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  1. i have some Forte ii's , and have been on the fence about trying the titanium mid's & tweeters. did you make any mods to the crossovers ? i've read mixed things on various forums about the mids needing crossovers updated. what did you like/dislike about them compared to the stock diaphragms ? would you compare it to the RF series ?
  2. I haven't found one, in any color, for sale around here in a bit. If you find a nice one in black, let me know Best of luck!
  3. i have pairs of rf-62's, rb-51's, & kg 2.2's - all 3 are in black, and in really good shape. if any of those would work, let me know.
  4. i have a couple of different things i've been hanging onto, that i've been planning to sell. i have a pair of rf-62's, rb-51's, & kg 2.2's - all 3 pairs are in black, and in really good shape i'm fairly close to birmingham, but not sure if i could get to toledo anytime soon. pm me if interested.
  5. if they're anything like the 63's, the new owner will be in for a treat ! i can't believe someone hasnt jumped on these yet. best of luck !
  6. every time i see chuck wrapped up in that reflective blanket, i giggle. i'm not sure why i think it's so funny lol i just told my wife last night, that every episode seems to be pulling me in a little bit further.
  7. Good luck with staying warm! it's definitely going to be pretty brisk for a ball game. i know its not supposed to rain/snow until after the game is over, but who knows, it's spring in michigan lol i work a couple of blocks from the park. its already crazy busy down here. get here early! Go Tigers!
  8. Uts

    Craigslist scam ads

    i've noticed one on the Detroit area CL as well. the listing was for a rc-62ii for $80. gmail address in the ad, etc... it looks like it's not just a local thing that pops up here or there.
  9. i just bought a forte II 5.0 setup a month ago, now this comes up 20-25 min from home....
  10. That beer selection, mixed with pinball.....I'd have trouble finding the door!
  11. Uts

    WTB RC-35

    since you're kinda close, i remembered seeing this on CL. not sure if its a deal, but it's what you're looking for http://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/ele/5373330446.html
  12. i came across these this morning. the cornwalls have my interest, & they're pretty close to home. what kind of scam would the guy be running,? the prices are about right, and he lists his number. is it just the 6's ? not giving you a hard time, just trying to see what i'm missing. usually, you can weed out the crap by the stupidly low priced items, to a phone number listed area code in florida, or california when the item is listed in detroit. for example, there were a pair of mint forte ii's list in Detroit a couple of weeks back for 250 or 300, but the number was listed in CA.
  13. im not lacking by any means , but I REALLY want them since he was keeping record of people in line, i told him that he didnt need to bother with anyone else after me lol if i dont get them, i hope it was someone here. i'd be super bummed to see them being flipped for outrageous amounts after they're sold.
  14. i'm #3 on the list i spoke with him a little bit ago, and he was a pretty good guy. i was just a little slow. i'm really hoping the first two flake out!!!
  15. this is like the second or third time i've seen them listed. they look nice, but are listed about 2x the price they should be. i love mine, but i never would've paid $1500 for them
  16. i bought these: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_494SP300/BellO-SP-300.html?tp=1386&awkw=75641560345&awat=pla&awnw=g&awcr=47662244065&awdv=c i dont remember the height right off hand. the 51's sit on top of the plate, with strap you can use to hold them on (i didnt use the strap). i've had them for a couple of yrs, and havent had any issues.
  17. i've seen several items being sold by a private seller, where the ads are removed when sold. within a week this place has an ad up wanting $100-200 more. they bought them, so they can do with them what they wish. i won't be buying them, but wouldn't blame somebody if they did. they're usually pretty nice.
  18. when i see these, i always hope that a wife is making her husband sell his system. in turn, he jacks up the price so nobody calls, & he gets to keep them
  19. i stumbled across these too . i think the guy has another ad , with an rf-7 system. http://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/ele/5112147908.html
  20. i had the same setup (series 1's), not including the sub. you're gonna have a smile a mile wide after you get it setup!
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