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  1. Wrong section This should be in the T5 post
  2. I got mine 2 weeks ago and I packed them up for the last time as they will not be coming back out. They are junk I have buying Klipsch since 84, Hell I bought 20 pair of the 2.1 computer speakers for work last year and it wouldn't be the last set plus my son has a 5.1 RF7 setup also. If I pull them out in the morning and they are paired I won the lotto for the day but they don't stay that way. I was just in the garden transplanting sitting next to me with me sitting on the ground and the right ear piece keep dropping out. Maybe I got a bad set but it doesn't sound like it and I put in a ticket and haven't heard from them yet. I'm giving these a 9 for sound and a 1 for use.
  3. Iphone 10 not much better as I will end one call and dial and the T5's will disconnect. I had to pair 5 or 6 times yesterday.
  4. I have seen HDMI cables go bad and some times be internment.
  5. Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon BluRay DTS 5.1. OK OK I know it's only music and no video but dam It sounded great in a dark room. The wife and I just and went with the ride. All I can say for folks that say music is for only 2ch. have you ever tried it . Come on try it you will like it then you can put your horse and buggy away.
  6. I'm a broadcast chief engineer for a FM radio station KEPC in Colorado. My broadcast stream gives me numbers on if the device is a PC, Apple, Android, Alexa, Chromecast or other. I can tell you that the numbers for chromecast vs Alexa are small for Chromecast. What does that mean for the future of Chromecast? I don't know, I'm just telling what I see and PC is still king of the hill with both type of phones added together pulling higher numbers than PC. Myself I use Airplay but may use a server in the future. OK now I have to plug the station as we have 7000+ song play list so if your tired of the some old stuff check us out. Non profit college radio. Sorry I had to do it, I'm so ashamed no I'm not
  7. TRY SOME hI rez sites like https://onkyomusic.com/US/home as there low rez stuff is the same as a CD. I have down loaded a few albums from them and the sound great. There are other sites out there also.
  8. Maybe that's why my Porsche is slow when I autocross
  9. I would love to hear what you think of these vs the MAHL lens. I also maybe interested in some.
  10. Tried to watch Die Hard on 4k last night but it was grainy so I popped in the Blu Ray and it looked great. The up conversion on our new Sony 75" 900f is pretty good and we are using the Sony UBP-X1000ES. We have been buying 4k/BluRays for some time and Haven't made through all of them yet. It's funny that the only 2 4k movies that have looked grainy have been the Bruce Willis Movies, the other one was the Fifth Element We are trying to make it through the Marvel series, movies and one shots.
  11. I run 4 AW650's around the swimming pool about 6' off the ground. one in each corner and two 800 subs one on each side. I run it with a hand me down Denon 3808 and for the subs one of my old Carver M500t. Stereo amp needs two subs I mean come on way not. I use to run 2 speakers on the eve of the house and since I live on top of the hill< I would light up the neighborhood. Moving the speakers down and have you in the middle it not only sounded better but was also kinder to the neighborhood since I didn't have to turn it up as loud.
  12. All 3 sets SOLD to Klipsch forum members. Glad to see them going to a good home. And they let me finish the stereo in the new hotrod.
  13. Boy if you were closer I have a single Vert Cornwall sitting down stairs. I'm using the other one for my center so that I have 3 Cornwall's across the front with 3 RSW15's. This is my temporary setup since I'm rebuilding my theater room. That has been stalled with other racing projects.
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