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  1. Well certainly affordable with the strong looney! That sounds almost too good to be true. One thing I will say, having worked in the AV industry beware of inferior screens. Stewart, Draper, DaLite are leading brands and there are certainly some great tier two brands out there. I have also seen some really bad Chinese manufactured screens that curl at the edges, fade and get stuck. I wanted to save money also but avoided the cheapest. I would make sure that you find out about transparency for audio does not also mean some significant spacing in the screen material. If too transparent then you will get a strange reflection/shadowing from your panel behind the screen. Also depending on the lumens of your OHP you will have less reflection. In our basement we use the space as a family room and living space and not just eating popcorn so dark walls and acoustic tiles were not an option. It meant the projector needs to be a little brighter especially if watching movies during the day. For sports etc I plan to use the LCD which will work in an undarkened room better anyway.
  2. Thanks, and with my new Oppo BDP-83 the image is fantastic. For me and my wallet it was a non starter to go with something AT even though I had contacts in the industry and could get some things at cost it was still way too much. I was lucky, because I had Forte 1's the clear recommendation on this forum was to find an Academy as that was the best match. If I had all three vertically aligned I would have been stuck also. I really think if you want to go AT you won't be able to also have an LCD panel on the same wall. I have also thought of having the LCD panel on an adjacent wall which is possible but it just wont work well acoustically. Stupid question but is it impossible to have the LaScala horizontal? I read of some people using Academy's vertically and they sounded ok.
  3. Hi, I bought a nice 100" Draper screen from www.hd.ca in Toronto Part# 132012 Draper Matt White WideScreen 99 inch screen - Salara, 99 inch, WideScreen, Matt White, 110 V Although I am using an Academy as my centre channel it was easy to install and works well and although 99" corner to corner, because it is a widescreen 2.35:1 ratio it is thinner top to bottom. You will have to measure your ceiling to floor etc but I have 7ft ceilings and the screen extends down approx four and a half feet. No problem for the Academy but I can see where you may have problems with the La Scala. I know that Draper make acoustically transparent stuff but it is seriously expensive. I was able to get mine installed in my basement and wired for under $1000Cdn. I did most of the work myself, but it wasn't too hard. Of course if you want top of the line then Stewart screens are the way to go but there are very few dealers in Canada. But they do some great AT screens. I plan to put an LCD screen on the same wall where my screen comes down and as far as I am aware there are no issues with having a screen image projecting onto the lcd screen itself. Of course I do not have an audio transparent screen and do not want any reflection or outline to show through the screen. Anyway just some thoughts, my setup is in the photos section under Klipsch home theatre. Kiltman
  4. I posted some photos of an Academy that I purchased on craiglist. The unit was in pretty poor shape but sounds ok. I had some questions however on the makeup of the academy and took some pics of the woofer and inside of the speaker. I need to know if the parts are genuine Klipsch. The pics are in Photos section
  5. Thanks for the info, have since had it repaired. It was in pretty poor shape but looks good enough now. Still looking for a grille and will probably build one. Any idea where I can get the right fabric to match? Anyone have a spare Academy grille laying around? Also are the grill fasteners available as well as the PWK logo for thefront? Thanks for the help. I'll post some pics when I get the chance
  6. Have just received an Academy purchased through craiglist and the speaker has had some water damage. It was Oiled Oak but has some scratches and chips and had no front grille. Acoustically it's fine but will need to be repaired/refurbed to fit in with my Forte 1's (WO) I've owned since new. I have a good carpenter/woodworker close by who can probably bring it back to life but I want to make sure what I want is achievable. Any one have any tips/experiences? Better to replace or repair the outside of the speaker? Can it be glued and clamped? What colour is Oiled Oak stain (nearest? Klipsch recommended?) Better to try and stain close to the Forte colour? What options for a grille are out there? Are they still available from Klipsch/spare parts? Thanks for the help
  7. Hi askbob1, thanks for the reply. Certainly looks interesting, I'll send you a PM. kiltman
  8. Thanks to all for the inputs, I have been out of town so unable to reply till now. So in the order they came in, my basement is 11ft wide by 18ft deep, 6ft 10" ceiling Yes there is a WAF involved! My budget is about $250-$300USD, new or used. SVS looks nice but too pricey for me. I'm not technical or competent enough to build one myself Ideally I would like something that fits behind or better below my sofa. So far I have an all Klipsch system but will switch brands if better match. Is the RPW10 any good? My local dealer has suggested Yamaha YSTSW011B
  9. I am putting together a HT in the basement, projector, 103" screen etc etc. What do you suggest to use for a Sub for HT with the following: L/R - Forte Center - Academy (If I can get my hands on one) Rears - Undecided but I am lacking space and may have to look at the ceiling
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