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  1. I think you will be happy with that amp.
  2. I have run McIntosh (C15/MC162), a Luxman SQ38u, and a Luxman 550AXII with my Klipsch heritage speakers (Klipschorns-belles-Lascalas-Heresies, Cornwalls) and to my ear the Luxman class A will be difficult to beat. Like my buddy remarked upon hearing the 550AXII, “you could hear a flea fart with that thing!”
  3. Wow, this is awesome. You guys are pushing the envelope with the AMTs. Thanks as always for you graphs/measurements Chris!
  4. Sorry just noticed this. It has been sold.
  5. Thanks John. I understand why Klipsch put caps on the upstream side of the autoformer!
  6. Klipsch historically designed crossovers with a cap feeding an autoformer and then a coil parallel to the driver (like the mid on the Cornwall II for example) Are those true second order crossovers?
  7. I actually learned about his passing here. He introduced me to Dave. I have no additional information about DJK’s death. Some great memories from the Audio Room days though. He could make anything: better, faster, tougher. I was an engineer at Rockwell and left in 2011.
  8. Yes, that sounds right. I bought some Lascalas from him.
  9. I got to hear these in a custom pair of belles at one of DJK’s friend’s place. Very articulate. I too never really questioned his suggestions or recollection of specs.
  10. With the 8 ohm HF146, I’m taking 10-11db off with the crites 3636 autoformer and I think I prefer the AMT more forward, like nearly at the front edge. I’m guessing that’s because the AMTs sound better a little farther from the back wall. If pinpoint imagery was my #1 priority it’d be hard to best these guys in 2 way. OCD sucks.
  11. Thanks. I did this project with the goal of passive crossover unless I absolutely needed to go active. As Glens suggested, my OCD would mean I might melt down with so many options. But they sound so good now I’m thinking I can stay passive. I think.
  12. I had Cornwalls in those corners before and I used my curtains to hide the TV per Chris’ advice. I don’t really need them with these guys. But that window does face West so yes, it’s good to keep the evening sun out of my eyes.
  13. Yes. I had the cabinet maker make me some. They are 1/2” baltic birch! Ha. I will get cloth on them and see how they work.
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