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  1. Not sure how to refresh my ad. Thanks Rick Hi Guys.I'm looking for a variety of vintage high end tube Pre/Amps. Single piece or huge collections. Top of the line models from brands like Brook, Western Electric, Marantz & McIntosh. Ect Ect. Some of my favorite Speakers are Altec 820's Electrovoice Patricians & Jensen imperials. Of course I want to hear about other top of the line brands & models.Please inbox all msgs. I'm located in Rockford IL. Distance is no problem since I travel a lot. Looks like I might be traveling to Nebraska in the next couple weeks. If you have any gear in Iowa or Nebraska please let me know. Thanks RickPs. I might be parting with my Black 1986 K-Horns
  2. Hi Guys, Any new gear or collections worth mentioning ? I decided to keep my K-Horns after all. Thanks Rick
  3. Any new Gear? Thought I would check in, Thanks Rick
  4. Hi Al. Where are you located? Sounds like you have lots of great stuff. Maybe for now you can figure out what you wand for the Altec 515's & Mcintosh C-26. Thanks. Rick
  5. Happy Fathers Day. Any new offers of Equipment? Thanks Rick
  6. I will be traveling from Chicago to Atlanta this weekend. Looking to see If I can find any interesting gear on the way. Coytee. I do some buying, selling & trading. Like most. I have the need to collect a variety of equipment. Some stays & some goes. Its nice to have experienced many different things. Rick
  7. So I have decided to keep my K-Horns, I am still looking for high end vintage equipment. Ranging from McIntosh to Brook or even Western Electric. Speakers range from Altec Stonehenge to EV Patricians. I can't list every make or model but this might give you an idea of what I'm looking for. Of course I want to hear about other items. Thanks Rick
  8. Thanks for the responses. Still on the search for great Gear. Thanks Rick
  9. Thanks for the replys everyone. Still looking for gear. Single piece or complete collections. Thanks Rick
  10. Today I tried a newer (2 yrs old) Yamaha receiver and this unit is dead silent. Sounds like its turned off. Thanks for all your help. I guess its time to tear into the big Sansui. Later Rick
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