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  1. I've got a second setup that consists of RF-15, L & R, RCX-4, C, with a pair of RSX-5 bringing up the rear. J boxes with wiring sticking out dictated the RSX style for the rear. Coupled with a RSW-15, I can bang out most anything. Since most of the HT audio comes from the center, I was wondering if I couldn't do better than the RCX-4.
  2. I've got a question that is more components related than speaker...I think. Working with a Klipsch satellite system, I find myself with 1" titanium dome compression driver tweeters with integral 5" square 90°x60° Tractrix® Horns. Again staying with Klipsch, wouldn't a center, reguardless of which line, with 1" polymer diaphragm compression driver tweeter with a 90°x60° Tractrix® Horn sound essentially the same regardless of line? By that I mean Reference, Synergy, Heritage or even some of the discontinued items. If the components reasonably match, is it reasonable to expect the sound to match as well?
  3. Here's something else to consider. The Recoton units operate at a frequency of 418Mhz, one of the radio data freqs. A lot of low power telemetry items work at this frequency including remote temperature sensors for these "so called" Atomic clocks as well as many wireless control kits. I had the experience of having the Recoton receiver captured, full time, from who knows where making this unit unusable. The Powermid operates at 433Mhz. It too is a data freq, but seems to be far less used, at least in my area. So far, no interference. Hope this helps. Mike
  4. I am using dual Heresys in an attempt to keep up with the K-horns. Their efficiency appears to be so much greater. On my Denon 3801, I'm running the Horns 6db lower than the Heresys. I'll try it with just one. When compared to the K-horns, the center sound seems restricted, not quite as transparent. I have 22" below my screen, max height, for any center. I am using a 16:9, 113" screen, which takes up most all the wall, limiting my "center" space. Thanks for the reply. MD
  5. I'm using a pair of Heresys as my center channel in a K-horn/LaScala setup and I'm not altogether happy with the tonal balance. The squawker being crossed over at a higher freq.and being smaller. While matching the upper audio range with a Heresy is most likely impossible, I've read, and made, the tap changes that tweak the sound. Steve P solved his dilemma when he found a K-Horn squawker and made a small box just for it and used an AA network. My problem is if I spend any more on my system, my next expenditure will be at the Comfort Inn. Any one "happy" with a tap change or equivalent inexpensive change? Thanks. Mike michaeldowns@charter.net
  6. HDBR posted something I hadn't noticed before: quote: Originally posted by HDBRbuilder: ...the newer ones will have veneered MDF instead of veneered poplar lumber core for the panels.... Approximately when did the change from lumber core to MDF take place? quote: My experience with veneered MDF shows that evaporating chemicals in it will, over time, cause separation of the veneers as the exhausting gases of the chemicals become trapped under the adhesive securing the veneer to it...causing the veneer to bubble-upwards, separating from the MDF. Is there any extra care necessary to lessen this potiential problem? Mike
  7. mdowns

    Heritage HT

    quote: has anybody gone completely nuts with their system... I think I just did tonight. ALRIGHT Partaymon in Terre Haute! I posted the original question and I too have LaScalas on the way to match up with my full frontal K-horns. Boy, are the neighbors are gonna love me. Let us know what you think about your system when you get set up.
  8. mdowns

    Heritage HT

    Has anyone just plain lost their mind and built a HT using K-horns for the L & R, dual Hereseys for the center and LaScalas for the rear. If so, how was it? I know loud, but what about quality? I'm on the edge of loosing my mind. BTW, these would be powered by a Denon 3801. Thanks. Mike
  9. Glider, I too have been wondering about this. I have a projector screen flanked by K-horns and height is a problem for me. 21" tops. A Belle is just too tall for my room, so I have chosen a Heresy over the C-7 as my center. One Heresy is OK, but two "seems" to be a better match. So far, I'm satisfied with the side by side dual Heresys. I just need to decide if 4 or 16 ohms would be better with my Denon 3801. Haven't noticed the mulitpath problem Bob suggested, but then the Center audio radiates directly into a large sectional sofa. Mike
  10. talktoKeith, I've checked the Minwax stains and it looks like a combination of their Golden Oak and a little used Quaker State SAE 30. Which Minwax stain did you use and did you get the match you were looking for? Mike
  11. Are any of you familiar with wood working enough to advise me on matching the oiled Oak finish that klipsch uses, to a off the shelf brand? I have some unfinished Oak speaker stands that I would like to finish to match to my oiled Oak Heresys. All of the stain chips don't really match and you may have had better luck matching stains. I talked to Trey at Klipsch and they use a commercial vendor. Thanks. MD
  12. I'm playing around with my "85" Heresy E-2 X-over and I notice a 33uf cap across the woofer. When I remove the cap, the upper audio range of the woofer changes. To the better on some material, I might add. For the theory gurus in the audience, why the cap and audio change? Mike
  13. John, I think so, I'm just trying to get a crash course in K-horns and cabinets "before" I buy. I want to know what to look for rather than find out after the fact. Thanks. MD
  14. So, a furniture version is an A, a plain is a B, and a behind a finished panel is a c, correct? Would I gather from this that most all horns sold for home use are the A model?
  15. I've seen on several posts to this billboard different lines referred to as "A", "B", or "C" as in Klipschorn "C". What exactly is this designation? Is it the way they're trimmed out or just what? Thanks. MDowns
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