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  1. How do you think the new RS-62's would do for rear surround duty, when matched up with existing RS-7 side surrounds and a "classic" Chorus II and Academy front end? TIA, Colin
  2. Thanks, much appreciated. I've long beeen a fan of the Klipsch/Parasound combo, so I'm looking forward to matching up the C2 with my Klipsch Classics. Thanks for allaying my fears regarding product lifecycle. Best, C
  3. Folks, I'm looking to jump back into the equipment upgrade cycle, after having spent the last couple of years on the sidelines. First and foremost is my controller, which is a woefully outdated Parasound P/SP-1500. I've been eyeing the Halo C2, as I know a lot of Klipsch fans have enjoyed great success with this combination. At the same time, I'm a little hesitant to pull the trigger, since the product is almost 2 years old. Does anyone know whether Parasound intends to release its next generation controller anytime soon, or will they be sticking with the C2 for the foreseeable future? Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated. TIA, Colin
  4. Sunfire services the Carver line, but typically charges a flat rate of $190 for any repairs. You may want to try Rolland Barr from Hi-Tech Audio, (503) 618-7605. He repaired my Carver Lightstar and did a superb job. He works on all types of Carver equipment (they routinely outsource to him for repairs they can't or won't do). Hope this helps, Colin
  5. JHawk - Exactly right. The KLF-C7 was just too "shouty" when paired with my Chorus II's. You always knew there was a separate center at work. With the Academy, there's simply a seamless front sound stage, with no hint of transition between the mains and the center. Hope this helps, C
  6. I'd bid on these for the picture alone.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3088206226&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1#ebayphotohosting C
  7. Q, I don't think you're Mac dealer is being totally straight with you, or he is seriously misinformed about Parasound. I run an older Parasound pre/pro and it's definitely not bright - the mids and highs are smooth and laid back, if anything. I too am considering the C2, and after auditioning it, I came away impressed that they had managed to maintain its 2-channel neutrality while supporting a host of advanced HT functions. It's on my list of upgrades. A number of other folks are running the C2 on this forum and have reported nothing but positive results. Colin
  8. Colin, Are you running any ground isolation devices like the Mondial Magic? The reason I ask is that I experienced a similar problem, only to find out that the Mondial Magic (at least the unit I had) did not pass the full bandwidth spectrum as required by digital cable. I removed the device and all was fine. Colin (the other one)
  9. As a lifelong Yankee fan who bleeds pinstripe blue, all I can say is "I'm jealous." All of us up here in Yankee land have suddenly developed a certain kinship with the Astros, and will be rooting for you guys this season. Wouldn't a Yankee/Astro World Series be a blast?! Best, C
  10. LOL...I remember that stuff, and all the advertisements for it in High Fidelity magazine. I'm not sure how it may or may not have degraded after all these years. Here's a recent article that references it, along with a potential pitfall: http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/h2l_gold_silver_pens.htm Hope this helps, C
  11. I agree with the other posters on this topic. I run a monster two channel amp for pure stereo listening, and engage my separate two channel amps as required for home theater. If you do decide to go the 2+5 routine (or in my case the 2+2+2 configuration), I would suggest favoring your budget in the direction of a better two channel amp, as opposed to investing the same $ in each channel. You'll find you won't be pushing your surrounds that hard, especially with ultra sensitive Klipsch, making 250 watts x 7 a little bit of overkill. Of course, if your budget permits it, by all means enjoy it! JMHO, C
  12. Folks, Really appreciate all the replies and great input. Looks like my initial trepidation was unwarranted. Of course, I've now fallen down the slippery slope of upgrade-itis. First the changer. Next the pre/pro. Then the monitor. The beauty of this hobby is that it never ends.... Well actually, it stops at the Klipsch. They're staying. Thanks again! Colin
  13. Folks, After years of putting up with my big old Klipsch speakers, more amps than she can count ("what are those big ugly boxes?"), and a dazzling array of remotes ("I only use the one that turns on the TV"), my wife has finally put her foot down. She wants a CD changer. A fair compromise, even it does mean I may be hearing more Enya and Basia than I'd like... After I reluctantly accepted the general concept, she casually mentioned her intention of running down to Costco and buying the Daewoo special. That's when I put my foot down. Displaying a bit of obnoxiousness only a pseudo-audiophile could muster, my immediate response was "not in my system you don't!" Met with a temporary obstacle, her millisecond response was "fine, tell me which one to buy and I'll get it, Mr. Perfectionist." A little reading and research later, I came upon the Sony DVP-CX777ES. 400 disk changer, DVD, SACD, and a host of other goodies. However, I know changers have historically had reliability problems, not to mention sub-optimal audio performance. I'm wondering if this latest generation is any different, and is anyone has any hands-on experience with one of these bad boys. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Colin
  14. Bill is right on regarding the Jensen. I have the Mondial Magic, but when I got my new digital cable box, I got a nasty hum the minute I hooked the digital audio output to my pre/pro. The Jensen in-line isolation transformer did the trick, and the hum is gone. Not cheap, but it really works, and as Bill points out, won't impact your digital signal. C
  15. Jhawk, as always, speaks the truth... Use the KLF for now, and keep your eyes open for an Academy at a reasonable price. There's no longer a center after I got the Academy, just a seamless front soundstage. It's the perfect match for the C II's. C
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