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  1. quote: Originally posted by a_rod: Whats so bad about a GeForce 2, I wish I could afford one. I will get a Radeon 64 later this week. I might try to record it through a mike, I know it wont be the best quality but you could see how good it is. I probably won't get it posted until tomorrow so until then. Don't worry about it. I don't need to hear it that badly. Thanks though. Hint: eBay for cheap cards
  2. quote: Originally posted by a_rod: The soundtrack from the ATI Rage Fury (Dawning) is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. But I havent found anybody who has been able to do a MP3 rip from it. A graphics card has a soundtrack?!
  3. quote: Originally posted by Pepsione1: I got a really good song for this purpose. I HAVE to play this song for all of my friends or they wouldn't be 100% in awe. Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat (50-secs into the song) Set the bass knob to factory recommanded level. And make sure you get the better quality of the song when you download it from Napster (192kbps+). hahaha that's what Flat Eric was jammin too! sweet
  4. quote: Originally posted by Nemesis: Try this one: http://www.btinternet.com/~john.w.ford/SUB_TEST.mp3 Post back and tell me what you think. Arrggh!! What's with all the renaming on Napster?!?! This is the SAME Techmaster PEB - Bassgasm track.. ugh...
  5. quote: Originally posted by tmerry: My votes for the X-gamer. It's the card I have and for the price it's perfect. Same here kickass sound!
  6. quote: Originally posted by hex21cc: go on napster and get THX - I Love Big Speakers -or- THX - Ultimate Bass Test -or- THX - Bass Test really Loud I have Bass Boy and the "Ultimate Bass Test" isn't THX It's actually a track by Techmaster P.E.B. called Bassgasm
  7. I'm in a dorm so I have people walking by all the time. One guy passed my room while I had my door open. He said, "Damn! I could hear those things all the way down to the front door when I came in! Those have better sound than my JLs in my car!!" Note: I'm on 4th floor and the building is completely concrete.
  8. Like the subject says... I'm looking for a very cool track/song/sound effect that will show off the capabilites of my v2-400. Any suggestions? P.S. I love this one basstrack, but I cannot identify it and it is incomplete. If anyone knows who made this track (Bass Meckanic, MaxxBass, ect..) please post, as I would love to download the full version. Here it is... (Rightclick and save as...) ~900KB http://www.geocities.com/KorrMuraan/unknownbassclip.mp3 It's cool but I really want the full thing. Thanks,
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