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  1. someone came into my room today and said "are those your computer speakers?!" that felt nice thought i'd share
  2. when i run the thx sound-thingy my klipsch sats scratch and pop like crazy! i have the sub set @ 10 surround @ 12 main vol @ 2 i've tried turning the computer volume down but that didn't help thanks for the help guys
  3. hey!!! that did it thanks a ton jay i think my downstairs neighbors don't like me anymore. but too bad for them i got some new klipsch. wahoo!
  4. when i play dvds, it isn't surround sound. all the speakers output the same thing. how can i fix this... i've got a sb live plat card, and i'm not sure what to adjust, so any help would be very much appreciated thanks alot guys and i really like this board tons of nice people
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