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  1. Klipsch people,

    I current have an original (bought new many years ago) RF-7, RC-7 and RS-7 5.1 setup, sub is a SVS PB-16 Ultra. I drive these from a Yamaha RX-A3060 receiver.


    I am thinking about adding some Atmos speakers to my setup. My receiver is good to go.


    Are the RP-500SA the way to go? Any better ones?

    Anyone have experience adding these to a similar setup? Did they make a noticeable difference?


    Add: I would want to place them on top of the RF-7s. But could wall mount them higher up if needed (9ft ceiling)




  2. I will add Yamaha to the mix. 

    wuzzzer is right - look for the features you need and want and then look for something that will deliver clean power that your speakers can handle. 


    You said RP-800F - do you mean RP-8000F? I find no 800s on a Google search (1st page searching for "RP-800F klipsch" no exact hits)

    The 8000s have excellent specs - up to 150W RMS 98db. Do not short change them on an under-powered amp/receiver.  

    Look for a major brand like have been listed, the features you need(want), enough channels to server your needs now (and maybe in a year or two) and enough power 120W or 130W per channel or more. 


    My 2 cents only.



  3. Good call. I suspect the V385 will work out fine - looking at the high-level specs:


    V385: 70 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.09% THD, with 2 channels driven

    R-S202: 100 watts x 2 into 8 ohms (40-20,000 Hz) at 0.2% THD


    70W@ .09% vs 100@.2 - the V385 may work out better...and there is the sub aspect 🙂 And....when u want to add more speakers...and..and


    Good luck - let us know what you think when u have it setup


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  4. So, your speakers are 20+ years old,right?  Nothing wrong with old speakers, they can work awesome.



    Your amp is not a "top shelf" one (power wise) - by today's standards, but may work well for your usage.

    The room you show is pretty big. I don't think you want to over-power your speakers with bass, especially in stereo. No HT in there?


    My advice...Buy a cheap'ish sub. Don't over pay. Don't buy Klipsch. A few hundred $$ should be more than enough.....



  5. OP - I have the PB16 Ultra too. The only complaint I have with mine is the weight of the thing at 175lbs it is a chore to move around. But is sounds awesome. Hang in there - get a new cord and be happy.


    Good luck.


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  6. When I needed my amp repaired on my RSW-115 a few years ago I removed both the driver and the radiator. I had to send in the amp and the "switch panel" at the bottom of the back of the sub with all of the switches and connectors - the driver is in the rear so you will need to remove it - if you need to remove and send the switch panel.


    There were more wires and connectors internally than I was expecting to see.


  7. Klipsch electronics are pretty poor. Speakers good.


    In the USA we would typically send the board to an independent electronics guy, Edwards Electronics (not Klipsch) to get it repaired. However, your board looks bad and may need replacing.


    Get your money back - and get a better sub (not Klipsch)



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  8. I sent my RSW-15 Amp to Edwards Electronics several years ago - it worked fine afterwards. For a couple of years - then nothing. I ended up replacing the sub with a SVS PB16-Ultra.


    However, I believe my RSW-15 issue is now a loose spade connector. I opened it up to see if I could replace the amp section - with an external amp and saw the loose connection.  I still have it it my basement and have not dragged it back upstairs to test it out. If I do, I am not sure I have space for the 2 subs 🙂

    Edwards does a fine job IMO.


    Here is my verbatim note to Edwards in 2016 describing my symptoms: 

    "I have a 12 (or so) year old Klipsch RSW 15 subwoofer that stopped working a couple of days ago. If I leave it plugged in and switched off for a few minutes and then switch it on - I get a brief red light (less than a second) on the front and then nothing. Sometimes if I leave it plugged in and switched on - the red light will come on and stay on after about 30 to 45 minutes. Will never go green - and, obviously, no sound."


    I am in NC too - Piedmont-Triad area.

  9. Hey Mark  - I can't really help here as I don't have on those subs. It sounds like you did everything right. Does this sub have a volume control on it? Is it turned up?


    What has Crutchfield said? They are normally pretty good in the customer service department.


    Good luck.


  10. Agree with @CECAA850

    The amps Klipsch uses are not the best. They can go anytime for no apparent reason.


    Not sure Edwards is the best bet - I paid Edwards close to $200 to fix my RSW-15 a few years ago (they did a great job). The RSW-15 was close to $2k new when I bought it. It appears the R-112SW is quite a bit less than that new. Maybe buy a new sub - and not a Klipsch? Edwards repair for your maybe less....


    Good luck



  11. On 9/3/2019 at 2:34 AM, inMotionGraphics said:


    This is quite surprising to hear... so that would mean the RSW-15 must be leagues ahead of the R-115SW and the SPL-150's... because these two subs are nowhere near the class of an SVS 16-Ultra. Two R-115SW's weren't even able to significantly outperform a single PB-3000:


    And the 3000 is definitely no match for the 16 Ultra, as demonstrated in other videos... 🙂


    PS: I do know that dual subs have advantages over a single sub, but that wasn't really the point of the video... an interesting test/comparison by @Youthman non-the-less. 


    I don't follow each subs specs and capability closely - but I would say that the RSW-15 be more sub than a R-115SW  - heck, it cost me ~$1900 15 years ago ... almost 3x a R-115SW (based on today's Amazon price). The RSW-15 is finished in Cherry - matches the RF7s and RC7 - awesome.


    @Youthman compared the SB16 to the RSW-15: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/176151-klipsch-rsw-15-vs-svs-sb-16/


  12. On 9/2/2019 at 8:47 PM, 314carpenter said:

    Really? SVS PB-16 VS Klipsch RSW-15? 

    If you think that they are even close, your room must have major issues. Also sub placement and seating position may also be in serious need of correction.

    Hey - the RSW-15 is no slouch. I have not heard the current breed of Klipsch 15's but lots of folks say the RSW-15 was amongst the best subs Klipsch has ever put out.

    My room is not ideally suited to a sub - lots of open walls, and only one real seating spot. It is not a dedicated HT room. The RSW-15 and now the PB-16 compensate for that somewhat. 

    Could it be placed better? Maybe, not sure, not too many feasible locations - and both are big subs.



  13. I had my RSW-15 (cherry) repaired a few years ago (bought it new along with RF7s,RC7 and RS7s back in the early 2000's). Last November the RSW-15 stopped working again. I assumed the worst and purchased a SVS PB-16 Ultra in black oak veneer. 

    Do I think the SVS is better than the RSW-15 - yes? Night and day better? No. The black oak looks good IMO - then my TV stand that housed the receiver etc is black too. Works great with my speakers - driven by a Yamaha RX-A3060


    It also appears that my RSW-15 is not dead, I did open it and saw I had a loose spade connector. Now, I either run the 2 subs...or sell the RSW....


  14. I don't know about your specific speakers capabilities and room size and intended use. Here is my experience with Klipsch stuff. 


    I have a close to 20 year old setup - RF-7, RC-7, RS-7 and used to have a RSW-15 sub. These worked great. I had issues a few years ago  with the RSW-15 sub and had to get it repaired. A year or so back I had another issue and replaced it with a SVS PB16-Ultra.

    2 PB16's will do you well - but they are not Klipsch and they will very likely be overkill for your speakers/room/AVR/use....etc


    My advice - do not get hung up on a Klipsch sub (or two). I love my speakers but there are better subs to be had. Check other brands SVS/HSU etc. Subs are have a much (no?) lesser requirement to timbre match the other speakers.


    If you are hell bent on Klipsch a rule of thumb (mine) would be spend around what you spent on your fronts for a sub. Then buy two. Maybe: 2x R-120SW? 


    This is my opinion so it may not be worth considering.

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  15. OP - any word yet?

    EE was good to my RSW-15. I sent my parts in late 2016 (iirc) took about a month. Reinstalled and it worked flawlessly for 2 years. Late 2018 it stopped working again. I assumed a failed component - and purchased a replacement SVS-PB16 Ultra.

    I had planned to turn the RSW-15 into an external amp powered unit - I opened it back up starting to plan the external amp thing - and noticed one of the spade connectors had become disconnected - I re-attached and it works again....so EE's fix was good and continues to be good.


    So, now I have a butt kicking SVS-PB16 Ultra AND my still awesome RSW-15. The SVS is a damn fine sub and it is hard to say it is better than the RSW-15, I am not sure it is. I am not sure it is not.



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  16. My 2 cents - 

    I bought an RSW-15 around 15 years ago. It went out a little over 2 years ago (I have a thread on that here: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/166611-another-rsw-15-bites-the-dust/


    I had it repaired and it went out a month or so ago. I too was hesitant about buying another Klipsch sub - I did get excellent mileage out of mine, but recent reports on later models did not appear to be good.

    I went with a SVS-PB16-Ultra. Besides moving it around (175 lbs) it is great. I am not an audiophile, I do not measure SPLs and that "stuff". It does seem "tighter", deeper and louder. I am very happy with my choice and SVS gives an excellent warranty.


    Oh - BTW - I did fix my RSW-15 (this past weekend) - so now I have 2 a$$ kicking subs 🙂

    Just don't have the real-estate to place 2 behemoths - yet.



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