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  1. I have chatted (emailed with) to Edwards Electronics -  you are right if I get this back on its feet for $160 and some shipping - can't beat that with a stick.


    I will still look around for another - maybe run two subs. 


    How important is it to "match" subs? Or can you mix and match similar performing subs in a 2+ sub environment?


    Thanks for the help.




  2. Thanks for the replies, and the Edwards Electronics suggestion. I have sent them a note.


    I did open the sub - figured I have nothing to lose. I see nothing obvious. Anything worth checking with a volt meter?


    What about replacing it? What is as good or better? 



  3. I am bummed. My 12+ year old RSW 15 has died. If I leave it plugged in and switched off for a few minutes and then switch it on - I get a brief red light (less than a second) and then nothing. Sometimes if I leave it plugged in and switched on - the red light will come on and stay on after about 30 to 45 minutes. Will never go green - and, obviously, no sound. Any ideas? Worth fixing?


    This beast has been the cornerstone of our HT setup since we bought it (along with RF7s, RC7 and RS7s). It has been driven by a Yamaha RX-Z1 and now a Denon 4311Ci (the Z1 kicks the Denon's behind btw).


    Dilema: what to replace the RSW 15 with? Does not have to be Klipsch - do they even have a comparable or better model today? What other brands/models do y'all suggest?

    95+% of our HT use is movies.

  4. I will be replacing a Yamaha RX-Z1 in the not too distant future. I use this to power a pair of RF-7s, RC-7, pair of RC-7s and a RSW-15. Most of my use is HT....and this setup kicks tail.

    I am looking to replace the Z1 - in order to get a receiver that handles the HD sound tracks that BD provide. I will possibly add a couple of rear speakers too (will pick up another pair of RS-7s if I decide to do this).

    When I listen to music (not often) with my current setup some of the high notes/treble feel almost "harsh" if that is the right word.

    Any people pair the "older" Reference line with a current Denon (4810.../)? Any thoughts? Stick with Yammy? Price up to approx. $3k...

    Any thoughts?


  5. Thanks for the info everyone. I will stick with the RC-7.

    Standout does have some nice stuff.....all that I could see on their site would not fit the RC-7 (26" wide, 9" H).

    I am OK with buying a nice piece for this endevor....the wife says it will be so.

    I have been looking at Salamander Designs too ...they have Quad 20 / 245 in which the RC-7 may just fit....big $$$ too - anyone tried this?

  6. I have had my speakers for approx. 6 years (RF-7,RC-7,RS-7 and RSW15). The RC-7 has sat on top of my 65 Toshiba RPTV for all of this time. Time has come to replace the TV...I plan to pick up a 65" Plasma (Panasonic). Which I want to place on a TV stand - don't really want to wall mount it unless I absolutely have to.

    Dilema : What to do with the RC-7? Ideally, I would like it on a shelf under the TV....but very (very) few stands have a compartment that can accomodate the RC-7. Any suggestions?

    Also, if I replace the RC-7 - with something a tad smaller RC-62, maybe - this will give me a few more options - but will the RC-62 sound OK with the rest of my speakers? I am currently driving the system with a Yamaha RX-Z1 - which is great - but no HDMI inputs/outputs [:(] - this may need replacing too....but that is another story.

    Any thoughts - thanks.

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