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  1. Horn adaptor for K-77 replacement

    I think you have a winner. They look badass too. Nice work.
  2. No More Browning Hi-Power

    My everyday carry gun for years, tuned to perfection by Cylinder and Slide. I once took an ICE class with an instructor who was sporting a Glock tattoo. He asked everyone what they were going to shoot with during the day. Out of 18 in the class, only 2 of us had something besides Glock (the other old boy in the class had a 1911). During the course of the day he asked that everyone who experienced a malfunction raise their hands. The Glocks on both sides of me had some sort of failure during the 600 rounds we had to shoot. I didn't. The Browning HP is a solid pistol with graceful lines and it's a shame that it will no longer be made.
  3. AK 5 (?) Crossovers $400.00

    The crossover point may be too low for the old 77 tweets.
  4. Faital Pro HF146 on LaScala experiment

    No. The coil/cap was on the woof was untouched. The first order was on the faital pro driver.
  5. SOLD - La Scala pair SOLD

    You, are, killing, me...man. That's a good deal.
  6. Faital Pro HF146 on LaScala experiment

    I used a first order. So just caps. Relatively straightforward to calculate with the Crites cheat sheet for the 3636 autoformer. Unless I’m missing something, which is always possible. I have not tried second order.
  7. Faital Pro HF146 on LaScala experiment

    John I think crossed over within their recommended range, the 1.4” horns would be great for prosound.
  8. Faital Pro HF146 on LaScala experiment

    Alright so a couple hours in, I think I like -7db best with my first order. There is something not quite right with the mid crossover, maybe the 500 hz, and I’m hearing a little sibilance I ‘m not used to. Maybe these are artifacts of the horn? Man there is something pretty cool about how it presents acoustic guitars and voices though and it seems less constrained generally. I really don’t know what I’m doing here. But I shot a measurement at 1yard with the sub on
  9. Faital Pro HF146 on LaScala experiment

    Man, nice. I did contemplate the 16ohm version. I bought enough spare coils and caps to account for various attenuation levels. I don’t think you can go wrong with a three way as I’m sure the two way will display some compromises. But this is for science!
  10. Faital Pro HF146 on LaScala experiment

    I’m trying it as a two way. I’d seen some posts saying it was ok to cross it at 500 for home use. It’s a different sound, I’ve not taken any measurements on it yet. Been listening at 85-90 db mostly. And yes, this is the horn Crites has in his type D cornscalas.
  11. So I decided I wanted to try these drivers (on Faital Pro horns) with my lascalas. Thus far I think -6db is about right, mostly. I'm going to start experimenting with 1st and 2nd order crossovers next. Anyone else been down this path and have any sage advice?
  12. Yep. I’m open trades too even though the point of this is to reduce stuff around here.
  13. Solid State amps known to sound good with Klipsch

    Luxman 550AXII 20 watts of class A goodness. Smooth, detailed and with the solid control of a good SS amp.