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  1. I don't recall the upper end frequency response but the 60-70hz lower end does seem to fall in line with what I recall of the original specs.
  2. Thanks Mustang Guy! The cost was $630 each. Here are the specifications: eD[c]12 Specifications Max Power Handling 500 Watts Minimum Power Input 4 Watts Nominal System Resistance 8 Ohm Tweeter Size VC diameter: 1.7" Throat: 1" Tweeter Type Horn Loaded Compression Driver Horn Nominal Dispersion 90°H x 40°V Crossover Model eD[c].12BR Woofer Size 12" Woofer Material Paper Number of Woofer Drivers 1 Cabinet Type Front Ported Weight 40lb Frequency Response System Sensitivity 97 Height 25" Width 14.5" Depth 13"
  3. FS: $600. I am selling my 3 Elemental Designs eD Cinema 12 speakers that I have been using as the front, left and center speakers in my HT since I purchased them new a little over 2 years ago. These are in used condition with a few marks here or there that you can see when up close but overall condition is excellent with no apparent damage. Functionally they are perfect and no issues. They have not moved since I originally set them up. These are matt black in color and have the upgraded B&C 250 compression driver. I can not recall what woofer is in these speakers nor do I recall the specs, however, they are fairly efficient speakers at around 97db or 98db. I replaced Klipsch THX Ultra 650's with these and to me these are hands down a better speaker in all respects for both music and movies. I believe I originally bought these for around $2000, but I can not recall the exact price. These would be perfect for someone looking to have a top notch home theater. I sincerely believe the price is an absolute steal and one of the best deals anywhere on the internet today for someone looking for home theater speakers. The only reason I am selling is I am temporarily dismantling my home theater. Pickup in San Antonio, TX. I do not have any way to demo these speakers.
  4. ***SOLD*** I am selling my KS-525 THX speakers. I am the second owner and I have had them approximately 3 years. They work as Klipsch intended! Cosmetically they are good but as a used speaker they do have some minor blemishes here and there around some of the edges. The back of one speaker has a very small part near the speaker terminal plate that has the paint removed and you can see yellow. The grills are in great shape and I do not see any wholes but one has a smallish (dime size) light white mark that may or may not come off with a wet cloth. I do have two small clear rubber bumpers on the bottom back of the speakers so they do not rattle against the wall when they are mounted by the keyhole. Again, overall, cosmetically they are good and nothing to really worry about as they hang on a wall in a dark room and are being sold at a fraction of the cost of new ones. I feel the price is extremely fair. Shipping will be expensive as they are heavy and I do not have any original packaging. You are free to pick them up in San Antonio, TX. I will eventually attempt to get some pictures up, but they basically look like all other Klispch KS-525 THX speakers.
  5. Cornfed... Yes, I would say that of all of the Klipsch systems I have had, this Klipsch THX system is the best all around for HT in my room. Here are some of the reasons why I think that is true: 1. Front three the same speaker. 2. I have a small HT room and since the speakers are smaller (than many I have had) there is more separation between them which results in a better panning effect. 3. The Klipsch THX subwoofers. I Have had lots of decent to great subwoofers in the past, but none have moved the amount of air these do. When I had speakers like the LaScalas or Belles, due to size constraints I used dual Sunfire Signature EQ's, which were great little subwoofers, but from my memory did not pack the punch, low-end extension and effortless SPL's that the Klipsch THX Ultra subwoofers deliver. I am a big advocate of all the great ID sub companies out there and always had my doubts on what the performance of these Klipsch THX subs would be compared to those brands. Without getting into the price vs. performance ratio... I will say that IMO these Klipsch THX subs would compete favorably with a lot of what is out there. I was pleasantly suprised.
  6. And of course a few friends I met along the way on my long journey to get this out-of-this-world system [] For all of you that have wondered all of these years... it appears E.T. finally found his phone!
  7. And I am glad it was in my room! I am here to tell you for HT the Klipsch THX Ultra system is very nice. I have had numerous systems in the past few years and for HT it does not get much better than this system. Amongst many other fine brands I have had a trio of Klipsch Belles, La Scalas (with Heresy and Cornwall center), RF-83's w/ RC-64, Chorus II Trio, CF-3, KLF-20's, and a trio of Cornwalls. For movies, Klipsch THX Ultra system is... well, nice. I do love the Klipsch sound and keep going back to it... especially for HT. Thank you Klipsch for the smile on my face tonight.
  8. Interesting comments. I thought maybe now would be the appropriate time for me to chime in on this point. I can certainly see your point. The Belles for music are hands down the winners... in two channel and various 5.1 audio formats. I have only watched part of one movie on the Belles and have not fully calibrated them yet... but it is possible they may not be as good as the 83/64 combo was in my room either for movies, my final judgement is still out. I will say that the "separation" may not be as good (that is probably a function of you and I having 3 Belles spread out across a 10'-11' area only) but the panning is seemless from left to right as far being one cohesive sound (probably a function of basically 3 identical speakers vs. the 83/64 combo). The bottom line to me is this... as I say with all speaker combinations I have had, I like them all, they are just different. I will also say the Belles are one of the most gorgeous speakers I have owned (or seen). Classic beauty. The 83/64 combo of yours across my front was certainly a much "cleaner" look. Also, as far as your Carver amp question, if you can get it at a decent price, I am sure it is worth it. I have owned several Carver amps and they all performed vary well on anything you throw at it. My personal favorites would be some of the ones that are solid state but sound like tubes (supposedly)... the "t" versions.
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