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  1. Hey paragon, my eq is flat, and both winamp and main settings are set at 75% now. Still i can hear the bass, but it doesnt shake much. What are optimal settings? Thanks Impala SS
  2. Hey guys, Ive had my set for about 4 weeks now. I love them, the sound is incredible, but this week my roomate has been out, and i have had a chance to really test out the bass. Here is my concern, when I wanna feel the thump, I dont? I mean, I can hear the bass, but my friends cambridge soundworks with a 6.5 inch sub seems to shake the room more. Im not trying to bash klipsch, trust me, ive been a klipsch fan ever since we bought them for our home stereo, and they are amazing, im just concerned there is something wrong with my sub. I barley blast it, so it wasnt the sub limiter, and i doubt its damaged. Everything is wired fine, i triple checked it. Im running win98 with a soundblaster live card. I cant seem to figure out what he problem is, i live in a room that has concrete walls, and a vinyl tile floor, they call it a dorm room, I call it a high-rent prison. I have tried many sub positions, the best I could do is directly under my computer desk, where my feet would go. The sub is centralized in there, the wires face left, the port face right. The port is about 4 inches from the side of the desk, and i shoved some rolled up towels behind the desk (to stop vibration). Again, I can hear bass.. but I cant feel it. And if I turn it up (not all the way, but.. maybe 2 o clock).. (all settings default on the computer).. the volume on the computer at around 55-60%.. if i blast it.. I can hear the sat's distorting.. as if the 3 inch drivers are trying to produce the bass? I cant figure out whats wrong, any ideas? Thanks Impala SS
  3. Hey guys, This is way off topic, but I figured you guys might apprecaite this. http://www.saintsong.com.tw/it/english/prod/cg1.htm Anyone herd anything about this?? I find it to be incredible. Impala SS
  4. M@verick, I too have a 21 inch trinitron. I have a concern however, I can only max out at 1200 X 1600?? I have a creative labs annilator pro w/ 32 megs DDR, and in windows, I cant go any higher than 1200X1600, unless the porportions get wierd. For example, I installed whistler, and i can do as high as 2200 X 1600, but it looks out of whack. My question is, what is your resolution at? How can I raise mine?? Thanks Impala SS
  5. Well gee, As stated in at least a dozen posts, Klipsch will not upgrade the systems, nor, in my opinion should they have to. If you want to upgrade, either buy the cp-1 preamp ($50) and you will get the headphone jack, or sell your current set of promedias and buy a new set. quote: My system has been rock solid since I've had it and I don't want to shell that kind of cash out for a system I already own. This shows that you paid $250 dollars for an amazing system, which to this day has not given you a problem, so why are you soo dissapointed? Either way to upgrade, $300 will be spent. Buy the new preamp, for $50 and your total cost will be $300, but you will have the headphone jack, as well as an input and a on-off switch. In addition, to my understanding, a preamp which will show a lot more gain. The new crossovers that will come with the new sat's won't be a drastic difference, (again this is purely speculation), so either sell your current set and buy a new set, or, go buy the cp-1. But please, everyone, do not beg klipsch for any upgrades, or handouts. I hope this helps Impala SS
  6. Well, I completely agree with Paragon. Here is an idea.. for anyone who wishes to upgrade... go on ebay, and sell your set.. right now open boxes are going for 212 or so, then, save up 79 more, and buy the new set. There ya go, a perfect upgrade kit, plain and simple. For people who dont really want/need the new cross overs (personally I think the crossovers in the current sat's are near perfect), just purchase the new CP-1 and enjoy it. Whatever you may choose, please people, stop asking Klipsch for things that are just plain unrealistic, face it the sound coming from the current pro's, to my ears anyway, and im sure to many many others, is close to perfect for 250 bucks. If you want to sell your klipsch's on ebay and want some advice, let me know, ill be happy to help you out. take it easy Impala SS
  7. Hey guys, Personally I believe win2k is a lot more stable, and faster than win ME/ 9x. I also believe win ME is a sad marketing scheme by MS to squeeze some more money out of people :-P. My ethernet also runs a lot faster, before any network tweaking. However, like SEB did state, this is not the OS for gamers, because its not designed for games. In any case, if you ant the stability of win2k with the compatibility of win98, wait until the end of this year, when Whistler will be released, most probably under the name windows.NET. I obtained a beta copy of it through my boss, and its unbelievable. EVERY peice of hardware I had was detected off the bat.. no problems as of yet, its been about 2 weeks non stop running. Iamyourzero your computer is more than adequate to run winamp without skips, even on win2k, next time if happens, hit ctrl alt delete and take a look not at the tasks, but the processess (sp?) and sort it by memory used. Take a look at whats eating most of your memory. If you have microsoft findfast running, find it and disable it, every 30 mins or so it will index your computer which eats terrible resources, and might cause some skipping. Other background programs such as norton utilites etc also do the same. Also, for everyone win win9x, winme, win2k, whistler.. if you want to boot up a lot faster, takes these simple steps: 1: start -> run -> sysedit. 2: go to autoexec.bat copy paste the contents into a text file, put it on your desktop and name it (autoexec.bat.bak). then delete the contents of the real autoexec.bat from the sysedit application. 3: do the same thing with config.sys make a backup called config.sys.back on your desktop, and delete the contents in those files. Reboot, if there are any problems, restore the files by copypasting back, and no problems. But 99.999999% of the time it boots up noticibly faster with no effect on windows itself.. I hope this helps Impala SS
  8. Seb, Could you please elaborate on your method for ripping cd's? Thanks Impala SS
  9. KP: and Beggohbee: Just so you know, crutchfield is good for information, and research, but do not buy anything from them, they are highly overpriced. If you decide on a final system, let me know, ill help you find the best deals through notable dealers. Now to answer your questions, yes i have the 6 X 9 kappas in the rear deck of my impala, and the plates up front. Let me tell you, they produce incredible sound, but the low end frequences are lacking. Believe me, you should strongly consider, if not getting a Sub, to get some extra reinforcement for the low end frequencies. Keep in mind, if you do get a sub, you can supply less gain to it through the amp, and it wont give you a headache. The best thing to do for your system, is to go to infinity's website and check on the proper power rating for the kappas. If you want me to help you out, no prob. Then, keep in mind, your head unit will also supply power, check and see what it is, because then u may be able to get away with powering the front speakers through the head unit and then power the rears through the amplifier. More than likely, the power supplied by the headunit will be sufficient for the front speakers, and a fosgate 2 channel amp will do you well to power just the rear speakers. My best opinion, stick with one company front and rear, try and find people who have the kappas and the MB Quart and listen to them. I personally like the MB quart sound a lot more, and when i redo my system, i plan on getting MB Quarts, but thats all dynamic based on your listening tastes. Also, dont completely shut out the idea for a subwoofer, listen to the kappas, or whatever you decide to place into your system, and if more low end is needed, buy a sub. Again, i recommend JL, but since you arent looking for car shaking bass, you can choose from any quality sub, such as JL, Infinity, Alpine, Kicker, Polk, Fosgate, and Cerwin Vega just to name a few. Keep in mind, you dont have to supply 380 watts to a sub, you can supply half of that, and control the bass the way you want it to sound. Think of a car stereo as a home system also, in that you need the sattellites, but also a sub to accent it. If you need any help/advice lemme know Take it easy Impala SS
  10. A couple things, keep in mind an install does cost money, so you may want adjust your budget accordingly. For interior speakers i recommend MB quart, i have the kappas in my car currently. Also, never buy anything from circuit city etc.. look in the back of car audio mags and order from there or search the net using www.mobileaudio.com. Also, if you can afford it, i would highly recoomdng JL audio subwoofers. Some also come in a box specifically designed for the sub, which will save on install costs. I hope this helps a little Impala SS
  11. Well, as far as the wow plugin is considered, i liked what it did for the sound through headphones. Basically, I just am curious if anyone has found some really nice plugins for winamp which makes the klipsch sound better (is that possible? :-P) Thanks for the input guys ImpalaSS
  12. Hey everyone, I have a somewhat wierd question. Currently I am using winamp to play mp3's and I also have ultra player installed. Personally, i prefer winamp for the mp3's instead of ultra player, so my question is... based on everyones personal experience, which player for mp3's do you guys use? Do you prefer winamp to any other, can you hear an audible difference? In addition, which plugins for winamp enhance sound? There used to be this plugin, WOW (www.wowthing.com) but thats been pulled. That plugin would enhance sound greatly. If anyone has some tips as to which winamp plugins I can use to enhance sound i would be greatful. Next thing on the list, encoding mp3's. I currently use music match, for ease of use. I have ripped close to 600 albums, and i prefered musicmatch jukebox because it did it all for me, I would put the cd in, musicmatch would access CDDB, get the track listings, make the filename the way i wanted it (Artist - Album Name - Track - Title.mp3) and put them in corresponding directories. But, reading this BB, it has been brought to my attention that the musicmatch encoder is low quality. Any tips on what encoder i should use, which has the ease of use comparible to that of musicmatch? I have herd of audiocatalyst, but dont have much experience. I have also herd of variable bit rate encoding.. is this preferable? I rip all my cd's at 256 bit rate. Thanks in advance ImpalaSS
  13. I called the tech support at Klipsch. They are the ones who told me that it would be out late next month. Hope this helps Impala
  14. Hey, Well it is my understanding that the main part of the upgrade will be the new CP-1 preamp, which you can purchase for $50 off the website. The other portion of the upgrade, is the new crossovers, which arent incased in the sub, but in the sattellites so changing the sub wont really effect much. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong . My personal opinion, if you have to upgrade something give the cp-1 a shot, ive herd a lot of great things about it. Take it easy Impala
  15. Hello All, About 12 hours after I ordered my 2.400's from Outpost, I called the tech support lady to ask about the new speakers and she said they would be out sometime by the end of february. Impala
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