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  1. jwgorman

    Turntable Advice

    Oooooooo! I replaced my TD320mkiii with a SL1200G and I’m very happy with the decision.
  2. jwgorman

    Super Cornwall

    Ok point taken. I’ll wait patiently in the corner...
  3. jwgorman

    Super Cornwall

    Looks like it could be 3015lf? I blew in a pair but they would not fit into my Cornwall II woofer recess.
  4. jwgorman

    Most Beautiful Speaker Veneer?

    I’m in Iowa. I was mostly kidding. Unless you lived close. In which case I would totally be serious! But you did a really good job. I suspect I’d pay $1000 to have mine done professionally.
  5. jwgorman

    Most Beautiful Speaker Veneer?

    Did you apply the veneer, and if so, I don’t suppose you could reveneer some ‘86 Walnut Cornwalls in that finish? Very nice. All these posts have me thinking my veneer is dull and in need of some work.
  6. jwgorman

    Any one else running a Technics SL1200G?

    I was out of adjustment for VTA and still nose down. Yes, for sure, it required recalibrating the tracking force. It went from sounding like a good cartridge to sounding magical. I think I’ll leave it alone.
  7. I suspect you’ll really like them
  8. jwgorman

    Any one else running a Technics SL1200G?

    Sounds best this way...took a spacer and a second mat to get that slight tail down. Not sure what to make of that.
  9. jwgorman

    Super Cornwall

    I vote for minimal woodworking (though I understand there would be some sawdust involved). I also vote for best drivers at a price point without regard to where they are made.
  10. jwgorman

    Any one else running a Technics SL1200G?

    How do you run your AT33PTG, with respect to VTA?
  11. jwgorman

    Any one else running a Technics SL1200G?

    Are those Cornwalls too? Nice.
  12. jwgorman

    Any one else running a Technics SL1200G?

    Well, although it looks like the old 1200s, this is actually an audiophile table. Not that the older 1200s couldn’t fill that role, but the SL1200G was redesigned specifically for hifi. Thanks man. So, I’ve been playing with everything adjustment I can with this table and, oddly enough I prefer the slightly tail-down sound and VTF set to 2.0g.With the stock mat and the arm all the way down, it was still tail up and I didn’t care for that. An LP gear mat on top of the technics mat got me to parallel. The spacer got me to tail down and so far I prefer this sound as it seems to be thick and still detailed. This is a highly subjective thing obviously. I have only discovered the wonders of AT cartridges in the last 8 years or so. Before the AT33 I was running an AT150MLX and it was great but The AT33 is just a cut above in refinement in my opinion. Prior to that I was running Shure V15s and Ortofon MCs. I’m hearing all sorts of nuances I’ve been missing forever!
  13. I had run a Thorens TD320 MKIII since ‘93 and just got the new Technics SL-1200G. It’s a huge upgrade to my ears. I’m running an AT33PTGII and I have to use a 3mm spacer and another mat to get the arm low enough that I get a slightly tail-down VTA. But man, it sounds good through the Cornwalls and my Luxman 550AXII. Amazing.
  14. That’s a lot of information! Holy cow.