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  1. I would really prefer not to ship. Iowa is beautiful this time of year!
  2. I am selling a pair of walnut Cornwall IIs from 1986’. Great condition, but not perfect. Take a look. Everything works as it should. The crossovers have been rebuilt and I installed a pair of Crites titanium diaphragms in the tweeters. I am near Cedar Rapids Iowa. I may consider a pair of walnut heresys or forte IIs in partial trade. $1200 cash
  3. Nice. I will be curious to know how your experiment goes.
  4. I’m still experimenting with it. For the record, I am sure the N314x isn’t perfect and I am sure if you cracked your wallet farther open, you could find a better 1.4”. It’s not as flat as the hf146 on paper, but in my room, crossed at 700ish it measures more flat. The overtones on violins is pretty amazing. The depth of the image seems better with this new eminence. The pluck of a mandolin string sounds lightning quick. As weird as it sounds, the blat on trumpets and such seems to be better presented via the HF146. I’m still working with this guy. I have no idea what to make of that.
  5. I think you’ll want to attenuate the N314x a db or two more than the hf140. I predict you will hear a lot more cymbal decay, ride cymbal bell etc. It’s a good sounding cd. Not that the HF140 is bad at all.
  6. Is it this guy? https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Throat-Horn-Bolt-On-18-x10-For-Assorted-Bolt-On-2-Exit-Drivers-90-x-40-398/231420420855?hash=item35e1bb62f7:g:E6gAAOSwhglTxvJm
  7. Dave, I am going to search for an 18x10 horn on ebay.
  8. Ok. There’s a review of this driver in the May 2020 issue of voice coil. I attached the waterfall plot. I had to try a pair. I mounted them to my Faital LTH142 horns. At 10db attenuation, courtesy of a 3636 autoformer, and crossed at 650hz, they seem a bit hot mated up with a 3015lf-4. The freq response I attached is measured in my living room on my iphone so take that for what it’s worth, particularly the <100hz. They certainly sound detailed and quality but sometimes I’m reminded I should shave off 2 more db.
  9. I have a pair of HF146 1.4” drivers and steel supports with gaskets from Crites. These drivers are 1 year old and have been used in my living room, crossed at 650Hz, for my home hifi projects. They have a few scratches but work perfectly and have never been exposed to much power. (In other words <1 watt) Everything pictured is $350 shipped to lower 48.
  10. Anyone blow a pair of these guys in? If they could work in a passively crossed two-way and sounded better than the Faital Pros from 600hz and up I’d jump.
  11. I think you will be happy with that amp.
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