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  1. I've got 2 pair of KLF-20's now. I'm driving a 5.1 HT setup with a Pioneer Elite SC-61 which sounds wonderful to me which I got for $500 bucks several years ago. I just setup a 2 channel room with my old gear which is a Parasound HCA-2205A that is very powerful at 220 watts per channel paired with a Lexicon DC-2 preamp. I'm not one for hyperbole but there is clearly more detail in my legacy gear for music only with my 2 channel setup. That said anything normal with regards to specs and price range can drive KLF speakers very well and to nearly everyone's satisfaction.
  2. Klipsch responded and have replacement grills in stock still. Here is the ordering info if anyone else needs one.. 104028 - KLF20 Black Grill - $57.40 Unfortunately they don't have any emblems left that match the original Legend series speakers. Does anyone know of reproduction ones available? Klipsch has the Heritage logo available which I might go with as an alternative and just replace them both to match. Here is that ordering info.. 070249 - Jubilee Logo - $12.00
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I've reached out to Klipsch and am waiting for their response.
  4. Hello all, I purchased a pair of KLF-20 speakers used that are in OK shape (but paid a fair price for them). One grill is a bit damaged with a break in structure the felt wraps around but looks OK if you don't touch it and line it up. The Klipsch emblem is also missing from the bottom. Ideally I'd like to replace the grill and emblem but I'd settle for just the emblem if that's all I could do. I've tried to search around a bit but I haven't seen anything obvious on where to get replacement cosmetic parts for these speakers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.. Tom
  5. Thanks for the advice. I will take it down this weekend as I was leaning in that direction anyway.
  6. Hello all, I purchased a pair of KHO-7 speakers for my backyard patio to listen to music while in the pool. This is my first year with them and it is going to be winter soon in PA. Do you guys in colder climates leave them out year round, cover them up somehow for weather protection or just bring them inside for the winter? My wife doesn't handle cold very well so we won't use them during the winter and I am wondering if I should bring them in or figure out some sort of cover for them to help them brave the elements of winter life in Pennsylvania. Thanks for your suggestions in advance.. Tom
  7. I went with 2x4's hidden by a tree line for now until I figure out something a bit more elegant.
  8. Hello all, I just purchased two pairs of KHO-7's for my backyard audio to compliment our new pool oasis . I have a stucco house that I won't be mounting the speakers too. What is the best free standing post/pole/whatever I can mount them too. I am surprised the lack of information on the web concerning outdoor speaker placement and mounting options. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tom
  9. Hello all, I tried the search function and had no luck so I apologize if this was asked/answered already. Is it possible to pair two Klipsch G-17's together for stereo sound (L/R)? I am putting together an outdoor music setup around our pool and I would love to do it with portable speakers like the G-17's so I can bring them into the kitchen or the sun room when we have parties. If it isn't possible I will build a dedicated outdoor setup but I am hoping to avoid that if possible. Thanks in advance! Tom
  10. Racks seem needlessly expensive new, especially if you want a full height "server" rack. I am just patiently waiting for the right one to come across craigslist for my own usage.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions guys, it is very much appreciated.
  12. To say I am jealous would be an understatement..and I am not talking about your HT .
  13. Thanks for the response. Interesting ideas, I never thought of center channels or another set of dipole speakers for the rears. How important is tonal matching for rear surrounds in a 7.x setup? I was really hoping for a smallish bookshelf speaker to mount but if it is really important I will probably just stick with 5.1 until my Klipsch gear dies (which is hopefully never!).
  14. Hello all, I have a 5.1 Klipsch Legend series setup with KLF-20's as my mains. The series has been discontinued for quite a while obviously but I am now interested in possibly setting up a 7.1 or 7.2 configuration. The Legend series didn't have wall mounts besides the surrounds which I will mount on the sides so what are my options for rear mounted that match or that match close enough? I haven't had my setup running for 3 years or so as I never set it up in the house we live in now because our son had some issues. Now that we are past that part I want to set it up again which is what has me thinking of going for 2 extra speakers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello. I have a Lexicon DC-2 preamp paired with a Parasound HCA-2205a amp. I am currently trying to find a cheap 2 channel amp (looking for a Parasound HCA-1000a) so I can put my rears on that while I bi-amp my mains (KLF-20's). From what I understand it will do amazing things for music but what about home theater? How has your experiences been with this for home theater? And for that matter how much does it improve music quality? Just looking to see how other people feel on this topic. Thanks a lot. Tom
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