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  1. John your project looks awesome. I’d love to hear a pair of big heritage Klipsch with that mid/tweet.
  2. Yes. That’s true. The 2” drivers beam even worse.
  3. I have the HF146 crossed just north of 650 HZ. I don’t think I need a tweeter in my living room. The 1.4” drivers will eventually beam as the frequency goes up of course but I am fine in my chair. Honestly it was super easy to integrate these two drivers. Do you have a project in mind with the HF146?
  4. They do sound very good. I like them crossed over 1k.
  5. I am happy with them too. I have run N314x and HF146 drivers with Eminence adapters.
  6. I never imagined pa speakers could image. I didn’t know that was a thing.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. Ha. Maybe mine got shot with some bed liner. Ah, I stand corrected. The 835P is the powered version, which makes total sense. I indeed had the passive. Westcoastdrums, that’s interesting that you got to listen to both the passive and the active and you needed to boost the high end. I probably wasn’t very clear about the resonance I heard. In my living room I felt the high end was actually a bit soft. What I perceived to be a resonance issue was an artificial overtone and character to sounds I was very familiar with in some of my favorite tunes: like coins hitting a hard floor or harmonics on mandolins. I was honestly amazed at how good they sounded for an application far outside of their design goals. I have to agree, I don’t think I could live with them in my living room stock.
  8. I had the opportunity to babysit some JBL SRX835 passive PA speakers. I made two speakon to five-way binding post connectors and hooked them up to my Luxman 550AX in the living room. For those unfamiliar with these speakers they are 15" three ways with a differential drive woofer, a closed-back cone/horn midrange and a titanium compression driver tweeter that is also used from 700 Hz up in some of JBL's cinema speakers. Quick observations: they seemed very well balanced with their stock passive crossover. They actually imaged really well. The bass was surprisingly articulate and lean (in a good way) when positioned out of the corners a bit, and the mids were well integrated and executed. I would think for pro sound they would be plug and play unless there were some super reflective or absorbent environmental factors. However, I instantly heard a problem with the tweeter that I would attribute to breakup in a frequency that was well within the limits of my old man hearing. For any critical listening the compression drivers in the tweets would have to go. Again, it seems an odd choice for JBL to use a driver they use in some of their cinema speakers from 700Hz up in the SRX835 when crossed at 2.4KHz. Plus, I was looking at large boxes with steel screens and truck bed liner sprayed on them. My take away from this little experiment was it would be interesting to see what would happen if Klipsch made a Cornwall sized speaker, with some of that technology (the DD woofer and the mid cone horn that covers 300-3Khz basically). I think there is potential there. Anyway, while you guys were doing productive stuff, I was playing with PA speakers in my living room. So there you go.
  9. Yeah, just sell them to me and be done with it. I will restore them to factory specs.
  10. I used the denim variant which seems to be working just fine.
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