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  1. I recently purchased a pair of new Klipsch RS-3s, in white finish. While they sound great with my RF-3s and RC-3 speakers, actually awesome, they do not fit in my great room. I had them out of the box for one week. If you are interested please email me.
  2. I started this post back in February. Based upon the members recommendations I purchased a pair of white RS-3 surrounds, receiving them last week. They are sitting in my Great Room on a pair of bar stools with wires laying across the floor. Not a great look! Yes, they sound great, but I have not taken on the unenviable task of fishing wire through the walls and mounting the speakers on my limited space, because I cannot get over how massive these speakers are. I thought I was a real enthusiast, but now I am not so sure. I am thinking about selling the speakers solely because of their size. Are there any SMALLER speakers you would recommend for surrounds that would match up well with my Reference fronts & center? BTW, I had previously been using a pair of in-wall speakers, mounted approx 10' high in the rear for the surrounds (great room has 14' high ceilings), before purchasing the RS-3s.
  3. Floor to top of TV: 51" Floor to ear: 38.5" Ear to TV: 12'
  4. I will be using the Klipsch RS-3s for my side surrounds, mounting about 8' up, tilted down. I will be running wire in the wall on one side of the room, and wire under baseboard and carpet on the other side. Both runs will be around 60'. What guage and type do you recommend?
  5. Tom, 90 degrees to the right is an outer wall, and 90 degrees to the left there isn't any wall, except for a 9" drywall beam about 8' up. The great room is open to the dining room, separated only by a couple of pillars and a drywall beam. The dining room ceiling is also 14', the pillars are 8' and have a drywall beam (this is best I know how to describe)on top of them. This drywall beam is only 9" high and 10" wide. From the top of this box (at almost 9') to the ceiling is nothing but air. So this little beam is all I have to mount the left side surround, which is another reason I was hesitant on the RS-3. Thanks to the others for pointing out that the .com was missing from my profile.
  6. Is it really important to match your entire speaker system? Therefore, should I give up wanting surrounds that are not bulking and look good in favor of sourrounds that match the rest of my Klipsch Reference speakers?
  7. I have just finished my first ever Home Page with HT Pictures. Please take a look at the pictures located at http://hometown.aol.com/bjsbuds/KathysHomeTheater.html and then let me know what you would recommend for side surround speakers. As you will see I have Klipsch Reference Series front and center speakers. The rear speakers are in-wall speakers located 10' from the floor. The rear wall begins at 9' high and goes up to 14'. I think I could improve the sound quality by mounting side surround speakers. I would rather mount speakers rather than placing speaker on stands. To accomplish this I only have 9" of drywall (actually 6" of drywall & 3" of 2"x4"s) that is 8 1/2' up from the floor. This beam is on the left side of the great room, between the great room and dining room. The right wall is 14' high. The first choice was to purchase the matching surrounds, I believe RS-3s, but they are quite bulky, and I fear would not look to esthetically pleasing. What do you think would be a good pair of surrounds to match my system? A Denon AVR-4800 is driving all the speakers. I am certainly also interested in your opinion of any improvements that could be made to my Home Page.
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