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  1. Yeah, just sell them to me and be done with it. I will restore them to factory specs.
  2. I used the denim variant which seems to be working just fine.
  3. Chris, I am guessing this horn would not be a good candidate for a passive crossover and an Faital Pro HF146 (or similar). Would this horn need to have an active crossover?
  4. I suspect the sound of the diaphragm will be more important in your application. Is there a way you could try both drivers and see what you think?
  5. I am using the 10x18 zxpc. Not much power. At my chair, about 12ft from the speakers, I sometimes get to 105 db. I would think the horns are getting less than 5 watts peak.
  6. Randy reminded me that I had left the for sale notice in this thread. I have corrected that. They sold a long time ago. I should not have sold them. I am starting another project they would be perfect for d’oh.
  7. I would suggest that these work best from 1k up in a two way. This led me to use a different 15” (Faital) in my two-way with a flatter response above 1khz. That worked out pretty well. I believe Dave has more hours of experience with the N314x than I do. I hear the same issues he did when he was using them crossed as low as I am.
  8. I like the experimentation. I always thought the mids and tweets were a bit hot in my ‘78 Heresys too. Mine are definitely not 10db too hot though. Sure that’s the stock woofer? There is a thread around here describing moving the squawker and tweet down a tap (-3db) along with the corresponding cap change that always sounded interesting. An l-pad might be easier for experimentation I guess. Keep up the good work.
  9. Those are super cool. And as others have mentioned, if you had a 16ohm mid and went to an 8 ohm you’ll need a cap and coil change on your crossover and a different autoformer setting. Those speakers should be stellar.
  10. Can you tell how much attenuation is on the B&C with your crossover? And what is the value of the cap on the mid circuit? I’m not familiar with that crossover.
  11. I’m using the 3015lf_4 crossed at 500, and the zxpc 18x10 horn with a Faital ProHF146 with -12db attenuation courtesy of a 3636 autoformer with 1.2uf In front of the AF and 3.0mh in parallel with the driver. I get all the in-your-face mid presentation of my CWIIs only much more refined. I believe the speaks that avatar was selling were 4 ohms, going from memory. I’ve not used that compression driver before but you could experiment with an lpad and see if it’s a level thing.
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