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    Livingroom (5.1)
    Fronts: KL-525s
    Surrounds: KS-525s
    Subwoofer: SVS PB-10000
    Amplifer: B&K 7250
    Receiver: Pioneer VSX23-TXH

    Bedroom (2.1)
    Mains WF-35
    Subwoofer: Energy 8" subwoofer
    Receiver: Denon 1609
  1. Could you add me to the waiting list, if it does not work out with Mark?
  2. None taken, I would be cautious too. But the number of posts is not really a good indicator of character. I could posts many GLWS and bring my numbers up. I would be equally cautious of someone with many more posts than I.....but this is off topic.
  3. I am moving to San Antonio from Arizona next month. If you find something in Phoenix or Tucson, I would be more than happy to transport them for you at no charge....well you would have to let me come listen to them at least once. I have been debating buying a dedicated 2 ch system.
  4. Man, that is a beauty. Good luck with the sale
  5. That is an awesome deal for the entire setup. Karma comes around, for sure. I am feeding my Ultra2s with a Pioneer TXH-23 (purchased used for $300) as a processor and a B&K 7250 power amp. I am really enjoying the combination. Before I purchased my amp, I only had the front 3 (KL-525s) and powered them with the AVR and it sounded pretty dang good. It would struggle when watching dynamic movies at high volumes, but I was happy. Everyone that came to visit highly complimented the cinema sound. Adding the amp made a huge difference for those dynamic scenes, but is not really noticeable in low/med volume watching. I just recently purchased the KL-650s but I have not tried using them with just the AVR (really I have not tried hooking them up at all, but that is another story). The Denon you have linked looks like a good deal and has preouts for power amps if you ever felt that it was not keep up with all 7 speakers. Beside not having HDMI, it also does not have Audyssey calibration, which helps quite a bit with setting up the system. If you are in a hurry to set everything up, it is not a bad starting point. But if you could wait longer, I would wait for a similar model with Audyssey
  6. How would these do for a 2.1 channel dedicated music set up, or are they better suited for HT?
  7. I have also heard that they were going to discontinue some of their woofers. Unfortunately, I will have to let these ones go. Hopefully, in a year, I will find something comparable. I did eyeball their 24" woofer. Does any one know if it would be suitable for home theater in a sealed box? Or would 2x $400 18" woofers be a better option? That would be a very viable option, once I get around to the project.
  8. I dont think I will get to the satisfied point, but I will definitely post pictures once I have all the speakers set up. Scrappy's thread on his DIY Stereo Integrity subs had be thinking of ditching my SVS subs and putting in a pair of 18's DIY subs. That is something that may wait until 2015, when I have an actual dedicated HT. In the mean time, I want to try my hand in room eq'ing. Thinking of purchasing a calibration mic from MiniDSP and see what shows up on REW.
  9. Ian, I am south of you in Tucson, Bear Down! Regarding two center channels, I can play with it, as it will not hurt the speakers. If anything else, it would be an afternoon of drinking beer, doing what I love to do most, and scratching a curiosity I have had for a while.
  10. Thanks for the input, unfortunately my Pioneer VSX-23 does not have dual center channel outputs. I might try a rca splitter and see what happens. Another thought is to modify the extra KL-525 as an ipod dock for the patio. It may not be the best music speaker, but it would still sound better than 90% of the docks on the market.
  11. I have been working for the past year to piece together a 7.2 Ultra2 system. I am currently using 3x KL-525s as my fronts and KS-525s as me surrounds. I recently purchased a B&K 4430 from another forum member to match my 7250 and found a killer deal on 2x KL-650s. Until I find the 3rd KL-650 (it could be a while until I find one at a good price), would you guys recommend I use the 2x KL-650 as my L and R with one KL-525 as my center? Or would that produce too much of a missed matched sound? The other option would be to use the 650s as my side speakers until the 3rd is purchased and keep the 3x 525 up front. When I do finally get the 3rd 650, what should I do with the extra 525? Selling it is not something I would like to do, but I also do not want to store it. Would it make sense to do a 8.1? I appreciate your input.
  12. There is a local church that just had their audio system upgraded and they are selling 3 Heresy II for $900 for all three. From the serial numbers, I got that the speakers were built in 1998. The speakers are cosmetically in good shape except that four holes were drilled through the cabinets on the back to ceiling mount them. For the most part the speakers were just used for Sunday service with the occasional music from a tape deck. My intension in to use them as a 3.1 system when watching movies and2.0 for music. Would these be a good buy? I plan to power them with a rotel 956 SS amp with intent to later upgrade to a tube amp. Currently I have an Outlaw 950 pre-amp. Thanks
  13. I currently have a cheap Panasonic 5.1 surround sound system with a set of B&W 220 set up as stereo and Panasonic speakers set up for the surround. I am looking to have two different stereos so I am, for all practicality, starting from scratch. I do intend to hook up DVD and a TV, but mainly through RCA stereo inputs. I am more interested in a quality stereo sound than I am in good movie sound. I am also planning on listening to my ipod on the system quite often. In this case, would it be wise to invest in a dedicated port for the ipod? I can scrape out another $100 for the dock if it is crucial for listening to the music. Is it better to buy a stereo receiver from the above-mentioned bands or go for the 5.1, which seem to be less costly? Do I need to worry about getting something with more than 100W per channel? Or is it best to get a something like an integrated amp with fewer watts per channel? Thank you so much for your help, Aaron
  14. I am brand new to the Hi-Fi world. I have been saving my pennies and have finally saved enough for a new stereo. After extensive research, I have decided to buy a pair of RB-61's, but now I have no idea how to power them. My budget is a bit small, $400, but I cannot afford much more. What would you suggest?
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