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  1. Thanks guys. Yes, I mean the grill itself.
  2. It’s a plastic something or other. I would like to buy some similar material.
  3. I’m still searching for it!
  4. Ok, 800hz 2nd Bessel. I have a box of inductors and caps and it’s way too cold to play outside today.
  5. What frequency are you crossing at?
  6. I cleaned the magnet but there wasn’t really any ferrofluid in mine.
  7. I find it amazing how much of a game-changer a tweeter improvement is.
  8. jwgorman

    1985 Cornwall issue

    My apologies. This should serve as a PSA for old guys to not respond to a topic before drinking coffee and without reading glasses!
  9. jwgorman

    1985 Cornwall issue

    Jimbo, if he has Cornwall IIs he won’t have terminal strips. He’ll see this...
  10. jwgorman

    1985 Cornwall issue

    Are those Cornwall IIs? I acquired a pair of Cornwall IIs last year (circa 1986) and rebuilt the crossovers as a matter of maintenance. I found a solder joint that was pretty questionable, so I’m glad I did. I guess you could start troubleshooting and pull a lead from every driver except the squawker, and with a pink noise signal at a constant spl and an spl meter at s fixed close distance, see what you find. If you keep the variables as close to the same as possible and one squwaker is louder you can then troubleshoot further to see if it’s a diaphragm issue or a crossover issue. There are a lot of smart guys on this board who will probably chime in with a better test but that’s one way. Here are what my crossovers looked like after I rebuilt them
  11. jwgorman

    Garage speakers

    I’m a tweeter *****.
  12. That’s beautiful!
  13. Thanks for doing that! It saves me from hurting myself for science
  14. Chris, is the distortion issue mitigated by say a second order filter on the AMT, crossed at say 3k? Every once in a blue moon I’ll briefly play music that loud.