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  1. Thanks guys. I would not say that I have a pretty good system for a college apartment bedroom.
  2. I don't think I am going to bi-wire. You say I should replace the factory gold strip that connects the terminals? I would think that would be a better connection than standard speaker wire. Elaborate please and thanks alot.
  3. Anyone know where I can get a Klipsch poster or sign (if they make them)? I just got a Klipsch system and want a sign to hang in the room.
  4. Thanks for your help guys. I got them and unpacked them today. How should I break them in? Not that they really need it.
  5. I just ordered some new Klipsch rf-3's online and I have a few questions about them. What exactly does it mean to bi-wire a speaker? Does that mean running both your A and B speaker outputs to the same speakers? Also, I have a square room. The TV is in the center of a long wall. Should I put the rf-3's along side the TV, in the corner, or angled in the corner? I will tryout all 3 set-ups when they get here tomorrow. Also, is it true that very little power is required to make these speakers sound good? I looked around alot for quality front speakers (I am building a system slowly. Rf-3's first.) I choose the Klipsch over Boston vr695, Polk rt800i's, Energy floorstanding, Bose 501's, and Definitive protower 400's. I wanted powered-speakers but price was a consideration( I got my rf-3's for 535.00.) Thanks for your help.
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