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  1. would you please post a side shot if it shows the grille frame...i'd may do mine like that they look way Kewl!
  2. You did a great job recovering your speaker grilles!!
  3. I was not attempting to refute your experience, just sharing my so that this person can make an informed decision with multiple sources of outcomes. I used some clothe I had left over when I did my VOX guitar amp grilles for a change in look.
  4. I bought some Herseys that were painted black. I had no problem stripping them and refinishing them in red mahogany stain finishing with tung oil and they turned out great
  5. Finally someone besides me with the balls to speak his mind about someone too many people here think can do no wrong. If you're interested in tube I can recommend someone who actually treats people the way he would want to be treated. Eventually people here will find out that Craig isn't the only person on the planet who sells, repairs or builds tube gear. My VRD's are sold awaiting gear from Ben at Modular electronics in Roswell Ga. His stuff smokes VRD's at a savings in price. Talented gentleman!
  6. Ask Craig... about his poor performance
  7. . There are plenty of people on the internet that know a whole hell of a lot more than you! As a former travelling musician this topic is one of the most common discussions among guitarists which is why I have first hand knowledge. I knew whatever I said would be refuted by you...so I left the references. Any guitarist who uses tube amps will tell you that this information is true. I knew your self-appointed position as "Troll" of the forum would shine thru albeit too much for you to admit you are wrong so I also contacted Brent Jesee who confirms my position. I didn't need some tube salesman to tell me this so I'd buy tubes. This is info in that's been around for 50 years. Copy of the email available to thine holiest naysayer. He knows more about this subject than you'll ever know. What gives me a laugh is the people on this forum who are so naive as to think there are not other tube amp builders and repairman that have better customer service and make as good or better products than NOSValves without the baggage that goes with dealing with an individual whose excuse for being a jerk is that fact that he is one! Anyone interested in a used pair of VRD's, info how to get better service than that available at NOSValves or where to get same tube amp for a much better price can contact me. I'm getter a better amp for a fraction of the cost without the headaches, time delays and way better customer service.
  8. How do I visually inspect my bias? Sure would save me a lot of time.
  9. I seriously doubt the Golden years of tube production is ahead of us.
  10. While it is generslly fine to interchange the 12 series tubes, you should do so with some degree of caution. Inserting a higher gain tube in place of the lower gain tube could easily overdrive the circuits fed by tworse case scenario would flatten the sound, but NOT cause distortion. This is the principle behind putting a 5751 in place of the 12AX7 as it is a lower gain tube. It does make the sound richer and more detailed. I was turned on to this by the man who runs TheTubeShop.com. I trust the guy because he knows more about tubes than anyone I know. I've suggested it to several other people who have the Jolida CDP and they all have had similarly favorable results. If the Jolida CDP came stock with a 12AT7 and you put a 12AX7 in it then the propensity for the circuit to distort exists. Abuse of phosphodiesterase inhibitors can cause benign infarctions to the posterior communicating artery resulting in diminished cerebral function. Limit thinking outside the box after ingesting too many phosphodiesterase inhibitors. References: http://www.tdpri.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-48306.html http://www.musicianforums.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-366087.html
  11. many people prefer using either 5751s or 12AT7s in the Jolida CDP as the lower gain really opens up the sound making it richer and more detailed, swapping your tubes is no big deal, my Scott 222a came with 1 - 5751 and 3 12AX7s instead of 4 12AX7's per the manual and i had no problemo...
  12. I looked yesterday on Audiogon and I saw 2 of them being advertised for $650...still interested?
  13. The Valve Arts are on this list. All tubes in the survey were tested with the same driver tubes as well as accessory equipment to include speakers. I don't totally agree with the results as the GE's definitely got screwed. I agree with Mike about the VA KT88's, EH 6550's, but with that being said we all have our opinions. Furthermore, what some may think is too much too spend on tubes forget that everyone chooses to spend their money differently. While one person likes to frequent fine restaurants, always have a new car, buy a new house twice the size of what they really need, own expensive clothes...another saves his money and buys tubes that without argument sound the best. If someone's happy with the tubes they have, good for them but far be it for me to point fingers at anyone if they choose to buy tubes that have empirical evidence to prove their sonic superiority or if they buy tubes based on affordability. I just want to hear people say they like tubes because of what they hear, not because of what someone else says. I have 2 offers to buy quads so please do not ask if I will sell anymore Tung Sols. I still am not convinced I am going to sell as I probably will just put them in the vault and let them appreciate in value. I respect others right to choose...
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