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  1. Sounds to me that most of her licks are copied from Johnny Winter And Live.
  2. Dodger was or is from Rochester I take it. Good folks at Rowe. I've bought some used Mac gear there myself and my Belles as well. I hope the connection clicks for you this time around.
  3. I bought one of these before Christmas. Solid as a rock. It's welded so ships truck freight. I can't remember now what the original quote for freight was. I vasilated, revisiting the site over the course of a few days, comparing brands, etc. Then one day it popped up a offer to ship for $60 so I went for it. I've heard others relate experiences of getting offered better deals after multiple visits. So, there is an upside to all the tracking. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/752920-REG/Peerless_Industries_AVL_AVL_A_V_Component_Rack.html
  4. You and this freezer-chilled vodka rocks.
  5. Well, that's a pleasant surprise after a tough day at the office. PM forthcoming.
  6. Sorry to not get back sooner on the K-500s. I snooze, I loose. We had an all-consuming legal hassle come up over our recent home purchase. Glad you found a good home for them anyway.
  7. If you're parting out and they're not on jimjimbo's shopping list, I could use the k-500s.
  8. All my parts are old and of various age. My experience and conclusions are influenced by whatever that contributed. In my experiments, K55Vs and K55Ms were descernably different sounding when mixed in L C R, even when all speakers have the same networks. Even more so with the same drivers but mixed combinations of networks, type A, AB2/AL3, and Crites A4500. I'm curious what others have experienced.
  9. Not currently. We moved to a new house in September and I have a ton of projects to do here. The theater room is down the priority list and pretty rough at this point. I'm just running 3.2 right now. I have all the parts for two more LaScalas (4 actually) so at some point I'll build some cabinets and go to 5.2, or hopefully 5.4 for good bass over a larger seating area. Lots of folks on here much farther down the road with developing their HT than I that can provide greater insight. I just piped in on the timber issue due to my experience with trying different combinations of Heritage and a strong feeling that a matched L, C, R is ultimately the only satisfactory solution. I think that it's best to, as best you can, determine where you want to end up and chart a course. Too many folks spend a lot of time and money wandering. Lots of good info here and elsewhere, the challenge is sorting the wheat from the chaff. Enjoy the journey.
  10. IME a mismatched center is a constant annoyance. For me, on a relatively short 11' spread, a phantom center would be a better solution. For a time, I had a LaScala between two Belles. Same drivers and networks. It was very noticeably different when sound panned across. Now I have 3 LaScalas in the HT. It's wonderful. The Belles are now two channel in th LR.
  11. If I was in that situation, I'd biamp.
  12. You may also want to look at the KI396. K510 2-way in arguably a more attractive package than the KPT-325 and not voiced for behind the screen.
  13. I'll take those off your hands. I'll send you an email. Thanks, Mike
  14. I think I need to move to SB so I can collect KG4's cast offs. :-) I'm still aching for the MWMs you/he offered up a while back and now these to mate with them. Be still my heart.
  15. I agree with what Chris has said and would like to make a couple of additional/expounding points--one more relavent to your RF-3s that the other--based only upon my personal experience. The ir- less-relavent one first. I think an underappreciated, or seen as a negative, aspect of an exponential horn is the decreased output off axis of the horn. In a set up as described above, with a LP slightly behind the intersecting ceterlines of the speakers, as you move off-center of the center LP sweet spot and closer to one speaker, the closer speaker's output is less at your LP since you are off it's center axis. At the same time you have have moved closer to the center axis of the farther speaker therefore increasing the volume level at your position. To me this can be an advantage of this traditional exponential horn Heritage set-up vs. a CD horn. The affect is significant in two channel. My other, and related point, and the other more relavent for you, involves the addition of a center speaker. In my experience (Heritage only), an identical center added to the set up as described above, sitting +/- 20 degrees of the center sweet spot presents no loss in the stereo presentation. It yields sweet-spot performance to three seats on a sofa or three closely spaces chairs. Perhaps or likely with the RF3s this is slightly less effective but the additional of a third main channel imho is indispensible to serious listening, Without a center channel, any movement of the listener off centerline moves the apparent source any content equally present in both channels--vocals and often solo instruments--to the closer side thus destroying any live illusion. Lastly, Chris mentioned Toole's book and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all serious seekers of recreating the live illusion. It is a well-written, easy read of technical issues the encompasses a lifetime of study. All the best, Mike
  16. If they're in good shape and $1800, buy 'em and try 'em, If you hesitate they'll be gone and you'll be left wondering. If you end up preferring the CW, you shouldn't have trouble getting your money back reselling the Belles. Go for it.
  17. Well, I'm half heartedly glad that they're gone Earl. Glad for you that you've been able to move them; glad for me that the temptation is past fto appropriate another, truthfully un-needed, pair from so close by; but sad to see them go to a questionalble future. I used all my persuasive powers (an a good deal of alcohol) on a frend/neighbor in an effort to have him replace his Chous IIs, but to no avail. Ever onward.
  18. Amen brother. Open the pod bay door Hal.
  19. Gil, Is it known what the unnamed "wide range driver" was that he that he graphed in the two way? Mike
  20. Sorry, I wasn't clear; I just want the K-400s. I've got several K-77s laying around.
  21. Hi Claude, I'll take those. If agreeable, email me an address and I'll get a check out to you. I've got some K-horn bass bins and I need to put a top end together. Thanks, Mike
  22. IME, tow-in is a must, especially with the speaker spread you have. I agree with Chris about the bass sacrificed by moving them off the wall (in addition to what's lost if they're not in corners) and I hear a marked improvement when there are no obstructions between them. Toe-in also helps eliminate early side wall reflections. As Tom and Jake mentioned, I also find the listening experience is enhanced if the tweeters are at ear level or a little higher. However, if the speakers are raised and have a cavity beneath them, a great deal of low bass is lost that way too. This is documented in a Dope from Hope. Depending upon room setup, it's easier to just arrange to sit lower for serious listening. It's certainly easy to invest a couple of hours to experiment with all this and see what you think yourself. Heck, that's part of the fun. Enjoy, Mike
  23. For that application (college) you might want to consider coating them with McCloskey's Gym Sealer, with the intent of stripping and refinshing them when the college years are over. The stuff is damn near bulletproof and will save you dealing with those inevitable water rings down the road. You might also want to consider some metal woofer grills.
  24. Used Heritage can be be incredile value. The Heritage sound is pretty different from reference though so I suggest you make an effort to audition both, as many varieties as you can, before taking a plunge. My living room is very similar dim's to your space and I have experimented with systems from 2-5 speakers on both long and short walls with Heresys, Cornwalls, LaScalas and Belles. To me, the narrow spacing that the short wall allows is such a dimminishing factor on the experience to make it a no-go for either movies or music. The long wall is VASTLY superior. As mentioned above, your L:W ratio doesn't give you the depth for the limitations of a proper K-horn setup. It is my experience and opinion that any symmetrical mix of 3 Belles/LaScalas on your long wall is very satisfying (It can be a club-like experience) and Cornwalls are pretty sweet if that's what one's budget allows. If you're mostly into music, 3 (or 3.1, 3.2) channel is enough. Sides don't add that much, especially for music, and you don't have depth for rears. In my book, quality wins big over quantity. I don't recommend mixing all horn speakers and direct radiators on the front but I find it acceptable on the sides or rear. I also think that when using a center it should be a close match if not identical to the L & R--and at the same height. It makes big difference in the quality of the stereo image. Go slow and do you your research--it's very pleasurable and cheaper in the long run. Above all, enjoy the journey. All the best, Mike
  25. Red lamp lit is power on in standby mode of auto on/off. Green light indicates auto on, incoming signal. I'm glad to have learned about the "secret" fuse.
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