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  1. Thanks ricktate. My use would be for Lascala. Im looking for ways to make that an easier/better connect. A trip to parts express is always fun!
  2. John A did you make that custom binding post?? Where can I find 2 of those??? Very nice!!
  3. You go in the entrance to the industrial park and its straight back the road on the right I believe
  4. Ok. That is in the Industrial Park on the edge of town
  5. Thank you Greg!! I know I will!! Merry Christmas to me!!!
  6. O K guess not! Must have just been excited to finally find a replacement so I could enjoy these fine sounding quartets again.
  7. After months of searching every day for a K-10 woofer to replace the punctured original, I FOUND ONE!! And it is an original not a re cone. Is there anything tricky/difficult in swapping this out?
  8. The exact K-10 woofer is not available and have searched the internet and cant find one. If anyone knows where to find exact replacement please let me know. Thanks to all!
  9. Awesome! Was not for sure if they still produced the K-10. Thank you
  10. jabbed a hole into one of the woofers. Cant seem to find the K-10 anywhere. I thought I would ask here. Thanks!
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