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  1. he takes a beating! i know he gets paid well for being behind the plate, but some nights i feel sorry for the guy. it's almost an every game occurrence. to me, the opposing catchers rarely take direct hits. last nights was pretty bad though. he pretty much fell straight backwards while still in his crouch. i hope for a speedy recovery. the tigers will need him for the push down the stretch.
  2. ps4 owner here. i'm pretty sure that sony elected not to put music playback on the new system, so that they could push their own music subscription (i forget what they're calling it). i've read that they're supposed to be adding it with a firmware update, but who knows how far out that will be.
  3. they look good! wish i had some extra cash for times like this Good luck with your sale!
  4. nice to see another local ! i know that a pair of chorus II's in oak have been for sale locally, but it's been posted for the last 2-3 months on CL. if i remember correctly he was asking $1200, but the guy has a bunch of misc. stuff bundled with it, to help "sweeten the deal"... not sure if it helps you at all. maybe it helps you know what not to charge?
  5. Uts

    Beer me, ASAP

    Bell's Two Hearted is a must have in my fridge, for sure. I can't forget about Dragonmead's Final Absolution either. It makes me thirsty just thinking about it
  6. sounds like an awesome idea! the extra details could make a big difference, aesthetically. i was following your build thread, to see how everything turned out. i think you gave me the itch to try my hand at diy
  7. is it his stuff posted up on CL ? i couldnt imagine there are many full rf-83 systems for sale. i think i stumbled across it while searching for an RC-64
  8. http://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/ele/4510732949.html heres a pair near detroit for $350. it doesnt get specific, but they look like they could be cherry
  9. thanks mark! it was great meeting you! now i need to find an amp before i kill my receiver!
  10. edit: scrappy, you're probably right in your post below. my apologies. sometimes it's easy to read more into something in text.
  11. i like how you roll man! the curtains turned out great! look forward to seeing what you do when you get a permanent setup!
  12. i wasnt worried about the driver sizes. i was just curious to see if it was an upgrade. i know the sound would be different by a bit. i just was on the fence on whether i should pull the trigger or not. like i said above, the rf series doesnt pop up in the mitten often. i wanted to take advantage since they were fairly close
  13. thanks guys! i think you both covered what i was already thinking. i'll save my cash for something like 63's or 83's, if they ever come up local. good lookin out!
  14. or is it pretty much a lateral move for replacing my 62 fronts? i've been happy with my 62's since i bought them a few years back, but there's a pair of 81's on the local CL, & they have me curious. i have 51's as the rears in my 5.1, but for my room size & placement theyre pretty good. the 81's would be overkill. just really asking for opinions, as i've never really heard them, & didnt know how they'd compare. also, what's the going price range for these on the used market? i havent found many up for sale for a comparison. the rf series doesnt really come up for sale in these parts often. thanks for the advice
  15. Uts

    Bioshock Infinite

    i have beat it already. i'm actually almost finished with my second play through lol. that in itself is saying a lot! usually i play a game, beat it, then put it away, or trade it back in. as soon as i finished, i started right back over again. the story is still just as good, but you pick up on things along the way that help you understand whats going on. i'm going for the platinum trophy, so i have the 1999 run to get through, without the dollarbill machines.
  16. Uts

    Bioshock Infinite

    anybody play this gem yet????? i know things are pretty in this section, but if you're interested in this game at all, its a must play! the story is fantastic! you might say to yourself, well...its just another one of those lame shooter games. this is anything but. the story is so great, you dont even realize it's supposed to be a FPS. everything from the world you're in, to the easteregg songs that are placed though out the game, are just spectacular. it's seriously a piece of art. definitely top of the class, as far as this gen of console games go. go give it a try
  17. i'm using the same stands as Vital, for my RB-51 rears. they look pretty good, & they're pretty reasonable as far as price goes.
  18. honestly, they look like a pro shot them. they're really good. like you said in your HK thread, it's WAY easier to take a photo of an inanimate object, than something in motion. it doesnt take away your ability to take awesome pictures so many people still can't make them look good be careful if you do decide to make a 'job' out of it. when something turns into work, it can take the fun out of it
  19. i know i'm not the first to mention this, but your pics looks like they could be pulled off of the HK website. very well done! looking forward to hearing about the comparison.
  20. that's awesome!!! i've been keeping a look out for ya, but didnt see these come up. can't wait to head over & check these out [8-|] havent had a chance to hear these monsters.
  21. not sure if you're looking for RF-83's, but there's a forum member in IL with 83's for sale here: http://community.klipsch.com/forums/t/168726.aspx maybe you can get an amp with the cash you'd save going this route? plus theyre way closer than TN.
  22. looks like a nice setup. these don't pop up locally very often. good luck with your move, & sale!
  23. Uts

    "The Last of Us"

    has anyone seen the trailer for this game yet? they put it out at E3 a few weeks ago. it's from the same company that made the Uncharted games. it's going to be a PS3 exclusive. anyone else think that this game is going to be fantastic?
  24. i have the same front 3 as you, & have the 51's in back. the RB-51's work well as rears. just keep in mind that they are rear ported, so you may need to put them on stands.
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