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  1. Hi there I'm new to this so forgive the dumb down version of this blog...... So basically you took out the original cross over with 2 connectors and replaced it with a bi amp connector that has four connectors correct? If so where do I get this and how hard is it to install myself with little or no experience with type of stuff at all. Thanks
  2. I wish I would've looked at this before I came down. Both me and my buddy smoke cigars... Next year will hopefully be up in INDY again and will be better prepared.
  3. I just recently won a pair of Heresy III's at the Klipsch Pilgrimage yes I know how lucky I am due to it being my first time there :-). My brother had made speaker stands for my parents Heresy II speakers that I was using a few years back and had left them unfinished wood. We are now in the process of trying to match the exact or pretty close to the color of the new Heresy's. There are probably twenty or so different colors of Walnut out there So if anyone could please tell me what number or color of Walnut Klipsch is using for there Heresy III speakers I'd appreciate and we will post pics once I get the the speakers and we start the project.... Thanks again for the help.
  4. If there still for sale please call email me jfjoaa@gmail.com thanx
  5. I just wanted to thanks everyone who answered all of my questions I've had in the past few months. The feed back has been incredible and something I look forward to counting on in the future. My next projects will be recovering my Heresy's along with converting them from II's to III's, and buying another Crown DC 300A amp and safely hooking it up to the preamp so I can run all four of my speaker's safely and LOUD! Rock on everyone and have a great day!
  6. Hi was wondering if you could email me with how to get started on restoring the my Heresy II's? I would like to upgrade to H III's horns and sub, but would like to do the cosmetic changes first. My email is jfjoaa@live.com Thanks
  7. Thanks, thats all I was looking for I'm glad I found someone who appreciates my most prized possesion. Its all I have left of my father and my childhood I still can't believe how good it sounds? I'm still not sure whats all in store for the ol' girl besides rocking out this Sunday for Memorial Day. We'll see if the cops get called, oh wait I don't care! I'm still nervous about hooking up 4 speakers to it just because I would hate to break it. I also wanted to state I am running a straight line 2 preamp I have a few more questions for you and that should be all for now. How do I post pics on here? I have white noise as I call it when I adjust the channel's and when I adjust the activater bass/treble knobs I've been told its just dust take it in and have it cleaned out no big deal is this correct? There's also a button by the LOUDNESS button thats says FILTER what does that exactly do? Thanks again have a good one! Jim
  8. Hi, I'm new to the forum so like it was once said before go easy! I have a couple of question and thought this would be the place to come and find the answers. I've recently inherited my father's stereo system. A set of Heresy II's and a Crown DC 300 amplifer. To say the least its amazing. I also have a Denon AVR 3600 and a pair of Quartets. I now have the Heresy's hooked up to the Denon and Quartets hooked up to the Crown. As my friend can testify and as I'm sure my neighbor's can. You can feel my Stereo 25 feet away from door LOL. I've got a Denon 5 disic 360 running to the Crown along with my pc. The difference from the PC to the Cd player is staggering I think. The music is so much more full and warm with the cd player its great. So my questions are these. Someone already contacted me about updating my Heresy II's to III's how much will that cost? and I need the speaker stands too I have the dark birch colored ones how much once again? Now growing up my father had the Crown hooked up to a pair of Belle's and yes my mom still has them along with a set of Klipschhorns ya its quite a system. Unfortunetly my father passed away 4 yrs ago so I can't ask him but I swear he had the Crown which is a 2 channel amp hooked up to 4 speakers? Is that possible? I may be wrong, and so I was wondering if I bought another Crown DC 300 could I bridge that one and this one together to have a 4 speaker syestem? Like I said I'm not savvy at this game like most of you are I know what sounds good and thats Klipsch and a Crown tube amplifier. I thought my Quartets were ok when I got them, kind of flat not a lot of bass. I've had them hooked up to 2 different receivers one was a Sony which sounded good, then my Denon (which I blew the left amp up 2 times LOL). They just didn't fill the room like the Khorns do or the Belle's back home. Then I hooked them up to the Crown and OMG that took care of that problem LOL. I put Korn in and my buddy was on the floor in front of the speaker adjusting the speaker due to having just moved it and when the drum hit he fell on his butt LOL true story! So if you could help me out with those questions I'd appreciate it thanks. Jim
  9. I would be interested in getting together and hanging out! Sounds like a great time! Let me know the details as soon as you can. Thanks have a good one.
  10. Thanks, thats what I was looking for as far as feed back. Yes I've heard the Heresy's actually up on a wall and they are amazing! You've got me wondering about the update from II to III's sounds really intersting to me. As far as hooking the Crown up to the 4 speakers, my parents used to rock out with a pair of Belle's and actually 2 pair of Heresey's hooked up for parties LOL It was awsome. Then they upgraded to Khorns and just kept the Belle's hooked up. So I know it'll handle it I was just looking for ideas and you've been very helpful. If you have anything else I'd be very greatful!
  11. This will be my set up in a week or so.I inherited the Crown DC 300 and Heresy II speakers from my parents. I bought the quartets myself and run them off of a Denon 3600 avr which I'm very pleased with. However I live in a small one bedroom apartment so my idea was to hook all four speakes up to the crown and then run that through the Denon which I'm not even sure if thats possible to do? My other question is due to lack of space and based on past experience of what I like for sound, such as concerts or the other speakers that I grew up with Khorns and Belle's which I'll inherit next. I had an idea to make a shelf so the Heresy's are bascially sitting on top of the Quartets. Now of course I'm not actually going to stack them on top of each other, but it would be a shelf and they would be sitting up that high. I think this would sound amazing due to every single person I've ever heard talk about the Heresy's to put them up high so you can truely enjoy them. I was also wondering as far as updating the Heresy's what woofer you'd run or crossover you might run for an upgrade to them? I want a nice warm and full sound I appreciate it. Jim
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