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    6sn7 GTB

    To my ears the Ken Rads are far too mellow. I really like the Sylvania 6SN7W or these https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tube-6N8S-6SN7-ECC32-1578-NOS-2/292914260944?hash=item44330cebd0:g:44AAAOSwmWVavyeX:rk:4:pf:0 which are the best I've heard but are quite expensive.
  2. Guy Landau

    Best Integrated Amp Under $2000

    The H90 is a great amplifier. The streaming and DAC are first rate. Just got a H190 myself. I'm a tube guy but the Hegel stuff get you very close to tubes with a very liquid sound and excellent dynamics.
  3. Guy Landau

    Identifying an EL34 tube maker

    OOPS, just saw thebes reply.
  4. Guy Landau

    Identifying an EL34 tube maker

    It looks like a Japanese tube made by Matsishita .
  5. Guy Landau

    Forum Member With Earliest Klipschorn

    Thanks I think that there's a single one in the Klipsch museum.
  6. Guy Landau

    Forum Member With Earliest Klipschorn

    Not exactly Klipschorns but close enough. From around 1954/5.
  7. Guy Landau

    Paragon System E preamplifier

    1954 Lowther TP-1A.
  8. Guy Landau

    Paragon System E preamplifier

    Hey Deang and DoubleJ. All is well. Glad to be back!
  9. Guy Landau

    Klipsch Licensed Enclosures

    and Lowther too with the TP-1. I actually own a pair.
  10. Guy Landau

    Paragon System E preamplifier

    Thanks guys :-). Missed my old buddies and back with some corner horns.
  11. Guy Landau

    Paragon System E preamplifier

    Always wanted one of these...
  12. Guy Landau

    Happy Birthday To Our Favorite Local Tech!

    Happy B'day big guy!
  13. Guy Landau

    A good five watt amplifier is all I need now...

    Congrats Grandaddy! She's so cute.[A]
  14. Guy Landau

    A good five watt amplifier is all I need now...

    Hey Gary, It has been a while. Hope that all is well. Been busy playing with my new toy (boy) []
  15. Dean, Hang in there buddy. Be strong,fight and don't give up! Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Guy
  16. Guy Landau

    A good five watt amplifier is all I need now...

    It looks so cool. I'm sure it sounds good too. Enjoy!!![]
  17. Guy Landau

    E-V Patrician 800 speakers - goody!

    Great post and a great find. I hope you'll enjoy these.
  18. Wow, These are soooo beutiful. Can't wait to hear your impressions.
  19. Croc, Sell your La Scala to me []. or you can try Altec 290 with 803b horns with your 2404 tweeters. It should work fine with the stock networks.
  20. Guy Landau

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving guys.
  21. Guy Landau

    Tube pre with phono suggestion

    Leaks have very high (125 mV) input sensitivity and most users prefer a passive preamp with these. They might work well with a Transformer based passive ( TVC).
  22. Guy Landau

    I need a turntable.

    You can start with this one http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150444664286&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  23. If you shop wise and have patience you'd be able to find a PAS 3 and a ST-35 whithin your budget. The ST-35 is a great amplifier and sounds more lively than a stock ST-70.
  24. Mark is mostly right but there are exceptions of course. Radford and Leak amps from the 50's-60's are not overly romantic. The Marantz 8B and Mac 240 are not either. Most late 70's and early 80's amps from ARC and C-J don't sound too different than the ones from the 50's which they are based upon. ARC started the business by modifying Dynacos and copying and trying to improve the design of most vintage 12ax7 based preamps (Marantz, Dyna etc). To my ears, they sound worse than the originals. Many of the modern tube gear sound like solid state to me and cost too much so why bother anyway. For first tube setup, I'd recommend something not too expensive with upgrade potential like the Dyna pre/power or Scott integrated amps and leave the expensive stuff for collectors or to someone with more experience.