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  1. Running a Juicy Music Blueberry Extreme w/Cream
  2. Had a friend back in the 70's that had a pair, seems like back then they sounded good to a 16 year old boy, I do remember them being very loud and that you could feel the music. But I'll stick with my Cornwalls & ST120. Wouldn't mind a set in my shop though.
  3. I had two rectifier tubes blow, talked to Bob and he told me to try the Webber Copper Cap, no more problems.
  4. Running my ST120 with a quad of matched TungSol KT120's, with a pair of Amperex Bugle Boy 12AT7's on the outside post and a Telefunken ecc88 in the center. Have a Juicy Music Blueberry Extreme with Cream feeding it. Powering my Cornwall's. Love the sound!
  5. Check out Bob Latino's ST120, love it with my Cornwalls!
  6. I have Cornwall II's, JM Blueberry Extreme with Cream & Latino ST120, sound is magical!
  7. I love my Juicy Music Blueberry Extreme with Cream! Find you some Juicy Music!
  8. Thanks, I'm gonna play around a little with them. I can move some stuff and spread them out a foot or two. It sounds pretty good, but I haven't had time to really listen to it and try and form a hard opinion about the changes.
  9. I love the Sonys. I got my 765 from Canyonman. He is big into R2R. Maybe he can help you out.
  10. Well, here they are, I'm happy with the sound. It seems to put the music right in your face when I sit on the couch. Not too much, but it brings the sound stage forward. I also like the LP storage,
  11. One of my two Audio Dynamics B200's. One is in my bedroom system the other sits idle.
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