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  1. does anyone have experience with these ? yay, or nay ? I've been looking at this for a while, as it's cheaper than investing in a HTPC. for whatever reason, i've been hesitant in pulling the trigger. now that the holiday's are coming around, i'm sure the price will come down a bit. i'm really wanting to put my MP3 collection onto something more convenient than going through my PS3. i'm also planning to rip my CD collection to .flac. I'll also be using it to stream pandora, & netflix (instead of my PS3). i love my PS3, but i cant deal with the delays when skipping songs, & streaming music from it is a pain on occasions (becasue of having to go through the web browser). No plans to rip movies, or anything....at least for now. if not, is there anything comparable i should be looking at ? i'm open to suggestions.
  2. Like Sub said, the difference will be night & day. have you thought about adding a sub, before getting the rears? i have almost the same exact front stage (i have the RC-62). you should be happy, once you get them up & running. i know i was [<)]
  3. Uts


    i have the bluray of Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood Live at Madison Square Garden. i've watched it a couple times, & thought it was pretty solid. as a side note, i've seen them both seperately in concert. i think either one could take any of their live shows, & have them recorded.
  4. the carbon fiber & fire flex combo is gonna look SICK!!! [<)] if my cables were out in the open, i'd be all over these. very well done!
  5. i agree with Nezff. there are some real reputable authorized dealers online. i've purchased everything in my system online. everything showed up, as advertised, without a scratch.
  6. the only problems we've came across, are broken disks (from USPS), and scratched DVD's. we've never had a problem with Bluray's. As metioned above, the bluray disks have a hard coating. this makes them fairly difficult to damage, when comparing them to regular DVD's .
  7. not sure if you've found the answer yet. i'm only a few months late [] Sony's wireless uses bluetooth, like you mention. Microsoft uses their own type of wireless (not sure exactly what it is), that they use for their wireless controllers & headsets. i think the only way you could find something universal, is to go the wired USB route. Bill
  8. my wife got me the Harmony One with the PS3 dongle for xmas, since she was sick of the handful of remotes we had laying around. it was a breeze to set up ( comes with software), and & it was up in running within 15-20 minutes. most of the was getting the model numbers of our TV & cable box. so far it has worked great. Good luck with your search!
  9. that thing is AWESOME!!!! wish i could win something that cool sometime. enjoy it!
  10. i was in the same boat that you are, last year when i bought my rc-62, & i couldnt mount it over the TV, because i have a window directly above it. i've had my 46in LCD TV (roughly 60lbs) sitting on top in my rc-62 since the day i had it delivered to the house. i havent had any problems with it so far. if you do decide to try it, just make sure the base of your TV isnt larger than your center.
  11. Uts

    Fallout 3

    If anyone cares, there is supposed to be a new Fallout game released later this year. It's going to be called Fallout: New Vegas. I watched the game trailer on youtube a couple weeks ago. I can't wait for this thing to come out[]
  12. the single player is WAY too short! that being said, it is all about the online play like, Willy said. it's fun if you get good enough to where you dont die every 5 seconds[] there's a bit of a learning curve, but once learn what not to do & where not to go on the maps, it's not so bad.
  13. Uts

    Fallout 3

    this is one of the only games that kept me interested long enough to finish. i put way too many hours into my first play though. i had to get all of those trophies!!! i havent bought any of the add on packs for it yet. it's just one of those games you can get lost in. if you havent played it, it's a must play.
  14. i have my 46 in LCD sitting on my RC-62. the tv weighs between 60-70 pounds. just make sure you measure the base of your tv [] as for your other questions, maybe some others can chime in. i have the RF-62's, and they sound pretty good together. i'm sure it would sound great with your 52's, after you ran the audessy on your receiver.
  15. Uts

    Rock Band

    for sure! not sure if any of you guys have it, but The Beatles rockband is friggin FANTASTIC! there is actually a story mode, and offers up some pretty cool pictures & facts.
  16. as far as i know, the my price thing is always there. every time i go to the site, it's there. so i'm pretty sure you won't miss it.
  17. i just went to both sites. you can sign up for email alerts on the 6ave site. this will send you an email letting you know when the sale starts. it's right below where the cart is on the home page. on the onecall site, go to the item you are looking at. once there, the "my price" option is right next to the pricing tab. i wasnt able to demo my purchase locally without having to wait. i did check out the F series, and VF series at places like best buy, and ABC warehouse. i liked the sound of both of these over everything else. i'm glad i went with the RF's[]
  18. just curious about where you are purchasing from. private seller, or website? i bought RF-62's about 2 months ago, and paid $540 shipped, brand new from an authorized dealer online. i'm sure you could get the 82's cheaper than you mentioned too. many popular websites have promotions that you can take advantage of. onecall.com has a "my price" thing going on. name the price you're willing to pay & they'll attempt to match it. 6ave.com has a "name your price" thing they do about once a month.basically the same deal as onecall, but you have to catch them when it's going on. thats where i bought my stuff from. good luck!
  19. that's unfortunate. i don't think i could wait 4-6 weeks either[] i guess i could consider myself lucky that i didnt buy an out of stock item. i've heard other people mention vanns & onecall. i asked the same question when i was searching a few months ago. i know crutchfield has stellar customer service, but you're not likely to catch a sale, or get a "deal". Good luck in your search
  20. the sale is a week long. right now there is 1 day left, or at least the email i received from them said so. also, if you miss it this time around, it usually takes place in another 3 or 4 weeks.so that way you can make up your mind on what you want to buy, or save up more $$$.
  21. if you take a peek at their customer service page, it states that 6ave is an authorized dealer for every brand that they sell. Also, as mentioned before, their list prices are the same as crutchfield, & many others. you have to catch them while they are having their "Name Your Price" promotion. this is where you'll see some pretty significant savings[] Good luck! Bill
  22. i totally agree with checking out 6ave.com. in the last 3 months i picked up the rf-62's an rc-62 & a yamaha 665. got pretty sweet deals on all of them, and they offered free shipping. all of my stuff showed up in great condition. now i just have to save up more money to get my sub & surrounds [] its worth checking out! Bill
  23. I just received these yesterday. it was like they couldnt get here fast enough [] while i havent listened to much yet, i did make it a point to pop in my copy of the new Beatles Rockband game. if anyone has picked it up, the opening of the game has a SWEET soundtrack. bits & pieces of a bunch of songs put together. i had it cranked up & was in awe! sounded so good. My wife told me many of times, "i could care less", or "it all sounds the same to me". then i played the beginning of the game for her a few minutes ago. she turned to me with a big smile, and said it sounded way better. personally i wasnt sure how big of a difference the new RC-62 & the yam 665 would make. i can now say that i am VERY happy with my choices .the 665 actually gets my RF-62's bumping. my way older sony just wasnt getting the job done. it just took a change to realize how bad the other sound actually was. i want to give you guys a big thanks for helping me out, and answering all of my questions. without your advice, i wouldnt have pulled the trigger on any of my recent purchases. THANKS! Bill
  24. well, i just finished playing for the last hour or two. in my opinion it's very different(it's a good thing) than the rest of the rockband games. there is actually a story, and photos that have captions that are full of interesting bits of information. the wife & i had a ton of fun playing it, and i personally like how the game was put together, and how everything "works" so far. the graphics are very cool, and i'm totally happy i bought it. if you like their music there is no way you can go wrong. so i would say yes, it's worth buying, especially if you already have the band contollers.
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