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  1. Yep that’s them! I’ve even had good luck just sticking a 8uf cap on the amts and disconnecting the stock tweets. It is simply amazing how much just replacing the stock tweeters with high quality tweeters totally transforms these speakers (just using them from 6k up)
  2. Good to know. That explains a lot. Thanks Chris.
  3. On another board I noticed people building with the ESS AMT and I saw an interesting raw measurement. Quite a peak at 5k-ish
  4. I like that analysis.
  5. If I could paint, I’d grab a black velvet canvas and paint Oscar Heil and Paul Klipsch shaking hands in front of the stairway to audio heaven.
  6. Well. Maybe. I’m going to go passive. And, I already have the mids. Dang it. I’m trying to model bessel 2nd orders at 400 and 1500 and compare them to 300 and 1200. I mean, on paper, it looks good. But my cabinet maker can’t get to my project for another month. So I have plenty of sleepless nights ahead.
  7. Chris, you can’t see this, but I am bowing deeply in respect and gratitude! So, thinking about a 2 way now! Man, this looks awesome.
  8. For those keeping score at home, I preferred the Cornwalls oriented normally, woofer on the bottom in my tests last night. I am using the squwaker in mine though. Chris was suggesting the Cornwall as a two way, bypassing the horns and changing crossover points. Just FYI.
  9. Hang on, Japanese SACD of Who’s Next is just right:)
  10. ]Man I think I found a sweet spot. Ok, I would never have considered flipping them over. First time I have ever run a MWT! Ha.
  11. Thank you sir, I never would have thought to turn the Cornwalls upside down! And thanks for measuring them. I do enjoy them much more with a couple of feet between the AMT and the wall. I have contacted a cabinet maker to build a Cornwall with a M5N8 Faital Pro essentially where the tweeter is now on my stock Cornwalls. I will have enough room to accommodate an LTH142 (or similar large horn) if I do not like the experiment with the M5N8. Last weekend I actually ordered another pair of the ESS AMT1s. I really think this is a worthwhile experiment.
  12. jwgorman

    JBL SRX718S Subwoofer PAIR 90713 $875

    We used them for indoor shows for years. Heck yeah, they are awesome, musical subs! GLWS
  13. jwgorman

    Super Cornwall

    I mean, seriously, who doesn’t?
  14. jwgorman

    Super Cornwall

    Thank you sir!
  15. jwgorman

    Garage speakers

    I’m glad they worked out! I thought they sounded good!