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  1. FS RF-35s ($349) and Jamo d7 15" THX Sub ($349)

    I have a set of RF-35s (sold). And, a 15" Jamo THX sub in great shape (ever so small marks to top sides from moving). Speakers are in Careml, IN just north of Indy and are pick-up only. I am asking $(sold) for the RFs and $249 for the d7. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. FS RF-35s ($349) and Jamo d7 15" THX Sub ($349)

    Just updated with price drop. I think these should be fairly priced. I need them out of my garage, so hopefully a forum member can give them a new home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Price drop on the d7 (hard to get this much bass for $249) and the RFs have sold. And, a 15" Jamo THX sub in great shape (ever so small marks to top sides from moving).
  4. A Wild Hair Thing---TV On RC-64

    Tell me, are you getting considerable "boundary gain" with your RSW-10d's in their cubbys? Does it ever get a little boomy? By the way, nice looking theater. Bill I was surprised how little effect the placement inside the cubbies had on the 10ds. Unfortunately, I never got to thoroughly put the system through its paces-so it could well be that under other listening circumstances it'd be more noticeable. I finished the build in February and we have already moved (I maybe watched four movies with that setup). One thing I did notice was the difference in the 64 with it angled upward at the listening position (in my old setup it wasn't as low but was facing flat-so lower than ear level). I really liked the sound with it located low but angled upward. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. A Wild Hair Thing---TV On RC-64

    I think it looks good under the TV. That's how I built my 64 into my current system (but had to angle it due to the TV being low) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Three months after completing my bonus room/home theater renovation-we are moving (glad to move, sad to leave the theater that I worked so hard to complete). The new house has a lot of space to work with, but I've been given the basement to recreate my theater. Due to built-ins and the placement of rooms, there is really only one place that makes sense. The good news is that the wall on which the TV will go and the front speakers etc is a wall with the an unfinished storage space on the back of it (so all the components will be kept in that room. That bad news is that surround and/or rear placement is throwing me for a loop. I've tried to capture the view of the space with the photos that are attached and I drew numbers corresponding to potential placement of speakers. I am unsure if I am going to go with a 5.2 system or 7.2. The space is a lot smaller than my current set-up so 5.2 would likely be sufficient. The speakers I have to work with for the rears/sides are: 2 RB-81s, 2 RS-35s, 2 RS-3s. I am curious a) where people would place the sides/surrounds, which of the above speakers would you use, and c) if you would focus on 5.2 or 7.2. The space is about 12X12 although there are only walls on two sides, the other two areas are open. Although I call it my theater, it's really a family media room. Approximately 75% over the air HDTV and 25% BluRays.
  7. WTB front ported RBs (35, 61, etc.) help me finish my system

    I'm flexible on price. I'm not looking to spend as much as RS62s, RB75s/82iis, etc, tend to be fetching. But, I've been looking at RB 35s, 61s, etc. at fair pre-owned prices.
  8. I'm close to finishing my system off now and just need two rears. I'd like to get either RB 35s or 61s (in cherry or black) but could be talked into other options (eg some RS models) . I'm in Indianapolis, so unless local I'd need you to ship, thanks!
  9. How high is too high for your TV?

    I'm aware that the sweet spot for a display device is where your eyes are centered on the screen; however, as screens get larger and my center channel (RC-64) is no light weight, I'm struggling to get a low enough placement for my screen and still have my center below it. I know I could mount the 64 above a TV, but that got vetoed. I wondered how high some of my fellow klipsch fans had their devices, especially since some of you are running even larger centers. Currently, my remodel would have a 32" high shelf for a TV
  10. WTB White RS (3s, 7s, 35s)

    WAF has me looking for a set of white speakers to mount on our slanted ceiling (which is white) for surrounds/rears. Looking for 2 but maybe 4. Let me know what you have if willing to ship to Indianapolis.
  11. WTS KG 3.5 Pair in Indianapolis

  12. I'm finding the WAF a big component of finishing my system. As the sides and rears will go on a slanted cathedral ceiling that is white, having a white speaker is being seen as a plus. My system will be an RC-64, and either RB 81iis or another large RB to replace my RF-35s. I have two rs-35s in black that I'm thinking of painting white (the vinyl is peeling anyway). But, I will need two more speakers for rears (or for sides if I move the current rs-35s to rears). In researching factory white finished klipsch options I ran across RS-3s, RS-35s, RS-7s, and KSP-s6s. I'm intrigued by the ksp-s6, although I recognize it's not from the reference series like my other speakers. Would blending a set of those into my system be too difficult? They seem like a lot of speaker for the money relative to the rs-3(5)s.
  13. WTS KG 3.5 Pair in Indianapolis

    $125 OBRO
  14. Dual rsw-10d placement, how close to the wall?

    The room will probably be 2/3rds to 3/4ths over the air programming and 1/4th HT. My wife is not a bass fan, so I'm probably watching 3 movies a year by myself where I can crank it. The d7 is a great sub, but I think placement and equalizing with the 2 10ds may be tricky.
  15. Dual rsw-10d placement, how close to the wall?

    Thanks Bill and Derrick. As you can imagine WAF is key in this shared room. So, having the subs placed in the unit is helpful. There won't be a door or cover over them, so they could pulled out a little bit into the room if the bass sounded too sloppy.