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  1. I think you're probably correct Coytee. Claude, yep, that's proven to mitigate the peak to a large extent in my room.
  2. Thanks guys. Yeah Chris that notch filter really seems to do a good job, thanks.
  3. Gentlemen, I thought some of you might be up on the latest 15" woofers out there and might know of a drop in woofer upgrade for a lascala that might both tame the dreaded 140Hz hump and maytbe provide a little more output at 300HZ. Alternatively, maybe some of you have tried the AL-4 woofer circuit with the older lascalas like mine (looks like an 18db/oct low pass filter) with good results. I know I could do this actively if I split the woof from the horns in the xover and ran a dedicated amp/para eq to the woof. And that's an option, just wanted to see if there's a passive fix.
  4. Cornwall for sale 1983

    Bill remember how you always have wanted to take a road trip to Iowa? Well, here's your chance! You can drive to Iowa, I'll buy those speakers WIN/WIN!
  5. The Wussification of college students

    You will get no argument from me that sexual predators need to be drummed out of all institutions. No human institution is without faults and failures. Military Academies are not exempt. My point was simply these institutions uphold high standards and the Marines and Sailors who graduate from USNA are top notch individuals. (And West Point and USAFA too) So, yeah, no hurt feeling reports, no triggered snowflakes at Annapolis. Kids can be held to a high standard and make great leaders.
  6. The Wussification of college students

    Please tell me you are not equating victims of sexual assault with hurt feelings.
  7. The Wussification of college students

    What might you be referring to Skippy?
  8. The Wussification of college students

    May I suggest that the mids at USNA are not wussified and after their service commitment they will fit right into any high-pressure position in the private sector that they can land. They will accept responsibility and take care of business. They will not wilt under pressure. That goes for USMA and USAFA too. But we all know USNA is #1! There are no participation trophies given at any of these institutions. No hurt feelings reports will be filed.
  9. Gary if Jimbo's LSIs had the magic phase plug alnicos, maybe that's why he never felt the need to upgrade anything?
  10. I think we need to schedule a party at Chris' house! Nice room. Thanks for that explanation of what you did to the LaScalas. Clearly I need to try those tweets too.
  11. So the k55v were alnico magnet squawkers and the k55m was the ceramic version. Your LSIs.
  12. There must be some special mojo going on. Are your K55s the alnico model?
  13. Very interesting. I have never run a middle channel with my Khorns. I've heard a set-up like that a couple times (back in the days when Klipsch dealers actually did things like that). I think Chesky has magic potions, that's pretty cool. As a guy who's owned 4 pair of Maggies and always came back to klipsch (pre-kids) I really was amazed by their capability to convince me that there was a solo violinist or vocalist in my room. But I totally understand about the dynamics/distortion/naturalness of instrument voicing etc. That's where the maggies left me flat. I've owned Klipsch exclusively for the last 20 some years. I'm sure a huge factor is the room and it sounds as though you have the reflections pretty well rung out!
  14. I don't personally have an apples to apples comparison for the whole Heritage line. I do for heresies, khorns and lascalas (had them all in my current room). But I bet some members here do. While the drivers for the Khorns and the Lascalas may the same, they sound very different, due in no small part to the flexibility the lascala offer in terms of placement, but even jammed into the corner, very different from the Khorns. No doubt your Jubes are awesome but they aren't Heritage. That's what I was asking about.
  15. While perusing through some comments recently I noted that someone said matter-of-factly that the Lascals imaged the best of the heritage line. As I pondered that I recalled my khorns, heresies, belles and lascalas and their ability to not only establish a solid center image but to create an off center image as well. In the rooms I've had my speakers in, it's not even close. My lascalas are king. I owned belles before I understood the importance of early reflection elimination etc. so, man, I wish I still had my belles Anyway, just wondered, if those of you who have heritage speaks have had similar experiences.