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  1. Must be a driver setting. I dual boot between Windows ME and Win2k and don't notice this. I use a Sound Blaster Live Platinum, but it's technically the same card.
  2. Why would they have to give everyone a new preamp? If a person has a legit problem with a part that is known to have some problems, and there is a replacement part that does not have those problems, it seems dumb to replace it with another suspect part over and over again. It just agrivates the end user and costs more money for Klipsch.
  3. quote: Originally posted by Gluegun: My suggestion is to send the whole thing to Klipsch and have them fix it and stuff... They'll do it at their expense, right? What he is saying (at least the way I understood it) is that he is having problems with his preamp. He sends it in, and Klipsch replaces it with the same model preamp. It has problems, he sends it in, and it gets replaced with the same model. If Klipsch would have replaced it right away with the new one, he wouldn't have had to spend as much time driving back and forth or paying shipping charges (if applicable).
  4. I'd have to say that the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live 5.1 series is probably the best right now. There are 3 models, the Platinum, X-Gamer, and MP3+. I think the MP3+ is kind of worthless because most of the software it comes with can be downloaded for free. The X-Gamer is a good deal because it comes with the full versions of Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, Thief 2, and MDK2. The Platinum is the best. It comes with all the games the X-Gamer comes with, as well as all the software the MP3+ comes with. It also comes with the Live Drive and a wireless remote.
  5. Thanks for the advise, they're now up and running. I just hope I never decide to use wallmounts
  6. How do you get that screw out? The manual tells to unscrew the the pedestal. How is this done? That screw is in so tight that the phillips head tears when trying to unscrew it. I'm going to have to send my satalite in or something (still waiting to hear back from Klipsch customer support) because there is no way I can get that screw out. Have any of you had this problem?
  7. quote: Originally posted by Bocaj: My brother and I are in the market for new computer speakers. After reading the high praise of numerous reviews and the testimonials, comments, and opinions of those on this BB, short of strong and convincing persuasive to do otherwise, I am going to get the updated Promedia 4.1 (hopefully in late Feb.). Alternatively, he is leaning heavily toward the Cambridge Soundworks DTT 2500. He finds appealing the 5.1 system so he can better achieve true Dolby surround, because it better utilizes the SV Live 5.1 card, and because of it's admirable reviews. He uses his computer audio primarily for home recording, mp3s, occasional movies, and especially games. I have nothing against the DTT 2500s, in fact, I'd be getting them were it not for the Pros. From those who have heard/used/owned/were-tempted-to-buy both speaker systems, I/he would appreciate it if you can provide any comments, in the most objective and substantive manner you can, that you think might be informative. Thanks If he is dead set on the Creative Labs, at least have him get the 3500s as opposed to the 2500s. I still advice the Klipsch over either of those though.
  8. quote: Originally posted by Dman155: You're gonna need a new preamp. You can order the new CP-1 from the site store for $50, or you can call klipsch and see if they have any of the older preamps available, cheaper. Of course, you could find another mini-jack cord, rip the jack off, and splice it into your current preamp cord. Ok, one more question, is the CP-1 the module that houses the various volume controls?
  9. I was rearraginging my computer and desk space today and somehow, the tip of the green speaker plug got bent and broke off. It's the plug that goes into the sound card. Is there a way to replace this cord or do I need to replace the entire speaker? Please let me know.
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