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    Jubilee bass horn clones
    AUTOTECH 450Hz LeCleac'h horns with TAD 4001
    AUTOTECH 1000Hz LeCleac'h horns with TAD 2001
    HEIL AMT Tweeters (6)
    McIntosh C11 Preamplifier
    McIntosh MC225 amplifier
    McIntosh MC75 monoblock amplifiers
    DYNACO Mark 3 monoblock amplifiers
    Harmon Kardon Citation 16A monoblocks
    VPI SCOUTMASTER TT with Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge
    Rega planar 3 with Elys cartridge
    Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP CD player
    DCS PURCELL Upsampler
    DCS Delius DAC
    DCS Elgar Plus DAC
    DCS Verdi Transport
    DCS Verona Clock
    TASCAM RW2000 used as transport
    Electrovoice DX-46 DIgital Crossover
    LYNX 22 Sound card for HTPC

    Other Speaker systems:
    Tannoy M1000 SRM-15X monitors
    Altec Flamencos
    Altec 846B Valencia
    Altec A7-VOTT
    Altec A5-VOTT
    Altec Santanas two pairs
    Harbeth M40
    Newform Research R645 Hybrid Ribbons
    KEF 105.1
    Martin Logan Aerius Speakers

    Other Amplifiers:

    Conrad Johnson MV55
    Parasound HCA-1206A
    EICO ST-70
    MAGNAVOX 9304
    MAGNAVOX 9302
    RCA RS177J rebuilt
    Dynaco PAS-2
    Conrad Johnson PV6
    Theta Casanova

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  1. Stig: Didn't realize that. No problem....
  2. I have a single K33 woofer with a circular magnet that came out of a LaScala system. If you are still needing this make me a reasonable offer. I m in chicago.
  3. I believe it's ssctrojan who used to post in the forum. I bought his first jub clone many years ago and am still using them with lecleach horns. I love mine.
  4. They do sound amazing. It was a journey to get to the current configuration. I tried the EV T350, TAD TD2001 on a 1000 Hz horn, the JBL 2404H. The AMTs gave the best results
  5. That is correct. In series they present a greater than 10 ohm load to the amplifiers. I also have a D.C. Blocking cap in the positive input. In my system, I cross them over at 8000 hz. I don't really feel the need to change that with the 4001s driving the mid horns.
  6. Hey guys I never envisioned my thread would result in all of the great information that has been shared here so far. Thank you! So I did attend the Destination Audio demo this past Sunday with about 25 members of the Chicago audio society. I got some clarification from the designer/owner of the Jubilee look alikes: 1. There are two 16" custom made woofers inside the bass cabinet. 2. The 2" compression driver is an old JBL that has been tweaked. 3. Mirror image tweeters on the outer section of the bass horn. They appeared to be JBL 2404Hs. 4. Crossover frequencies are 400Hz and 5000Hz. Second order on the lower and first order on the upper on the tweeters only. The midrange driver's upper response is wide open. 5. Great sound and dynamics when driven by the 1.8w mono amps..,, 6. Entire system is made in Poland and shipped here. System sounded balance, smooth and dynamic. Imaging wise I wouldn't call it its strong suit. But it did produced great open sound across a broad area
  7. Yes, I can apologize for not making the system description more concise....but guys, give me a break about triamping 3 tweeters.....PLEEEEEASE.
  8. Precisely. Thanks for coming to my defense. The ESS tweeters came out of AMT 1s and AMT 3. Each tower of 3 tweeters are connected in series and present about 12-16 ohms to a dynaco Mark 3 monoblock. They cover frequencies from 8K ad Up. The mids are cover by TAD TD-4001 and a LeCLeach horn. Please see my Avatar.
  9. Nothing special, just 3 ess amt tweeters stacked atop each other to form a tower. Said tweeters are connected in series and triamped.
  10. One thing that surprised me was how laid back the destination audio speakers compare to the Jubs. That part was immediately apparent. The mids and highs sounded very open and smooth. Also unlike the Jubs, there was no slam to speak of. My comments have to be tempered with "under show conditions and listening to audiophile music". The point is even though they look like Jubs, I don't think anyone would mistake the two as having the same lineage in any blind tests imho..... I do think they look great, sound good and no, I wouldn't pay $95k for them or any audio gear. Rather buy real estate with the money or pay down my home.
  11. For those in the Chicago area, The Chicago Audio society will be hosting a meeting featuring the Destination Audio Speakers and Tube electronics next Sunday at the Courtyard by Marriott Woodale 900 N Wood Dale Rd. from 1-6pm. I just got the invite and am not personally affiliated with them. For the record, I am the former owners of K-Horns and two sets of LaScalas. My main system today is inspired by Klipsch and as soon as I move into a bigger place, will order a set of Jub bass horns. I like my ESS tweeter towers and LeCleach/TAD mids just fine.
  12. Well I don't. The designer had to shine a flash light to the left side of the bass horn to show that the tweeters are mounted behind the grill, to the underside of the top.
  13. Yes I heard and like them. Kind of lay back compare to the Jubs. I like the smoothness the midrange horn and the fact they are mirror imaged with the tweeters at the outer part of the bass horn. Artto was with me but was less impressed. They looked very nice, unlike the utilitarian look of the Jubs. But then for $95k, they better be. I like all of the horn based systems at the show this year. For example, the Sadurni's for $40k looked and sounded excellent.
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