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  1. Hi Gang - After years of 'lurking' these forums, I have to make a post looking for advice. It all started when a local seller listed a pair of Forte (I) on craigslist for $600. At first that seemed like a great price, but it appears after some research that may be a bit high - seems like the more commonly sell for closer to $400...any opinions? Second question...are they too big for my space? My room is 10.5ft wide by ~13ft deep to the desired listening location, so it's not a huge space. I currently have KG 5.2's, KSW200, 2 KG 1.5's (rear), and the KV-2 center. I have read a lot about the Forte's, and I don't know if they are A) a good buy @ that price, and good for my set-up. Thanks in advance for the opinions! Joel
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