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  1. I'd like to thank everyone for their suggestions. I made the suggested changes in the settings and the problem remains. Here are additional details: 1. The subwoofer is plugged into a different wall outlet from the receiver. 2. Keeping the power on (green light in front) always, makes no difference. Next morning when I turn on the receiver all I hear is a very low bass rumble. 3. To get it working, I need to unplug it from the wall and plug it back in. 4. I am using the Y adapter, plugged into my receiver's subwoofer connection. 5 The receiver is a Sony STR-DA5400ES Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have a KSW-10 that does not come out of standby mode when the receiver is powered on, The on/off indicator light that's in front of the unit remains red (instead of turning green as it should). I can hear some faint bass sounds coming off it, which would indicate that it's getting a signal. At this time, if I flip the power switch from "auto" to "on" the light turns green and the subwoofer starts working. I can then switch back to "auto" and it will continue to work until I turn off the receiver. Besides the on/auto/off switch, there are other controls in the back of the unit; level, lowpass and phase. Level and lowpass are dials, while phase is a switch with two settings labeled 0 and 180. Other than leaving it on continously or manually powering it on/off, does anyone have any suggestions with regards to changing settings on the subwoofer and/or receiver that might correct this situation? Thanking everyone in advance... John.
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