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  1. Justin, I have read audio galazy has many defects and even installs spyware in your computer without telling you. On top of that i heard it can mess up your seystem. Have you experienced anythying wrong iwth it. If not i may get it for when Napster takes songs away. Thanks.
  2. What are the specs for your new and old comp. Just out of curiosity.
  3. Janko, what exactly is the purpose of having two 40 gig hd's? I am planning on buying a Lacie 73 gig hard drive soon and wonder if it wouldnt be cheaper and maybe a better solution to just buy two 40 gigs. And, imo, Maxtor sells low quality hard drives and before I heard about Lacie, i only bought Western Digital. Also, just as a matter of curiousity, what exaclty do you need two huge hard drives for? I need mine for my massive and quickly expanding MP3 collection as well as my collection of over 50 brand new and pretty new movies that the wonderful IRC program has helped me obtain I can't wait to look at "my computer" and see the words "you have 70 gigabytes of hard disk space available"!!! That will be sweet!!
  4. I went to that link but which subwoofer was it? the 129.00 dollar one or the $197.00 subwoofer? Thanks!
  5. I personally enjoy Aerosmith's verson of "Come Together" more then the Beatle's even thought the Beatle's had the original. Then again I am pretty partial to Aerosmith. I'm just about to turn 16 and got to go to my first concert when Aerosmith came to San Antonio in April 99. It was an amazing concert! I'd also say a few Bob Dylan songs deserve to be on there, especailly Hurricane. Even though its newer, its a great song about a great movie.
  6. I'd say anything by Big Tymers, basically any song on outcast's new album, Lil Zane "money stretch" and "calling me" and Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise. Those songs really rattle my windows. Anyone else got any really good songs? Most any rap song is usually pretty heavy on bass.
  7. IN reviews ive read that even with the dail turned almost all the way up there is little to no distortion, so i wouldnt worry too much.
  8. Will it be same as on the 400's? I got this warranty from best guy that if any updates on the 400's come out and have the same serial number i will be able to upgrade for free regardless is the new unit costs more. If anyone has the is Best Buy warranty or can give me more info it would be much appreciated.
  9. Well, before i posted this i went to the multimedia tab, as i stated in my above post and adjusted the "speaker" tab to the "quadraphonics" setting. Is that what you are talking about? Because i tried to find some program or folder named "creative launcher" and couldnt find it even after using the "find files and folders". Is there anything else anyone can think of that might help me? Does anyone think its a problem that i have the sound blaster pci 128 as oppsed to something like the x gamer or sound blaster live! or should mine work fine? Thanks!
  10. I have a Sound Blaster pci 128 sound card in my just not 1 year old Compaq amd Athlon 500 and just purchased a pair of promedia 2.-400's from best buy. I hooked them up and the front to speakers and subwoofer work superbly but fo some reason i am not getting sound out of the back two speakers. I went to the control panel and to multimedia and the selected advanced properties in the sound blaster pci 128 options. I clicked on the quadraphonics option on the speakers tab and then pressed apply and then ok. But when i went back after closing the control panel and went back to the same place, the setting for the speakers was back to the "desk top speakers" set up. I wonder if my version of the sound blaster card does not support the 4 speaker set up or if i maybe i didnt set something up right. Can someone please shed some light into this?! Thanks in advance!!
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