i think that if i had seen this projectthougts myself on the forum a time ago i probably had react te same as you. This is what i am going to do: first i'm going to listen for a while to the set, as it is brand new it need playtime to give the sound a good change when i think i still need more bass i can always add a (good and fast ) sub. Which is the best (of couse from Klipsch) for adding to the laScala II. ? All best regards Koos
  14. Hello DizRotus (and others) Considdering your concern I have looked inside myself (as a true Klipsch admirer) since your reply. I never had a LaScala II at the end of my stereo equipment so i don;t know what i will miss (or not) i first will give it (the Lascala II) a honest change to prove if i am wrong about the bass that it can (or cannot) produce in the opposite of the Cornwall or the Lascala I. The Cornwall is right now my speakerset for the Lascala II is a completely new set i must be patience in the beginning i think i let you (all) know what the result is (for me) My equipment is. Leak stereo20 tube amplifier and Point one stereo pre, both fully revised as out of factory), ibook pro with external dsd/dac, cables form Entreq, audirvana player best regards Koos
  15. Hello DizRotus i see your concern (also about desinvestment) about remaining in value. b But I go further with my project in the way i think its gonna be the best way to make a Cornscala. 2/3 bassbin and 1/3 mid and high in seperate closures. but anyway. Thanks for your concern. I will do my best to keep the Klipsch Thought as much as possible in my project but the Lascala lacks bass to much and i dont have space for a subwoofer. greetings
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