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  1. Looking for the best self stick product for inside audio equipment.
  2. This looks like one heck of a deal. Very nice! GLWS
  3. It would be pretty boring if we all had the same equipment, tastes and opinions. I really enjoy reading how excited people are when they put together any level of equipment that brings them joy, I can relate to this.
  4. Audio is music is art which is subjective. I am happy for anyone who finds pleasure no matter what they are listening through and never understand criticising choices or products. My first set up was an emerson I think all in one turntable tuner and 8 track player with speakers from Ames dept store that was a christmas gift when I was probably 12 years old in the early 70's and was absolutely thrilled and thus began my love of all things audio.
  5. I was I hate to admit but the thought crossed my mind also.
  6. You will need a phono pre-amp as billybob stated suited to the type of phono cartridge you are using unless your turntable has one built in, it is not something that is typically part of a turntable, and it looks like you have an audio left and right input labeled audio 3 on the rear panel of your Yamaha. The speakers are connected to the speaker outputs labeled front L and R for stereo.
  7. I agree. I had the 60 as a demo until my monos came in and I honestly could have stopped there. I sold the Pass and went to the Coda amp and pre before I landed back here. I blame a lot of my wondering on Terry but I am done and happy. http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/coda-technologies-16.0-amplifier-by-terry-london
  8. That actually is the one rabbit hole I enjoy. It satisfies my tinkering itch and desire to try something different once in a while without major changes and expenses.
  9. I have heard the 60 it is a very nice unit. That is something I found also at times with break-in.
  10. Your journey mirrors mine except I started with Klipsch and went full circle and am back. I owned at one point Pass labs mono amps and there pre-amp and they were excellent. I can't resist tubes so that is where I have settled along with some original Chorus speakers. I would purchase the CW-4's if I was going new in a heartbeat, although I sure would like to see a new Chorus come back. It is so true how we get lost in listening to the equipment instead of the music and forget why we started this journey. Klipsch has a way of bringing you out from the darkness and you just listen to the music again.
  11. Looks fantastic, great job. I am anxious to hear your thoughts after some extended listening.
  12. I finally caved and let curiosity get the best of me and for the first time I decided to see how a sub would sound in a two channel set up, now technically 2.1. I had an SVS SB-16 Ultra in the room already that was connected to my second system I have for movies. I am in the beginning stages of adjusting it but so far it's pretty positive. It sure does fill in where the Chorus leave off. Preliminary settings seem to be best @ 180 degrees out of phase and negative polarity (much tighter and cleaner this way) and low pass @ 40hz. I will have to listen for a while and see how it settles on me.
  13. Nice set up. I did not know these existed.
  14. Same here. My noisiest albums are the new pressings I have with crackling and popping and I clean every album, new or old before played. Most of my original albums are amazingly quiet.
  15. Just purchased at local record store. Sounds great. Daryl Hall & John Oates - Abandoned Luncheonette (180 Gram Translucent Red Audiophile Vinyl/Limited Anniversary Edition /Gatefold Cover)
  16. Please post here the link to the new thread when you do start one please.
  17. Still very good. My impression is that they sound to me to be clearer, more spacious and easier to listen to when I turn them up a little. Very detailed.
  18. Just received notice that our contract was ending and the new one is double. Insane.
  19. Wow, what a score, how great is that. Beautiful. Congrats.
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