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  1. bailz

    Hey guys!

    Hey everyone, have not been on for a while, been busy change of job, built our new home, but still got the klipsch speakers pumpin. looking at a second set up for our second lounge/entertainment area soon and will be seeking your advise, good to read all the new posts and see all the new set ups in "lets see your home theater" awsome guys, catch ya soon, Bailz.
  2. awsome catches mungki that is a monster no wonder your smiling, good stuff.
  3. hahaha, yeah the guy i brought it off lived out west australia (red dirt) hench the pinky red colour. nice pic Brac, bet you had a ball
  4. hey guys i see no ones added to the fishing album [:'(], been away for a while and got a new toy thats keeping me busy [] been havin a ball on this, and reading what everyones been doing the past few months. catch ya soon.
  5. well said DU, thats a great way to set it up
  6. He's right. The general rule is, if you can easily afford the speakers, they're not big enough. I like the way you think, I agree ! totally agree... totally thats my one post for today.. job done.. i can go back to sleep now. i agree too
  7. hi mate, i would go D then A, i know its a pain but why not try em all see what you like best? both the denon and rotel could handle the front 5 ch easy its really what you like hey bailz
  8. very nice set up, i would like this exact front stage one day
  9. thanks B.O.S.E it does not sound too bad where it is, but as wuzzzer suggested i will try under the T.V and thanks DU for your comments. just got to talk the wife into those new RF7's lol[]
  10. not a bad idea wuzzzer, i might give it a go, but long term i am going to make a new stand see i made this one back when i only had the ps3 and a dvd player, now i have an amp and center to think of and i need a permanent home for the ps3 anyway because where it is now it does not look finished
  11. We have a big U shaped lounge which i am on in the pic, the sub is over in the coner behind the chair, as you can see i still need to mount the surrounds on the walls
  12. after all your help and advice i am so happy with my set up i wanted to show you all the way i have it now, thanks again[]
  13. hope you got some pics to post wuzzzer???
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