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  1. don't worry, they're not obsolete. switchblade's just cranky.
  2. ask Paragon, he knows a thing or two about waiting, he he...
  3. as long as you're happy with 800X600. you can check with ati and ask the techs there if they know of any issues with the ati's and your monitor.
  4. does the screen completely fill the viewable area of the monitor? have you tried stretching using first the monitor controls and then the controls under display properties (i assume you're using some version of windows)? J
  5. you might wanna try the bb on this site, www.2cpu.com this site is for dual processor systems, but the guys on the win2k forum REALLY know their **** . ask em bout the sblive, they may have some ideas
  6. if i was to be reincarnated, i would choose a womens bicycle seat, a bong, or a big fat piece of cheese, he he
  7. i was thinkin of the ksw 12. anybody tried this with the 4.1's? i heard klipsch was coming out with new subs soon, dual firing 10's, 12's, and 15's. if i wait for the dual 12, think that will be over kill on the bass (i.e. it'll drown out the promedia sats?) thanks!
  8. you might be able to use the software, but its probably optimized for the philips chip, so you probably won't get the same effect if it even works at all.
  9. what do you guys think of the ksw-10? think it would be a good companion to the 400 sub? would i need a separate receiver or amp or something in order for it to work with the 4.1's? thanks!!
  10. what soundcard do you have? how do you have then hooked up?
  11. yeah, but what subs would you guys use? would you use the 2 400's or one 400 and a bigger one. if a bigger one, then which one? thats what i want to know! (p.s. how to hook it up to an AE, i asked gluegun he said he's not really the AE expert) rock on with your bad selves! ahh two subs, another believer...
  12. for the love of god gluegun, the sony 24in is like 2500 bucks on pricewatch. you can practiaclly get hdtv for that. sheesh!
  13. i agree, go for a bitchin ATI with tv out and a nice 32in wega. i got a 36in and it rocks!!!
  14. ok, so what would be a good sub to buy to add to the 4.1's then? will i still be able to use the stock 4.1 sub in conjunction with the new one or would i have to just replace it (i'm using the AE soundcard). thanks sound without bass is like a hooker without a thong
  15. i wanna make a 4.2 system, but with the new 4.1's when they come out, NOT the 2.1's cause the 4.1's have a more powerful sub. does anybody think the bass in a 4.2 (with 4.1 subs) system will be substantially better than if i do the 4.2 system with the 2.1 subs? thanks! sound without a sub is like a hooker without a thong
  16. me don't like to wait. me want now. no, seriously, does anyone know when they're hitting the shelves (e.g. the online store)? Thanks! J
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